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Molecular Hydrogen is a fascinating area of research that I came across recently, after hearing of it via Dr Sircus's ( new book “Hydrogen Medicine – Combining Oxygen With Hydrogen and CO2”. Since around 2007 research studies into this exciting new area of medicine have been growing fast. There are currently around 1000 studies (as of June, 2018) into the various health benefits that Molecular Hydrogen can provide.

An Introduction Into Molecular Hydrogen Therapy

At first look into Molecular Hydrogen, it might seem a little over hyped, as this molecule has some amazing attributes which according to the suggestions from said studies, have a lot of powerful and amazing implications for the medical field. As you probably are aware of, discerning hype from true value in the health and wellness industry can be a difficult task to say the least. That's the main reason I always approach anything new that I come across with a lot of scepticism first, and make sure to thoroughly research anything that I'm interested in trying for my own health. That's how this site originally came about, and it's the main approach that I stick to.

Hydrogen in the form of molecular hydrogen is one of the smallest antioxidants we know of so far (which we will get to in more details in terms of the importance of its small size shortly), with it's molecular structure being far smaller than many other well known and widely used antioxidants, including Vitamin C, Co Enzyme Q10, Glutathione, Vitamin E, etc (ref).

As a basic introductory idea, think of molecular hydrogen as a super powered natural antioxidant with zero negative side effects, which has the ability to get into cells and areas of the body which other antioxidants simply cannot. Of course, we're going to get into more details about how and why this is the case, but that should help to give you a very simple initial understanding of what we're discussing with Molecular hydrogen.

As Tyler LeBaron the founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute puts it so succinctly, I will quote him here to give you an idea just how powerful the potential of Hydrogen medicine is: “It's an emerging area in biomedical research and biomedical sciences… the bottom line is hydrogen has been shown to have therapeutic potential in about 170 different human and animal disease models, and essentially EVERY organ of the human body, so this is no small joke”.

Note – When we are talking about MOLECULAR HYDROGEN, we are discussing a particular form of Hydrogen. For a good explanation of the difference types of hydrogen that can be found and how Molecular Hydrogen differs from these, please watch this part of one of Tyler LeBaron's videos.

The difference is important, because other types of Hydrogen like Atomic Hydrogen would certainly not be useful for medical and health purposes.

A Brief History Of How Molecular Hydrogen Began Being Used In Medicine

The history of Molecular Hydrogen gas as a therepeutic and medical tool began most obviously back in the 1930's in Japan. The interest in Hydrogen as a medicinal gas evolved from the big wave of interest in “alkaline ionised water”, which initially started to be used within the agricultural industry. It wasn't till the 1960's that the Japanese government passed water electrolysis units for human consumption.

People started to notice a lot of health benefits from drinking this ionised, electrolyzed water. Due to this, it became a topic of fascination amongst the scientific communities, and later when scientists were studying this “electrolysed reduced water” and found traces of hydrogen. After some trial and error, the scientist XXX XXXXX (first lebaron video half way through ish) did a study on alkaline water and its effects on parkinson's disease, and worked out that it was in fact the molecular hydrogen that was creating the therapuetic effects of the alkaline water. Thus the interest in hydrogen began.

Molecular Hydrogen As A “Super” AntiOxidant

Extremely Small Molecular Structure

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule that exists, and for this reason in terms of its therapeutic value, it's able to get into all areas of the body, giving it a distinct advantage over other potential Antioxidants. This is one of the major highlights that you should take away from reading this, Molecular Hydrogen is very unique in it's mobility within the body, and is even able to get into the cell mitochondria to repair mitochondrial damage, which is often partly at play in chronic disease [2].

The extremely small size of molecular hydrogen makes it one of, if not THE most bio-available Antioxidant, thus adding to it's healing abilities.

Hydrogen Is Neutral And Without Charge Increasing Bio-availability

Neutralises Free Radicals to H20

Common Associated Health Benefits Of Molecular Hydrogen
A Look At Some Of The Studies In This Area
Practical Applications – How To Get Molecular Hydrogen?

– Hydrogen Water
– Molecular Hydrogen Gas Inhalation
– Topical Gas Application

Molecular Hydrogen Products

There are a few different ways that we can practically get molecular hydrogen, either by itself or as a combination of both oxygen and hydrogen gases. The main formats that these products come in are either tablets, which when emersed in water create hydrogen gas, or you can get hydrogen gas generating machines, such as the HydroGenie which is discussed below in more detail (and is something I'm currently trialling for effectiveness).

Both of these methods of getting hydrogen gas have their advantages, and somewhat different effects. Therefore they both have their merit, and if you want to get the most out of your Hydrogen therapy, then you will want to try and find a way to incorporate both of these applications into your health regime.


There are many different tablets on the market that will increase the molecular hydrogen content of your water, and allow you to get the healing benefits of hydrogen orally.

Molecular Hydrogen Generators

There are several options of Molecular Hydrogen generators for those looking to save money in the long term by negating the ongoing costs of something like the above mentioned Molecular Hydrogen tablets. This is a great option if you are wanting to take advantage of the health benefits of Hydrogen over the long term. It also provides more flexibility in terms of how you can adminster the Hydrogen, as with several  of the machines on the market you will have the option to inhale the hydrogen and or hydrogen/oxygen combination, as well as infuse it into  your water.

Here are a few of the options that you have in terms of the Molecular Hydrogen generators available at the moment:

Hydro Genie

The Hydro Genie is the only hydrogen generator that I've actually used out of the available options. I found it to be a little cheaper than the other options relative to what it can do, as it has the ability to infuse water, allow for hydrogen inhalation via a cathater, and also there's an attachment that allows for skin/bodily applications as well. Here's an image of the HydroGenie that I currently have setup in my home. A full review will be coming soon. I do believe I've noticed some positive health benefits from using the machine so far (I've had about 1 month to test it as I write this).

As you can see, the HydroGenie is a fairly unusual looking design, rather utilitarian you might say. This is version 1 of the product, and the owner has shown me the next generation model, which looks a lot more “tidy” and will be released in a few months (around Mid 2018). Still, this is an exciting product, in terms of it's potential health benefits and applications. Read the up and coming full review for more information on this product (links will be added soon).

Extra Resources

Here's a list of further resources that you might want to investigate if you're interested in learning more about this fascinating area of biomedical science and how it might help you or your loved ones improve their health.

Your Feedback?

I'd love to hear from you if you've been studying this subject have any thoughts to share, or if you are currently experimenting with Hydrogen therapy in anyway for yourself or your friends and/or family. Also of course if you've already got some positive stories (or negative of course) then please share with us so other readers can learn more about the experience of others.

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