My Independent Voxx Socks Review – Magic Socks Or Expensive Garbage?


So this post will serve as my authentic documentation of my experience with Voxx socks. At the time of writing this introduction, I have just decided to take the plunge after hearing about the product from a nice lady who was also a member of a health related Facebook group that I'm part of.

My Initial Thoughts

So I recently came across this whole Voxx socks phenomena, and as someone who's been taking supplements for several years now, and been interested in the health and wellness side of things for basically my whole life, or at least since my early teens you could say, to say I was sceptical of these “magic socks” would be an understatement…

As you would probably be able to relate, there's a LOT of garbage and bogus claims being made 24/7 in the health and wellness industry, so the idea that putting on a pair of fancy looking socks could drastically improve your health and well being by “tapping” into your neurology seems a bit ridiculous upon first confrontation. In fact, I actually laughed aloud when I first came across this to be blunt.

However… I am, and have been dealing with some ongoing fatigue and brain fog issues now for coming on 3 years, so I'm in that place where I'll basically try anything once in order to get back to a state of feeling “normal”.

Due to the fact that this product is marketed via a Network Marketing scheme, its credibility is somewhat damaged in my opinion, but then again, why shouldn't they use this form of marketing? There's just something about “unbelievable product” + network marketing that always looks somewhat fishy to me, that being said… The proof is, and will remain in “the pudding” so let's get on with this review 🙂

How These “Neuro Socks” Apparently Work

According to the website at, the Voxx Socks via “Neuro Technology” which basically works by using a specific pattern that's stitched into the base of the socks/insoles (and possibly soon other wearable items like thongs, etc). This pattern is supposed to activate certain neural patterns, via a system that's similar to how the art of Reflexology works (Wiki link).

My Magic Socks Arrive!

So this is what they look like upon arrival (Click to enlarge images):

Here's a little video I created of me opening the contents of the package I received with my Voxx socks and insoles (2 x socks, 1 x insole pairs):

(Please excuse my rather casual and somewhat daggy dress style, it was a “home day” and I wasn't really dressed up smartly for the video – I'll work on that for next time 🙂 )

My Experiment – From Start To Current

Update 1 – 9th August

So I officially started wearing the socks on the 2nd of August (2018). I have been rotating every 2 days, as the socks need cleaning obviously, and being a sweaty man, 2 days is the absolutely upper limit in terms of how much I can wear them without any noticeable stench (surprisingly though there's been no issues with them smelling so far). So far since wearing them (coming up to 1 week) I really can't say I've noticed any difference. I still have the same brain/fatigue issues that I've been dealing with, and whilst I week is a very short time, I'm not overly hopeful that these socks are going to do anything to effect my issues.

I do not have any balance issues, so this point of testing will not be relevant for me, however as mentioned in the video, I do have a friend who's going to test this aspect specifically, as she's an older woman and may be helped if there is an obvious improvement in balance from wearing the Voxx insoles. Anyway, still very early days indeed, so I'll continue to wear them all the time at least for another 2 months. If I notice nothing by that time, I'll probably just consider them useless (for me personally). It will be interesting to see how they effect my friend and her balance though.

I will update this page when I have more data (more time has passed with me wearing the socks) and let you guys know what I think.

Update 2 – 21st August

Okay so it's now been a few weeks of me consistently wearing the Voxx socks pictured above. I rotate between wearing the black and blue socks, as I obviously need to wash them. I am probably wearing them about 80% of the time, as I tend to wash them together as it's just too annoying to constantly be washing and drying them. I am guessing if these worked out for me, I'd probably just invest in another 3-4 pairs so as to overcome the washing/waiting problem.

So how am I feeling? Basically, again as I stated last time, it's very hard to know if the socks are working… I have seemed to be a little less fatigued in general, and maybe brain fog slightly less foggy recently, but it's really really HARD to know if this is from wearing the socks, or if it's from doing other things, like I'm currently taking 5 capsules of Lithium Orotate each night, which is supposedly going to help my brain detox. So knowing whether it's the socks or the new supplements or just some other random input in my life that's creating the slight improvement is really very difficult.

As mentioned before, I didn't really have any issues with balance before coming into this, so the balance thing is not really a good test for any improvement in my symptoms from wearing the socks. I will continue to do my test, and let you guys know how it goes. For now, thanks for reading 🙂

P.S. Carol left a great comment below in the comments section, so check that out too.

Other Products Available From Voxx
Where To Get Voxx Socks In Canada

If you are looking to find the Voxx socks, insoles or other products, then you may or may not be aware that currently they are only supplied/shipped from Canada and North America. My experience in trying this product involved dealing with a nice lady in Canada, one of the reps for Voxx, Carol. She'x been really helpful in getting me the Voxx socks to try, and I found her very easy to chat with and cooperative despite me being in Australia and us having to navigate shipping etc.

If you want to go through Carol in order to try out any of the Voxx life products, just click through this link here

My Conclusion

Obviously this review is still in progress, so read my updates above, and soon enough when I feel I've given it enough time to properly test,  I will leave my overall conclusion of the Voxx product.



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