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The HydroGenie Molecular Hydrogen Generator Review

In this article, we’ll be doing a review on the HydroGenie. The HydroGenie is one of the available Hydrogen Generators on the market right now, competing with similar but more expensively priced products such as the machine from Vital Reaction and others. I recently invested in the product after extensively studying the benefits of Hydrogen […]

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Applications Of Molecular Hydrogen Therapy – Uses & Benefits

Molecular Hydrogen is a fascinating area of research that I came across recently, after hearing of it via Dr Sircus’s (drsircus.com) new book “Hydrogen Medicine – Combining Oxygen With Hydrogen and CO2”. Since around 2007 research studies into this exciting new area of medicine have been growing fast. There are currently around 1000 studies (as […]

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Monthly Book Review – Ramesh Monocha – Silence Your Mind

Meditation has been something that’s interested me since my teens years, with all the well known benefits to one’s health and well being that a regular meditation practice is supposed to bring, who wouldn’t be at least a little interested? That being said, I’ve still not really found a meditation practice that I feel is […]

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How To Prevent Cold Sores And Stop Them Coming Back – A Personal Breakthrough

If you were like I was a few months back – sick and tired of getting cold sores all the time, and frustrated with how long, irritating and burdensome they are to get rid of, then you’re going to find this page very very interesting indeed.  I believe I’ve finally “cracked it” when it comes […]

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