The HydroGenie Molecular Hydrogen Generator Review

In this article, we'll be doing a review on the HydroGenie. The HydroGenie is one of the available Hydrogen Generators on the market right now, competing with similar but more expensively priced products such as the machine from Vital Reaction and others. I recently invested in the product after extensively studying the benefits of Hydrogen therapy and being excited by all the potential health benefits. Specifically I wanted to do a self experiment to see if all the alleged benefits would improve the symptoms that I've been experiencing which might be labelled as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Adrenal Fatigue.

In this review, I'll discuss my experience with the HydroGenie as a consumer, my thoughts on how it operates from a consumer perspective, and my feedback on whether or not I think it's helped with my health issues. This page will probably be updated here and there, as my usage of the machine gathers more history, and I can give more information. For now, if you'd like to skip ahead to any of the sections that most interest you, you can do so via the Table of Contents menu here:

Introduction – What Is A Hydrogen Generator Anyway?

This is really just for those who somehow winded up on this page without any prior knowledge as to what a Hydrogen Generator does. You might want to read up on all the health benefits of Molecular Hydrogen first (follow the link for a great introduction article on this site), as you'll get a much better idea of why this technology is so potentially powerful for many different health issues.

Once you understand that Molecular Hydrogen, and in this case, an infusion of Oxygen and Hydrogen gas is a very powerful anti oxidant and has MANY different positive health implications, then you'll see the value in being able to generate this gas at will and apply it either by infusing it into your drinking water, inhaling directly, or applying directly onto your skin/body for use with applications such as burn therapy, etc. The HydroGenie basically accommodates for all of these applications, and hence why a generator machine such as this is so valuable.

Quick Glance Main Features
HydroGenie Basic Product Specs
  • Gas Type:  H + H + O, mixed, also known as “HydrOxy” and “Brown's Gas”  (use those two last terms at your own risk – as they carry some “baggage”…)
  • Gas Components:  An energetic “living” combination of H2, H, O2, O, other esoteric energies (search “Brown's Gas components” for more information)
  • Gas Generation:  Alkaline Water Electrolysis
  • Gas Output:  400 – 800 ml/min (depending on temperature of electrolyte).  This yields a very safe <=4% concentration in the lungs.
  • Run Time:  10-12+ hours before refill needed
  • Electrical Power Source:  120VAC, 60 hz / 240VAC, 50 hz (Works globally!)
  • Water Type:  Distilled with mild electrolyte (Food-Grade Sodium Hydroxide)
  • Power Wattage (@120 VAC):  <100 on start, <=145 after reaching operating temps
  • Maintenance:  Depending on usage, every 6-12 months, drain, clean, rinse, refill.  Total down-time, < 20 minutes.
  • Reliability:  Highly reliable, very few moving parts to break.
  • Expected Generator Life:  Very long (10+ years) with proper maintenance and cleaning – this is MUCH longer than PEM electrolyzers will last.  Tear-down and examination after one year of hours-per-day usage, showed no degradation in the generator plates.
Model Pros Vs Cons


  • Output Includes All Available Applications (Inhalation, H2O Infusion and Skin)
  • Output Includes Oxygen/Hydrogen Mix, Which Has Even More Benefits
  • Easy First Setup & General Maintenance
  • Much Cheaper Than Some Competitor Machines
  • 60 Day Money Back Trial Period


  • Still A Big Monetary Investment
  • Version 1 Looks A Bit “Clunky” (shouldn't effect you as it's no longer available)
Closer Look At The HydroGenie's Main Features

Simple First Time Setup

When I first received the HyrdoGenie, it basically came as a one box delivery, with 2 pieces within the box. The first component was all the main hardware, that you see pictured here (the electronics + water containers as one complete unit), minus the attachment tubing. The 2nd component was the attachments, the water stone attachment for water infusion, the cunnulas, and the cup attachment came in 1 bag, pictured here below also.

In terms of the setup, it was very simple really, and just required me to follow the first time usage videos as they are shown here on the manufacturers website. I only had 1 issue, and that was that I had bought a power transformer, to protect the device from what I thought was going to be an overload of power wattage, due to the fact that

Easy Push Button Session Timer Options

The control system or UI (user interface) used by the HydroGenie is very simple, and there's really not much to it (version 1). As you can see here in the image below, there are 7 buttons, with the top 6 smaller buttons being a preset timer mode. The bottom larger button is a start/pause control (which is activated by holding for a few seconds), and also acts to put the machine into a non timed setting, which is useful if you want to leave it running while you're sleeping allowing you to inhale the gas overnight, which has been reported to have a lot of benefits by multiple users. The picture here shows the original HydroGenie, that was not boxed.

Water Stone Attachment For Water Infusion

The water stone attachment plugs directly into the tube converter, allowing you to infuse your drinking water, or even your bathing water with the gas mixture. You can see what the attachment section, and the water infuser running looks like in the below image. This is probably one of the most useful applications for the gas, as there are lots of studies that show that increased molecular hydrogen can help gut health, and provide myriad other health benefits, like increasing the important hormone Ghrelin.

Cannula Attachment For Hydrogen Inhalation

This attachment plugs into the same tube converter area that the water stone addon attaches to. The Cannula is about 1.5 Meters in length, which provides ample flexibility for you when using it lying down in bed, etc. You receive 2 cannulas in the package by default, and this should be enough to last you at least 1 year using the device normally. The Cannulas will wear out over time with use, and you'll notice that they aren't as stiff as they wear.

Applicator Cup Attachment For Skin Application

The applicator cup pictured here below is what's used for external/skin applications, such as burns, bruises, etc. It's usage is similar to the idea of “gas bagging” for example ozone bagging. Hydrogen's healing potential for burns and other skin issues has shown to be very powerful, so this is a great idea for another way to get even more from this machine.

HydroGenie Compared To Other Available Options

The HydroGenie is certainly not the only Hydrogen Generator on the market designed for the purpose of health applications. There are cheaper ways to get molecular hydrogen, especially if you want to go the hydrogen tablet route, which usually involves a product such as a Magnesium catalyst to create the molecular hydrogen once mixed with H2O. The thing is, according to the owner of the HydroGenie Ed Wunder, these types of Hydrogen are not as potent as something like what's created by the HydroGenie, as they what he'd label as “dead hydrogen”. The benefits are still going to be there, but it's a weakened down version.

The main reason that I chose to go the machine/generator route, instead of the much cheaper (short term) pills, is that it's really a long term investment into one's health. You wouldn't expect anything to change your life instantly, or even very quickly, as most things take at least some time to start getting the benefits. That being taken into account, to accumulate the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen over time, it actually works out cheaper to invest in having your own Molecular Hydrogen generator, which over time will work out to be a lot cheaper than buying Molecular Hydrogen tablets, and will pay for itself in the long run.

Here's a few of the other options in terms of what's available for Hydrogen Generators in shortlist form:

HydroGenie Machine Gallery

Here's some images of the HydroGenie and it's various components (the first couple of images are the original version of the HydroGenie, and the others are the current version):

A Look At The Available Feedback For The HydroGenie

So far there's not a huge amount of feedback available online for this product, which is probably partially due to the fact that it's still really in its infancy. In fact the whole market for these devices is still relatively fresh, considering that in the past a lot more attention and emphasis was being placed on “Ionized water machines”. More recently we're starting to see more people become aware that it's the hydrogen content of the water that's important, and so the Alkaline/Ionized water trend is receding and we're seeing more focus on machines that focus on generating Molecular Hydrogen.

Despite all of that, there is some feedback for the HydroGenie so far, so let's take a look at that quickly:


Where To Purchase? & Discount Coupon Code

At present, the only place you can purchase the HydroGenie is from the manufacturers website. This section will be updated shortly with a special coupon code you can use to save yourself 10% off the purchase price.

Common Questions

Is there a trial period/money back guarantee?

Yes, as of the time of writing, you have 2 months to try the HydroGenie, and if you're not satisfied you can return the product and get your money back.

What is the price for the HydroGenie?

It's currently priced at $1997 USD.

How long should I breathe in the Hydrogen Gas for each day?

There is really no recorded safe upper limit, in other words, none of the studies carried out so far have shown any adverse side effects from inhaling Hydrogen gas in too high a quantity. I'm currently experimenting with running the machine overnight, while I wear the cannula to inhale the gas. I believe that I'm only going to be getting a rather small percentage of the gas overnight, because I tend to breathe through the mouth when asleep, but still seeing as I'll be hooked up to machine for like 5+ hours before I turn it off when first waking, that's still a lot of time to inhale the gas.

How much of the infused water should I be drinking each day?

Again there is no upper limit, it's not going to do you any harm to drink lots. I generally just infuse all my drinking water with the Hydrogen/Oxygen mix from the HydroGenie, as it's not hard to do, and only takes me about 10 minutes of preparation. So to more specifically answer the question, there's no exact amount, but I think aiming for 2-3 Litres (.5 – .8 Gallons) per day is a good practice.

How long does it take to get this shipped to my location?

Obviously this is going to depend where you're located, but I can tell you that I happily got my HydroGenie, within about 6 days from the order date, and I'm based in NSW, Australia. So obviously if you're in North America, Canada or similar it's probably going to be far less waiting time, as the company ships out from the US.

How long will it take to see the results of Hydrogen/Oxygen therapy?

This is a difficult one to answer, as it's going to be different for every person, based on what health issues you're expecting to see changes with. As I mentioned earlier, my initial motivation for buying a Hydrogen generator was to help with something similar to CFS, which I've been dealing with for a few years now. Now so far, the benefits in terms of direct symptom improvement for my condition have not been super obvious, but I definitely have noticed improvements with certain things, like my sinuses have improved, I no longer am reacting to a lot of foods as much as I used to, and my sleep has deepened and improved.

Also I've really only been using this device for a relatively short amount of time, so it's early days, and too early to say that it hasn't helped with the “CFS”. All I can really recommend is that you log or note down your most prevalent symptoms, and keep track of them during your experimentation with Molecular Hydrogen therapy.

Is it hard to maintain this machine?

Maintenance and cleaning of the HydroGenie should be relatively easy. 1 pouch of cleaning chemical (which is made of ….. ) is included in each shipment of the product, and this will let you clean your machine after a good amount of use. I've been personally advised by the manufacturer that even when using the HydroGenie a lot at about 8-10 hours per day, the machine should not need cleaning until 6 months of usage have past, and most people probably won't be running it for that long each day.

I'll be updating this part of the review when I actually run the cleaning process, and I'll have a much more detailed section on what's involved and how hard or easy I personally found the process.

In Conclusion – My Results

So let's discuss the results I've seen from using the HydroGenie, after all, what's the point in spending all of this money on a device to improve our health, if we're not getting any results? As I outlined in the introduction of this review, I originally bought this device to try and help with what I've been labelling as “Chronic Fatigue” with the idea that even just a 10-20% improvement in those symptoms would make the investment worth while to me.

Well as I write this, I've been using the HydroGenie for a little over 5 weeks. So far I can definitely say that my allergies are way better now, in fact I'd say I no longer have an allergy problem (although to be fair I still avoid Gluten at all costs, and haven't tested that particular allergy). Before my use of this machine, I would sneeze a lot in the mornings, and get the occasional flare up if I ate certain foods (which was quite often very hard to determine what was causing allergies). Apart from that, my sleep seems to be much deeper and better than previously, though this is hard to say if there's a correlation between the improvement in this symptom and the use of the HydroGenie, I'm quite positive there's some connection going on there.

Overall, I'm still pretty early on in my use with this device. Due to the fact that I've studied into all of the health benefits of Molecular Hydrogen, I'm not surprised to see SOME improvements, while I'm not exactly saying this is a miracle cure, and I still have fatigue issues, etc. I think the machine is doing some good for me, and I would say that it's been a worthy investment, especially considering once again that this is early days for my usage, and the health benefits should accrue over time the more that I use the machine.

So as I said, I will be updating this section as time goes on, but for now I think this has been a good investment in my health, and it's pretty cool to have a device that's allowing me to get the health benefits of this fairly cutting edge field that is Hydrogen Medicine.





HydroGenie Molecular Hydrogen Generator Summary

Product Name: HydroGenie Molecular Hydrogen Generator

Price: 1997

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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