Delta Sleeper SR1 PEMF Device Review

If you're looking into PEMF devices that can help you improve your sleep, or even overcome a bad case of insomnia, then you'll be interested in this page. The Delta Sleeper SR1 is a PEMF device specifically designed for sleep that I was lucky enough to get a review copy of recently after approaching the company.

This device is very unique compared with any other PEMF devices that I've seen to date, mainly due to its size, and also the fact that it's extremely simplified and doesn't really have any settings or anything that you can tweak to your specific needs. This is both its beauty, and its limitation, but was definitely the idea when the company designed it.

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Here in this review, I'll be going into great detail about the specifics of the product, and I'll even be showing you a couple of videos of this product (an “unboxing” and also just a general walk through video showing you what the device looks like, and a few other of my thoughts about its use).

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An Introduction Into The SomniResonance Delta Sleeper SR1
As briefly mentioned at the start of this review, the The Delta Sleeper SR1 is unique to the world of PEMF devices not only because of its very specific focus on improving sleep, but also because of the following factors:

  • Its extremely small size and light weight design
  • Its positioning on the Brachial Plexus (I'll explain this in more detail later on)
  • Its design with limited functionality (basically it has one button which is the ON/OFF functionality
  • Its auto shut shut down feature
  • Its sole focus on the Delta brainwave state instead of being able to choose your frequency levels

So there's variety of factors which make this device very unique in both design style and functionality. It's definitely been created with the specific purpose of sleep quality improvement in mind, unlike most PEMF devices I've come across which are really offering multiple usage solutions, and claim to be able to help with a variety of ailments and issues.


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Quick Glance Main Features For The Delta Sleeper SR1
Here's the main feature list of the DeltaSleeper SomniResonance SR1, you can click on any of the items below to read more about that particular feature:

The The Delta Sleeper SR1's Basic Product Specs
Here's an overview of the basic specs for this particular model:

  • Price: $499
  • Size/Dimensions: 
  • Weight: 1/2 Ounce (Approx 15 grams)
  • Frequencies Available: 
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • User Manual: Found here
Model Pros Vs Cons


  • Specifically Designed To Improve Sleep
  • Convenient – Very Small, Lightweight and Compact
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Relatively Cheap Compared With Other PEMF Devices
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Very Limited In Application, By Nature Of Its Design
  • Potentially Expensive Considering Its Singular Application

A Closer Look At The Delta Sleeper SR1 Main Features
Automatic Power Off

The SomniResonance SR1 is great in the fact that it automatically powers itself off after 22 minutes of when you first push the on/off button to power it on. This is one of the features that I personally really appreciate, as I prefer to minimize EMF (electromagnetic fields) around me whilst resting and/or sleeping. This is largely because of all the talk that EMFs are detrimental to our circadian rhythm.

Sometimes when using the device, I will find that I'm still a little awake coming towards the end of the 22 minutes, then I will power off the device and restart it, simply by hitting the button twice to reset it. Generally speaking though, I only need to run the device once, the exception being when I'm going to sleep at a later than optimal hour, which tends to mess up my circadian cycle, and I'll miss out on that “window” where one naturally gets sleepy (which usually should be around 10pm).

Simple One Button Operation

As I mentioned earlier, this device is EXTREMELY simple to use, as there's only 1 button! 🙂 I believe this was a very good move in the design of this product, as it means that most people will have absolutely no issues using the device.

Once you have placed the device in the unique positioning (as discussed below) using one of the adhesive patches supplied, you simply press the on/off button once, and you will notice that the green light starts flashing slowly on and off. This means the device is working its magic, and it's time for you to close your eyes, and allow it to gently guide your brain down into the deeper frequencies which relate to the sleep/dream state (generally the delta brain wave frequencies).

Unique Device Placement

One of the most unique features of DeltaSleeper is not only its lightweight design and small size, but also the placement that this PEMF device uses in terms of where the device sits on the body. Most PEMF devices in fact don't “sit” ON the body at all, but are usually in the form of either rings which surround an area, a magnet that sits under the bed, or a mat which the user would lie on top of.
The device sits just below the middle of the left collarbone, as shown in this image. This specific location is important, because it's positioned so that it's close to what is known as the Brachial Plexus.

The point of it being positioned in this precise location, is so that the PEMF frequencies created by the device can be transferred up into the brain, which is where they become effective in terms of changing our state of consciousness and allowing ourselves to enter into a state of sleep. Because of the placement and small size of this device, it's also very unintrusive and comfortable.


Feedback From Customers Who Bought The Delta Sleeper SR1

The feedback from many of the users of the DeltaSleeper seems to be pretty positive. I would say that it's always a bit hard to know when the majority of the reviews found are those on the manufacturers website. But from my own positive experience with this product, I have to believe that they are most likely not going to be falsified, as sometimes is the case with many product reviews that you might find online.

If you want to read some of the reviews on their website, that section can be found here:

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Are There Any Problems With The Delta Sleeper SR1 Model?

Despite the device being very good from my experience so far, in terms of deepening my sleep, and allowing me to get back to sleep more easily, are there any negative aspects to using the device that I have noticed so far?

Well, there's just one right now, and I'll update this later on if I find anything else that bothers me about using this device.

The main issue that has come up for me so far, is that using the adhesive strips actually caused me to get some minor scabbing and skin irritation in the area where the device is placed. However, while mentioning this, I need to also be honest and say that I was so keen to just dive right in and get started with using the device, that I didn't think about shaving this area first, which is obviously the smart thing to do when using any strong glues or adhesives on your skin.

Since having this problem, I simply allowed the scabbing to heal (3-4 days time) and used my beard trimmer to shave the hair from this area. Problem solved. So this is not really a big issue at all, it's just something that I thought I should mention, as it did slightly bother me at the time it happened.

I'll be updating this section if there's any other problems that I notice from using the device.

The Best Places To Purchase The Delta Sleeper SR1 Online

I believe the only place to buy the DeltaSleeper officially (unless you are hunting for a 2nd hand version on something like eBay) is to go directly to the source, and buy it from the manufacturer's website.

If you buy the device by using the following coupon code, you will receive a small discount. Yes, I make a small commission from this, as I am promoting it for them, but I only do so for products I believe are of good quality and value to you, the reader.

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Common Questions About This Model

Is it comfortable to use?

Yes, the device is extremely comfortable, and I barely notice that I'm wearing it most of the time. The only thing to watch out for in terms of comfort when using the device, is to make sure that you don't have a lot of hair in the area where you attach the device with the adhesive patches.

If you have lots of hair in that spot, then it's going to be quite painful for you to pull off the device every morning (and it's also not the greatest way to wake up). I recommend shaving that area before you begin using the device and patches. This has solved the problem entirely for me.

Does it make any noise?

No. The DeltaSleeper is 100% quiet.

What comes with the device when I receive the shipment?

Not very much, it's very simple. They have minimized all the packaging and pointless marketing, which I actually like. You can view my “unboxing” video here to see exactly what you get, and what to expect.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Firstly, if for some reason you have not noticed any changes in your sleep, the manufacturer recommends that you replace the battery. Sometimes even though the light is coming on, there may be a deficiency in the battery, which would mean you weren't getting a powerful enough signal from the device to positively impact your sleep.

That being said, if you are still getting nothing from the device, or you are just not happy for some reason, they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee with the SR1, so you have that option if you are truly not seeing any results.

Do I need to keep using the device once my sleep has improved?

I would say yes, as long as you are still living in a world that has all of these environmental factors which can negatively impact our sleep (such as blue light, increased EMF exposure, etc), then you will probably benefit from continuing your use of the device in order to maximize your sleep quality.

How long does it take to see results from using the DeltaSleeper?

Well that will really depend on you and your personal situation of course. I can say from my own experience, I noticed improvements in sleep depth, vividness of dreams, and my ability to fall asleep more quickly very early on, after just a few nights of using the SR1.

Conclusion – Is The Delta Sleeper SR1 Really Worth The Price?

While my experimentation with this device is still in it's relatively early stages, I'm very encouraged thus far by it's ability to help me get to sleep, and get BACK to sleep, the latter of which has been my main issue with sleep quality, especially over the last 2-3 years or so.

As mentioned I've also noticed that my sleep seems to be deeper, and I seem to have more vivid and intense dreams when using the device. I think for anyone with bad insomnia, it's definitely worth trying the SR1, as in my experience with having really bad insomnia in the the past, and using PEMF can REALLY be a game changer. There is certainly no other PEMF device on the market that's been so specifically and cleverly designed to help people with their sleep issues.

I think for those suffering from insomnia, and knowing personally how detrimental to one's life quality that can be, the DeltaSleeper is a great investment. While not exactly cheap (like all PEMF devices) It's most certainly worth a try in my books.

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