IMPORTANT READER NOTE – Unfortunately due to a bad personal experience with the EarthPulse company, I no longer feel comfortable recommending their product. I am currently in the process of trialling the DeltaSleeper SR1 PEMF device designed and built specifically to help people overcome sleep disorders and also to simply improve sleep in general. It's also certified safe by UL and cleared by the FDA, which is not the case for the EarthPulse device to my knowledge. You can view the full review of that PEMF device here.

I will be doing an “unboxing video”, a video walk-through of how the device operates, and of course a full written review on this product very soon, and be tracking how it helps my sleep, so look out for that here on my website. Until then, you can check out the product specs for the DeltaSleeper here.

You can also use the following coupon code to save yourself some money on the DeltaSleeper:


Apart from that, for now you can refer to all the options here on this introduction into pemf devices for sale for sleep and healing of all kinds – the linked page is currently a work in progress, please leave any comments about things you would like more information on regarding PEMF options, and I'll do my best to update the site to make it more helpful, as that's my main goal here)

Other Popular PEMF Device Options
EarthPulse v5.3 Sleep On Command Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep System (Newest Version!) PEMF Therapy Device
PEMF Therapy Ring | Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Ring | FDA registered and CE certified PEMF Therapy Devices I Drug Free Healing & Pain Relief
EarthPulse v5.3 Sleep On Command Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep System (Newest Version!) PEMF Therapy Device
PEMF Therapy Ring | Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Ring | FDA registered and CE certified PEMF Therapy Devices I Drug Free Healing & Pain Relief
EarthPulse v5.3 Sleep On Command Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep System (Newest Version!) PEMF Therapy Device
EarthPulse v5.3 Sleep On Command Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep System (Newest Version!) PEMF Therapy Device
PEMF Therapy Ring | Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Ring | FDA registered and CE certified PEMF Therapy Devices I Drug Free Healing & Pain Relief
PEMF Therapy Ring | Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Ring | FDA registered and CE certified PEMF Therapy Devices I Drug Free Healing & Pain Relief

Like I was not too long ago, you're probably searching for information online about the EarthPulse, and thinking it's yet another scammy product, but you'll do just a little more research on it before you write it off…

You might be looking to use the EarthPulse PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) device as a sleep machine, if you're experiencing insomnia like I was, or just not happy with your sleep. Otherwise, you might be looking into the EarthPulse because of it's supposed healing properties for physical pain issues. Here I share with you my stories about how it worked out for me, for helping with both of those uses.

By the way, as you may know by now there are several versions of the EarthPulse V5. My experience with the device, and the following review is based on this version (this exact model, specs and available modes).

Getting An EarthPulse As A Cheap Means To PEMF Therapy

When I first found out about the EarthPulse, it was the first I'd heard of anything like it, and it got me very interested in the whole field of PEMF therapy, and I did a lot more research on all that was involved. At the time I was going through a NIGHTMARE CASE OF INSOMNIA, and I was really suffering badly. It was making my life a living nightmare, and I felt like an overworked extra for the popular apocalyptic zombie TV show, The Walking Dead.

walking dead lack of sleep

I knew that PEMF for sleep sounded too good to be true, and I could tell that the EarthPulse had some really clever marketing going on via the sales page (website homepage, etc) but I was just so desperate at the time, that I was pretty willing to try anything, and had already tried a lot of different stuff (as I write this, I'm tempted to replace the word “stuff” with the word, c##p).

(This was basically how I felt for about 3+ months during the worst of my insomnia, quite disturbing…)

That being said, I wasn't ready to just jump in and spend my hard earned savings on another supposed insomnia cure, so I went ahead and began researching much more seriously on the whole topic of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, and the available devices which allowed private use of this interesting technology.

I came across some great resources, and it made me realize that one of the biggest limiting factors as a consumer looking to buy a PEMF machine for trying to improve my sleep, was undoubtedly going to be the cost. The Earthpulse “sleep on command” was obviously at the very lower end of the marketplace when it came to buying a PEMF device, and that was a factor that I was pretty wary of in all honesty.

Having said that, I'd tried “do it yourself PEMF” briefly in the past (wiring up a coil to my MP3 player, and downloading something similar to a binaural beats track) and it didn't work for me, and didn't really appeal (I consider myself fairly “techie” but that was just way too nerdy for me, and I didn't get any results with it either). In retrospect, I think the main problem with that method was the lack of a decent magnet setup, and the fact that you have an extremely limited, if any control over the pulse frequency or power settings of the PEMF you're creating. 

So compared to such things as DIY PEMF, the Earthpulse sleep on command looked really good, and although not being the most expensive PEMF device on the market, in fact far from it, I could still see that it had enough features, and a powerful enough magnet to do the trick for me when it came to my insomnia issue. So at this point, I wasn't sold, but I hadn't quite written it off yet either.

Buyer Beware! My Concerns About Buying An EarthPulse PEMF Machine
earthtpulse sleep on command review

The ProBasic Version, more on the version types and differences is written below

As I mentioned earlier, I was VERY skeptical about purchasing an EarthPulse Sleep On Command with my hard earned cash, and I really did mull it over considerably before finally just saying “what the heck”, and going for it.

My main concern was not that it simply wouldn't work, but that it would actually make my sleep somehow worse
, and potentially screw me up even more than I felt I already was at that point (which would not have been pretty). I was assured after conversing with the support staff at (EarthPulse's ecommerce site where you actually order your device) that this was something that I need NOT worry about. They also referred me to the hundreds of studies that have been done regarding the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, and the high success rate in those various studies. Click to a see a* search engine listing of over 600 published scientific papers on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Honestly at this point, I felt so crappy, and out of  my mind anxious, both anxious because I hadn't been sleeping, and at the prospect of not getting any good sleep ever again (sounds crazy, but often you will have, and believe some weird thoughts when you're in an unhealthy state from lack of enough good quality sleep, as you may have experienced yourself). I decided that with the 90 day money back policy available with the purchase of the EarthPulse sleep machine, that at this point I really had nothing to lose. I truly believed that I couldn't really feel any worse than what I was already feeling, and my sleep couldn't be less existent.

EarthPulse Sleep On Command Pros Vs Cons

As I mentioned, the EarthPulse is not perfect, it does have it's positives and negatives, as you might expect. Question is, when you weigh these up against each other, does it leave the Earthpulse sleep machine in a suitable position to be a good choice for your needs? Let's take a look at what it does well, and what it doesn't do so well.

EarthPulse Pros


  • Pretty Much The Cheapest PEMF Device On The Market
  • Easy To Setup and Use
  • Ability To Use With A Battery Or Plugin To The Wall
  • A Great Introduction Into PEMF
  • 90 Day “Like It Or Refund It” Policy
  • Definitely Works For Improving Sleep 
  • Seems To Help With Healing Physical Ailments (See story below)
EarthPulse Cons


  • Limited Features Compared To More Expensive PEMF Devices 
  • Costs More To Get 2 Magnets, And 2 Magnets Is Preferable
  • No Battery Included For Use On The Go and Mobile EMF Protection
Common FAQs About The Earthpulse sleep machine and PEMF Devices

How Much Is The EarthPulse?

In Answering this question, I need to make it clear that there are currently 5 different versions of the EarthPulse v5 (I know, confusing right?). So here are the different versions, along with their pricing as per the manufacturer's website: 

(NOTE: Click on the link left hand side to view full specifications for each Earthpulse version)

EarthPulse v5 Basic     – $499 USD (Manual Mode Only – 1 x 1100 Gauss Magnet)
EarthPulse v5                – $699 USD (Manual + 10 Preset Modes – 1 x 1100 Gauss Magnet)
EarthPulse ProBasic    – $899 USD (Manual Mode Only – 2 x 1100 Gauss Magnets)
EarthPulse v5 Pro         – $1199 USD (Manual + 10 Preset Modes – 2 x 1100 Gauss Magnets)
EarthPulse v5 Equine   – $1499 – $1799 USD (Options of Manual OR Presets, 4 x 750 Gauss Magnets) 

What Different Versions Are There?

As mentioned and listed above, there are 5 Versions of the EarthPulse at the moment. I chose the EarthPulse “v5” because it is the cheapest version that has both the manual mode and the preset modes, which allows me to play around with the power of PEMF, and is great not just for the ability to help me sleep, but I can experiment with things like improving my dream ability by setting it to stay more in the theta brain wave state more of the time.

Having the preset modes with the v5 version of the EarthPulse is good too, because they are all modes created based on thorough research regarding how different frequency patterns have different health affects on the brain and body.

The power of Earthpulse manual mode and the presets together is worth the extra $200 in my books, but this will depend on what you plan on using it for, and how experimental you want to be able to get with the device. For users who want to try a more basic “set and forget” approach,  you'll probably want to have the presets included, so the v5 is a good choice. If you want the 2 magnets without having to potentially upgrade later, then you'll want to get the ProBasic at a minimum.

Which Version Of EarthPulse Should I Choose?

Of course this will really depend on what you are trying to get out of the use of your PEMF device. If you're someone who can only afford the bare minimum, but wants the benefits of PEMF for sleep, then the v5 Basic might just be enough for you. If you want a little more choice and flexibility like I did, then the ProBasic or above will be a good choice. 

If you're going for an Earthpulse sleep on command as an introduction to PEMF, but you are serious about really getting the most out of PEMF, and you were actually going to spend much more on one of the higher end PEMF devices initially, before you came across the EarthPulse, then you might want to go with the v5 Pro, or even the Equine, to get those 4 magnets.

For me personally, I reasoned that if was going to spend $500, I thought I may as well spend a little more to get the preset modes AND the manual mode. I liked knowing that I could use the preset modes easily, and have the added power of a programmed mode that goes up and down through the various frequency ranges, and doesn't just stay at one frequency the whole time (as I think is the case with the manual mode).

Where Do I Put My EarthPulse?

This will depend on what you are trying to do with it. If you are using it for sleep, then check out my instructional example guide below (with pictures). If you are using it for tissue healing, etc, then you will want to actually be more specific with where you place the magnet, and be putting it in close vicinity, if not directly under or on top of the area of damaged muscle or tissue.

How Do I Use It?

Again, this will depend very much on your goal and what you're doing with the device. My instructional walk through below is a great simple guide, showing how I personally use it for sleep. Bare in mind also, there is a lot of information in the EarthPulse Manual that you will get with the product.

How Long Does It Take To Help My Sleep?

According to Paul Becker (the inventor of the EarthPulse and company Director), who emailed me directly to answer my question about this specific issue, it will take anywhere from a couple of weeks, to a month or more, depending on the severity of your sleep issues.

If you're dealing with chronic insomnia like I was, that had been going on for more than 6 months to some degree, then it's probably going to take at least a few weeks. Your body needs to adjust and “sync up with” or entrain to the magnetic frequencies, and then it will start to positively respond by relaxing more, and sleeping more easily with the EarthPulse device running under your mattress.

Does It Come With A Battery?

No, it doesn't come included with a battery, but it is possible to get one separately. More information will be posted here shortly on this specific question.

Is It Possibly To Upgrade My Device If I want More Power Later?

Yes, this is something that's possible to a degree. You can upgrade to get an extra magnet (Double magnet upgrade kit), which means you'll be taking the capability of your system up, and having the extra power and added functionality of 2 magnets instead of 1. The cost of the upgrade kit at the time of writing is $299 USD.

Does The EarthPulse Use A SoundWave?

Technically no, the EarthPulse like other PEMF based devices is using pulsed electromagnetic field. This is a bit different from a sound wave from my understanding. With this level of technicality, I would suggest you have a look at the research posted on the Earthpulse website here.

What Does The EarthPulse Magnet Look Like?

Here's a good image from the main website showing you the different parts that make up the overall EarthPulse magnet. Depending on how you have the magnet setup, you will get varying levels of power and therefore a stronger or weaker affect on your body and brain.

Generally speaking, EarthPulse customer support seem to advise testing first using the RECOVERY MODE, and then seeing how you respond to that. If you start dozing off during the initial test, then that's a good sign that you will sleep well using that particular mode of the EarthPulse PEMF system.

Here's the image that shows the different parts of the magnet setup:


So the magnet fully setup with all pieces emits the most power or Gauss, and for most people you won't want to use it at full power right away, but work up to that if needed over time. It really depends on your reason for using it though, as with physical pain, it can be more effective to have it at a higher power to help with muscle healing.

Is There A Refund/Return Policy If I Buy One?

Absolutely, and this was the main reason that I was happy enough to throw caution to the wind, and just go ahead and order the device to try it out. It comes with a 90 day trial period, money back if you're not happy guarantee. Once I had done enough research and was over my initial fear that it would somehow make things worse, there really wasn't much to lose. As I mentioned previously, I was really suffering at the time, and if this PEMF device could even potentially help me sleep just a little bit better, then I was willing to take the risk.

Also another point which helped sway me, although I couldn't be 100% sure it was true, was that the customer service representative who was helping answer a few of my questions via email before I made my decision, had told me that in the past 2 years since she'd been working with the company she had seen only 2 of the units returned.

Out of those 2 units, the circumstances where both apparently pretty unusual as well – one of the customers was just extremely difficult to please, and claimed EarthPulse had made false promises that they hadn't, and that were never published on their website. The other return, if I can remember correctly had been a customer that was almost able to come off her dose of ambien completely, despite previously being on the drug for several years, but was still for some reason unsatisfied with the results of using the EarthPulse. Now obviously I wasn't going to make my decision solely based on some stories such as these, which I had no way of validating, but the low refund statistics if they were true sounded good.

My Reason For Getting An EarthPulse – My PEMF Sleep Therapy  Story

As I mentioned, the main reason that I even started looking into buying an EarthPulse PEMF device, was because I was going through a period of extremely bad insomnia. I had tried all the usual “Sleep Hygiene” stuff, and it really didn't make any difference.

See, I was dealing with a pretty high amount of stress and strain at the time, and to be honest was actually dealing with a state of hyperarousal from all that I'd been through in my life at that point. I was messed up bad, and the common sleep advice stuff just wasn't going to help me.

I'd given it all a good shot, including; essential oils like lavender and peppermint oil, removing all electronic devices from my bedroom, and making it a “sleep and sex” only zone, having hot baths before retiring for the night, getting to bed at a regular time, and getting up at a regular time everyday. I'd tried pretty much everything that you read on your generic sleep advice webpage. I'm sure those things do help some people, depending on the level of your sleep issues, but I needed something much “stronger”, so to speak.

I came across the EarthPulse somehow online, and I was very intrigued by the idea that magnetic brain wave entrainment, could help with sleep. I'd actually already tried binaural beats in the past for meditation (the audio kind), and more recently had attempted to use them for helping me sleep as well, but they had actually made things worse in this case However, I read up on the science behind PEMF therapy for insomnia, and it seemed like it had a very good track record, and some legitimate published scientific studies behind it. Before deciding to jump ahead with the EarthPulse, I even tried the DIY PEMF device I mentioned earlier, but I personally found it to be a waste of time, as it did nothing for me.

How To Actually Use It – My Easy EarthPulse Sleep Machine Instructions

Okay, so I received my EarthPulse around 4 months ago as I write this, and since that time I've done a bit of playing around with the different frequencies and whatnot, to see how they affect my sleep differently. It's quite interesting, I do notice differences in the depth of my sleep, my dream experiences, etc, depending on the frequency range that I set the device to.

When I first got it, after emailing back and forth with the customer support, and telling them a little of my situation, and my specific sleep problems so far, I was advised to use the “Sleep 3” setting, and in order to get back to sleep during the night, if I woke (which was my main issue, not falling asleep to begin with) then I was told to use the “Sleep 4” setting. However, after trying this out for several nights, I found that sleep 4 actually was better at getting me to sleep, including getting me back to sleep during the early hours, at least at that point in time (2-4 weeks after initially getting the device).

Since then, I've kept on playing around with it, and I've found that the recommended frequency, that you should be working towards after some time using the device (Recover Mode) is great for me when I want to just take a quick lie down, power nap, etc. It's not great for sleep for me personally though.

At the moment of writing this, I find that using the EarthPulse Manual Mode, and setting it to 7.8 Hz at around 50-70% power strength is a pretty reliable way for me to get a good deep sleep. Sleep 3 also works well sometimes, but doesn't seem quite as good at getting me back to sleep. I think this is because when I use the manual frequency and set it to 7.8 Hz, it stays at that frequency, which means it's not going up and down, as it is for the preset patterns like Sleep 3. 

I still have some experimenting to do, but my sleep generally seems to be steadily improving as time goes on. Sure I still occasionally find it hard to get back to sleep, but that's getting to be a less frequent occurrence the more I use the PEMF device.

In this below section, I will show you in extremely simple terms, and with images provided, how I am setting up the Earth Pulse right now, and how it looks when it's setup.

Scroll down to see the images associated with each step.

  • First of all, this is what the EarthPulse machine (v5 version) looks like, placed on my floor, ready to go under  my bed powered on (I also cover the screen up with a drink coaster, as the blue flashing light is somewhat bright for a device that's supposed to help you sleep – not a big hurdle though).

earthpulse instructions1

  • As you can see, the magnet is setup so that it's under the area of the bed head roughly. You want it within a foot or so of where your head will actually be resting when you are going off to sleep (at least at the start of your “EarthPulse training” so that your system entrains to it – later on you can be more flexible with the magnet positioning)

earthpulse instructions2

  • In the next image I've just pressed the On/Off button to turn the device on. It automatically boots to be on “Recover Mode”, which is the ideal recommended sleep mode, and I find it great for mini breaks, power naps, etc. You can use whatever works for you at the start.

earthpulse instructions3

  • Not much to say on this one, just wanted to show you a little closer what it looks like on first booting the device.

earthpulse instructions4

  • I then choose Manual Mode by scrolling across using the Up or Down arrow buttons, and pressing Select/Start to make my choice and move to the next step.

earthpulse instructions5

  • I then choose how long I want to set the device for to send it's beautiful, magical healing electromagnetic waves, and help me sleep. I still need to clarify whether in manual mode it gradually brings me back up to waking state as it approaches 0 minutes on the timer (I'll update this page when I know for certain).

earthpulse instructions7

  • Then I get the option to choose my Manual frequency setting. As mentioned, I'm having great success running the device at a frequency of 7.8 Hz, which is about 2 Hz down from the Recover Mode which is 9.6 Hz.

earthpulse instructions6

  • The controller computer is now running (shown by the blue flashing light on the right), and sending the signals to the magnetic part of device. (By the way, you can test that the device's magnet is working correctly, by taking apart the rings, and feeling the magnet pull on itself when turned on) This is also the stage where I choose how much amplitude I want the device to use – as I said above, I've been having good success with it running on somewhere between 50% to 70% in most cases, sometimes I'll put it up higher.

earthpulse instructions8

So as you can see from the above steps and images, it's pretty darn easy to use the EarthPulse machine. It's a very simplified PEMF machine, and it makes it so easy that it won't really matter if you're not very technical, a couple of times using it, and you'll have it down no problem. Also worth mentioning here, you don't necessarily have to be lying down to get the benefits of using the device, you could also be sitting in your favourite chair to relax.

An Experience With The EarthPulse And Physical Healing – Pulled Leg Muscle

So not long after I had first started using the Earth Pulse, I was playing soccer, and I failed to warm up properly and pulled my hamstring. Nothing really serious, but nonetheless, I couldn't walk without limping and I had to be careful with how much pressure I put on the muscle during normal daily activities. It was just one of those annoying, but not serious injuries that we all get at some point here and there.

So I decided to test the EarthPulse on Recovery Mode, to see if it could increase the speed of my normal healing process. I was quite surprised when the day after using the device for about 2 hours, with the magnet directly under my hamstring, the amount of recovery that I had made after just 1 day was quite unusual. I was quite sure that the EarthPulse had increased the rate of healing somewhat, and actually to a rather large degree. 

Now, obviously I haven't done any scientific testing here, and it's really hard to judge this kind of thing. Also there is the factor of a placebo effect that could well have come into it, but I'm just telling you this based on my own perception of how it happened. PEMF sure does have plenty of research and scientific studies behind it when it comes to the physical therapy aspect of it's usage. Take a look at all these studies  published on (42 so far) showing the efficacy of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for muscle, nerve and tissue regeneration. Also you can see a bunch of studies specifically on pain treatment on the earthpulse website itself.

Measuring Your Improvements With Resting Breath Hold Tests

Another big part of using the EarthPulse, and another claim to as to it's efficacy is that the pulsed electromagnetic therapy actually improves your bodies ability to absorb and make use of the oxygen in your blood (absorbed by the process of breathing).

This is demonstrated by taking what's called a “resting breath hold” periodically throughout your use with the Earthpulse, once at the very start of the process before you have used your Earthpulse for the first time, and then it's recommended to do it again in 2-4 weeks, and then like once every month or so to see how you progress.

Basically the test involves relaxing for a few minutes whilst lying down flat, to normalize your heart rate/breathing. Then once you've done that, you do what's called “oxygen loading” where you basically breathe deeper for about one and a half minutes, before you start the test which involves taking a final deep breath after oxygen loading, and then seeing how long you can hold your breath before you have to take another.

I was very shocked to see how much improvement I got in this area over time. Obviously it's a self administered test, so the experimentation is not all that clinically robust, but I still saw really steady improvements in the time I could hold my breath.

If you're interested here's my log from doing this test over the period of a few months since buying the Earthpulse initially:

oxygen load 90 seconds approx

position = lying down flat

test 1 (22/12/15) = 1 15 – 1 20 (exhale sudden and complete)

test 2 (04/01/16 = 1 15

test 3 (22/01/16) = 1 35

test 4 (13/02/16) = 1 58

test 5 (11/05/16) = 2 05

(so at the end, I was able to hold my breath just over 2 minutes total, that's quite an improvement from the initial 1 minute and fifteen seconds)

Best Place To Buy An EarthPulse?

When looking for an EarthPulse for sale, and looking to purchase online, you obviously have the common popular choice of going with Amazon. Funnily enough, this is one of those cases where it's actually better to go with the manufacturer directly (which is what I did myself). See, if you look at the Amazon listing, it's barely even clear which model that is, although I believe it's the v5 (without manual mode) for barely any difference in price.

Honestly, seeing as you're not going to be able to save yourself any money buying it there, and it's not being sold via Earth Pulse themselves on Amazon, but it's through a third party (Naljor Creations at the time of writing), there is little point, and I would recommend you go directly to the source, where you are getting the official pricing, official warranty, and definitely be able to claim your 90 day money back guarantee, should you have any issues, or not be satisfied with the results of using the EarthPulse. 

Click here to view your options for purchase from the official EarthPulse ecommerce website

It's also useful to note at this point that I have found their customer support to generally be pretty good, although they were a bit slow once getting back to me. But generally speaking they answer all your questions in a timely manner, and they get back to you quickly.


Final Verdict – Should You Buy An EarthPulse Sleep On Command?

As you can probably tell from having read everything else up until now, assuming you have, I'm pretty glad that I made the decision to just go ahead and purchase my EarthPulse. I don't know how my sleep would have been for the past 4 months or so without it, but I'm very thankful that this technology exists, that I came across it, and that I had the means to be able to purchase it.

Click here to view your options for purchase from the official EarthPulse ecommerce website

As mentioned earlier, this is more of an introductory/basic level PEMF device, so if you're looking for high end PEMF, this may not be the best choice. Having said that, I'll probably be investing in something far more expensive in terms of PEMF down the road (like a full body, multiple magnet, PEMF mat), but I'm still very glad that I gave the EarthPulse a shot, and used it as an introductory device, so I could play around with the potential of this amazing technology.

So without going on and on, I think it's a great investment if you want to use PEMF for pain, or for sleep. Ultimately, if you're suffering like I was, then give it a shot, you really have nothing at all to lose, and it may turn out to be the savior for YOUR sleep or physical pain issues, as it was mine. I'm not going to hype it up, and pretend like it's some miracle device, saying it's going to magically make you happy for ever after 😀 you'll still be in reality, with it's ups and downs, but it might just make things a little less painful, and that's always a good thing in my books.

So that's ultimately it for my Earthpulse review, if you've had experience with the EarthPulse, or you are going to give it a shot, please do post below and tell us how it went for you! We'd love to get your feedback, whether positive or negative!

Your Feedback On The EarthPulse And PEMF

what-about-youFor those of you who have either used any sort of PEMF device in the past, with both positive or negative feedback, I would really like to hear from you, so please join the discussion below.

Apart from that, if there's anything you feel that I might of missed in my article about this technology (and particularly the EarthPulse) then please leave a comment or submit me an email via the contact form.

I would love to hear an open discussion here on how PEMF is helping other people out there (or not helping if that's the case).

EarthPulse Sleep Machine Summary
EarthPulse V5 Sleep Machine Review

Product Name: EarthPulse Sleep On Command

Product Description: The EarthPulse Sleep On Command is another PEMF device designed to help people sleep. While it's a cheaper PEMF compared with other devices, the company's questionable ethics, and the devices inconsistent performance makes us a little wary.

Price: $699

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

  • Session Options
  • Price
  • Customer Support
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