Keto Diet For Weight Loss: Is It Any Good?

One of the most popular subjects going around the internet is dieting and what diet one should stick to in order to achieve a dream body. There are so many different ways that are advertised for losing weight and toning up your body. They range from electronic massage devices that you rub your abdominal area with to break down fat cells, to supplements like CBD oil for weight loss. While CBD benefits are indeed real for some spheres of your wellness, and the massage would unlikely cause much harm, there are only 2 ways that guarantee weight loss, and they are a balanced diet and exercise. Let’s discuss one of the most popular diets that are heavily talked about on the internet – Keto – and see what are its advantages and drawbacks, and whether it is effective in weight loss. 

Keto diet

According to medical research, one of the most popular inquiries for the previous year was the Keto diet. This kind of food was ahead of others and became a real trend among people of all ages. During the keto diet, the body gets enough calories, and the person does not experience hunger, but the excess weight goes away, thanks to the phenomenon of ketosis.

The main purpose of this diet is to achieve a so-called state of ketosis. It is these keto-bodies the body uses instead of carbohydrates. For metabolism to reach the state of ketosis, blood glucose levels must be reduced to minimum levels and last at least two days.

The main principle of the Keto diet

The main principle of the keto diet involves the full exclusion of carbohydrates products from the menu. That is an updated version of a low-carb or carbohydrate-free diet. Such diets are effective for weight loss because, in the complete absence of carbohydrates, the body begins to actively burn fat. The basis of the products in the keto diet are foods high in fats, as well as proteins.


After the ketose flu is left behind, you can finally get a lot of bonuses. On the ketogenic diet improves general well-being and emotional mood; there is a lot of energy; the brain begins to work at the speed of light, increases the capacity to work, and increases concentration. And with the help of such food, it is possible to negate the pathological dependence on sweet food. A large amount of fats in the diet allows you to achieve a sense of saturation in a short time and for a long time. So the thought of recharging with a bun or chocolate is unlikely to come to anyone's head.


Keto-diet is a therapeutic protocol of nutrition, which should be used strictly on the prescription of a doctor. It means that you can't just take your body into ketosis just because you've decided so. Our immune system needs some time to get used to ketosis mode, and it needs to be properly adjusted. Without a doctor, it is difficult to do , because you need special devices that regulate the level of ketone bodies in the blood. If their level is too high, the body's oxidation begins, and the person may even fall into a coma.

Is the Keto diet effective?

Is it possible to lose weight on a keto diet? The answer is straightforward: yes! There are a lot of ways to lose weight without a substantial physiological adjustment. It happens from time to time that none of them works, about 20% of the weight loss can not lose weight using the usual methods. In this case, a ketogenic diet can be a real salvation. It will also help if the excess weight appeared because of a strong dependence on sweets. In any case, choosing such a diet, you need to understand: you need to keep such a diet as a lifestyle rather than a rapid weight loss plan.

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