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Monthly Book Review – Ramesh Monocha – Silence Your Mind

Meditation has been something that’s interested me since my teens years, with all the well known benefits to one’s health and well being that a regular meditation practice is supposed to bring, who wouldn’t be at least a little interested? That being said, I’ve still not really found a meditation practice that I feel is […]

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Monthly Book Review November 2016 – Nutrient Power

This month’s book review will be taking a look at William Walsh’s Nutrient Power. This book was a real eye opener for me in understanding how different types of nutritional imbalances causes by genetic and epigenetic factors can create different types of mental/emotional health issues including depression and all the way up in intensity to […]

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Monthly Book Review October 2016 – Self Help For Your Nerves

For this month’s book review, I’ve chosen one of the classics, Dr Claire Weekes’ “Self Help For Your Nerves”. This book originally written in 1962 has become rather famous in the anxiety relief community. It’s age old wisdom,¬†and the fact that Claire Weekes herself went through her own journey with anxiety means that it’s a […]

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