Surthrival Colostrum Review – Personal Experience & Indepth Analysis

Surthrival Colostrum – Hyped Up Marketing Or Actual Quality?

If you're reading this, then you've probably come to the exact same place where I found myself on my journey to find the best colostrum product available on the market, as there are many, and as per usual, the hype is extremely plentiful as with many products in the supplements marketplace.

Whether or not you're looking for the ultimate colostrum because you've heard that it's awesome at healing leaky gut and repairing a damaged gastrointestinal tract (that was my main reason for becoming a colostrum geek, at least to start with – you can read up in WAY more detail about colostrum and leaky gut here), or you want the immunity boosting properties, or you're just one of these modern “fitness hackers” who wants to get an edge so you can positively boost your athletic performance in sports or at the gym.

Does the Surthrival brand of colostrum live up to all the marketing gobbledygook, or is it all just fluff, designed to fill the pockets of opportunistic business types who have spotted the new colostrum craze taking off!?

Surthrival colostrum is touted as one of the higher quality versions of colostrum that's available, and I must say here that when I was reading over the technical specs regarding the product, while sure they looked good (at least as far as I could understand them at that point on my colostrum educational journey, until I learned more about the “sciencey” stuff) it was the ethical production practices which stood out to me, and made me think that maybe these guys really cared, not only about the client, and making money, but about the whole process.

In my mind, that kind of got my attention.

Okay, Sounds Cool, But What's In Surthrival's Colostrum?

Instead of listing out all of the product features, seeing as they are very technical, and I'll explain what I can about them and what that means to you further down the page, let's just grab an image directly from the main website. So here's the product specs as per the manufacturers information directly:

surthrival colostrum product features

So when you read those product features compared to other types of colostrum supplements on the market, it's sounding very good so far… If you're like me when I was going through this process though, when they start talking about the 97 Immune Factors and 87 Growth Factors in the product, I start to get a little lost as to how exactly that benefits me.

I'm just going to tell you now quickly which of their product features matter, and why it sets the Surthrival brand of Colostrum apart from the others.

Harvested only after new born calves get their share

Well obviously if you have an ethical bone in your body this is super important. Otherwise by the harvesting of Colostrum for us humans to use, without ethical practice, you'd be supporting a company that may be killing, if not seriously downgrading the health and longevity of the calves affected. I consider this one of the most important differences with Surthrival, and obviously they must also, as they've listed it as their number one product benefit/feature.

3rd party verified true 6 hour Colostrum

Again, this is a BIGGIE. The reason being that colostrum actually is only considered colostrum based on the time frame in which it is “harvested” (that word sounds creepy in this context, but I'm hoping you know what I mean anyways) from the calves.

If you look at this chart you can see that there's a certain specific timing to Colostrum coming from the female, otherwise it ain't actually Colostrum, but it's what is known as “transitional milk”.


(taken from what's known as the “Health Practitioners Guide” which is a really great resource if you want to read up on the science of Colostrum more – view it here in a new tab and download at your leisure)

The main difference here is that colostrum (taken within 6 hours of calving) has much higher protein levels, and that's why colostrum is filled with all the wonderful proline rich polypeptides that have such amazing benefits for our health (these are basically a type of protein, but a rather special type in terms of it's affects on building the immune system).

Tested to be free from herbicides, antibiotics and synthetic hormones

I don't know about you, but I try to eat mainly organic, and the main reason for this is of course that I don't want to eat chemicals (we are already bombarded daily by enough toxins without ingesting them along with our food), so it goes without saying that I consider it EXTREMELY important not to have chemicals used in the supplements I take wherever possible. So this is a good call from Surthrival again.

Low temperature spray dried to preserve bio-activity

Again, really important. I want to get the most benefit out of taking this stuff, especially seeing as it's not that cheap, although it works out okay when bought in bulk (hence why I buy the 1KG version (Amazon link) at a minimum).

High level of Immune and growth factors

Yes, ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to the validity of the product, and this is yet another reason why I chose this brand over the others.

How The Basic Components in Surthrival Colostrum Work To Create Awesomeness

Colostrum is called “nature's most complete food” for a reason. If there's super foods, then colostrum may just be the GOD of foods!! Well, I'm being semi facetious here of course, but this stuff does amaze me with how it works, and what it can achieve in the field of human health.

(Please Note – I have broken the following section on HOW colostrum works down into a less complicated (less geeky) and more complicated version for ease of readability depending on how technical you like things)

Less Geeky Version

Here's a little video rant from Daniel Vitalis, Surthrival Founder, on their colostrum:

(bare in mind, he's the company founder, so if it seems a bit “salesy” that's why!)

And, a little bit cheesy I might add…. that grin 😀 hey, he's having fun with it I guess.

Anyway, here's the links to the 2 of the studies on that are relevant to what Vitalis says in the video about colostrum being more effective than flu vaccine! both very eye opening!

(that's the study he was referring to in the video, colostrum beats anti-flu vaccine by 3 x)

(in that study, they seem to be comparing efficacy of colostrum vs anti-flu vaccine in terms of cost)

surthrival colostrum powderI know that Immune Factors and Growth Factors are one of the main benefits of colostrum, and why I wanted to add it to my daily supplements. I guess, in simplistic terms, one way to think about this that really makes it a lot easier on the old brain, is that more is better when it comes to Immune and Growth factors.

After all, what do “Immune Factors” do? Again, keeping it simple here, they BOOST your immune system, which means you can save money on Doctors bills. I'm all for that.

Pretty much the same deal when it comes to what they are calling Growth Factors. We want as many as possible. It's a little bit like basic nutrition, in that the more diversification of nutrients you have, the more likely you are to have a good healthy system.

Geeky Version

geek-time Let's get a little more technical then, because for those of you reading this who are like me, without getting a degree in food science, you do like to know a little bit about why the things you're paying good money for, and then trusting to put into your body are actually going to be helping you (or damaging you, if you're accidentally getting the wrong stuff).

Firstly, if you really want a thorough overview, then download and read this guide on the science behind Colostrum and how it works to treat various illnesses.

Secondly, watch this simplified video about the science behind how Colostrum works in terms of what's known as “transfer factors”:

If you still are not satisfied then I suggest you read up on our page on Colostrum and leaky gut, as I go more into how colostrum works, and you'll probably get some good nuggets of information on how Colostrum works there too.

Why Choose The Colostrum By Surthrival  Over The Many Colostrum Choices?

Assuming you've already done a little research into the colostrum choices here (if you haven't, great, you saved yourself several hours that it took me to figure all this stuff out! 🙂 ) then you'll already know that there's quite a fair amount of choice out there. So why is Surthrival one of the leaders in providing high quality colostrum according to myself along with many others, and it seems a rather fast growing group of raging fans. 

For a start, not many companies have ethical practices that come anywhere near those employed by the producers of this product. Making sure that the calves are FULLY nourished before even touching any of the remaining colostrum is super important if you want to be able to get to sleep at night, and not have nightmares about being some kind of silent demon calf murderer.

Here's The Frequently Asked Questions RE Surthrival Colostrum Use

Some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the use and application when using this product (these include questions I had myself before I decided, and common questions I've seen others asking):

What's The Right Dose Amount For Me?

When it comes to colostrum, it's one of those supplements where you really have to personalize your dosage based on your situation.

When it comes to these kinds of questions, please bare in mind I, and the team here at are NOT health professionals, and as always you need to use your own common sense when it comes to taking any new supplement, no matter how safe you think it will be.

So all we can say here is anecdotal, and basically it's what we've read on different pages of the internet (so don't trust it alone, and of course get professional clearance!). See our disclaimer for our standing on such matters. Sorry to have to bore you with that again…

All that being said, you probably want to start off small, and work your way up. The method that I myself use is to start off on 1/2 a teaspoon, and then work my way up. I've read that anything up to 2 TABLESPOONS per day of this brand of colostrum is okay, again, use your own judgement, and get always seek professional advice.

When you are just starting off. I would probably just go with 1/2 teaspoon 2-3 times per day to start off, and see how it feels. Then after 4-7 days, if you get no bad reactions from that dosage, then work your way up. Maybe jump it up to 1 level teaspoon, then 1 heaped teaspoon after that's safe, etc, etc.

Personally for myself, I just do 1 heaped teaspoon of Surthrival Colostrum with about 200 ml of water, just before I go to bed. I also have my Immuno PRP spray at the same time (this is a more refined spray derivative of colostrum, which has been shown to have amazing affects on building cognitive immunity – read more about it here).

I then rinse and repeat the exact same process early in the morning when I get up to pee, usually probably around 5am. It's best to take Colostrum at night/early morning on an empty stomach. Same deal with the PRP spray.

How Much To Supplement Per Day?

As stated above (see the first question/answer), this will really depend on your situation, so best to get professional advice, and usually better to start off smaller and work your way up to make sure of no adverse reactions.

How Many Times Per Day Do I Take This Colostrum?

Again, we've mentioned this one, but basically 1-3 times per day is the standard. Again, you'll want to work your way up, start safe, and always get professional advice first.

Keep Taking The Same Exact Amount?

Personally if it was me, I would be always supplementing with a bit of colostrum based on the amazing benefits, and the fact that it's so good for your immune system and keeping it “well tuned”. If you're getting those amazing immune benefits, then surely you're going to want to stay at that level of health?

Yeah, But HOW Shall I Take It?

You can take it mixed with either water or any other relatively neutral beverage choice. Obviously It would be stupid to mix it with coffee or alcohol. Common sense prevails here.

How Long To Take It?

Similar answer to “Should I Keep On Taking It?” – If it's working well for you, then you'll probably be benefited by continuing on with it at some dosage consistently.

What Does Surthrival Colostrum Actually Taste Like?

People actually rave a LOT about the taste of this colostrum, and especially that it's better tasting than any other colostrum that's been tried. It's taste it similar to a water down sweet milk, when mixed with water (which is how I personally have it – though I might try mixing it with almond milk soon!). So for most people it's quite pleasant. Some guy even said that he downed the whole tub in like a week, because it tasted so damn good! 😀

How Long Until I'll See Some Benefits?

Impossible for me to say. But I have read reports that some people noticed changes within DAYS. Other people had to wait a certain amount of weeks, even a couple of months, but said the benefits were well worth it, and they were glad they stuck with it.

Where To Get Surthrival Colostrum?

So if you're still reading at this point, you're probably starting to get a glimpse how effective I think this supplement can be (especially, and mainly for healing the gut), and you may be starting to come around to trying it out for yourself.

It seems the 2 best options for purchasing surthrival colostrum are either from the manufacturer direct, or from Amazon.

Here's are the associated links if you want to buy it (by weight):

Surthrival Colostrum Powder 6.5oz

Amazon – Product page here

Surthrival – Product page here

Surthrival Colostrum Kilo

Amazon  – Product page here

Surthrival  – Product page here

SurThrival Colostrum (4.4 lbs) 2 Kilo

Amazon – Product page here

Surthrival – Product page here

You may also get the Surthrival colostrum caps here


How Can I Get a Surthrival Coupon Code?

It seems the only way so far to get the coupon code – Here's my 1 KG tub, which came with the shown 5% off coupon card

Getting a surthrival coupon code is something that I personally tried to do, and as you do, put the keyword into Google to find out if there were any about…

Unfortunately all I was able to dig up was those spammy coupon websites, where they don't actually provide you with any usable coupon, but just suck you into clicking through and buying it through their promotion without providing you any real benefit, and especially without providing the promised coupon code 🙁

However, please do check back here, because I am actually in personal touch with Danial Vitalis at the moment to find out if we can get readers some kind of deal by way of a coupon code for their colostrum and possibly other products like their Surthrival pine pollen.

So Surthrival Colostrum Is Pretty High Quality, Are Any Other Products Similarly As Good?

Apart from the Surthrival brand, there's only one other brand that we really think cuts the mustard, and funnily enough, as we just found out today as I'm writing this, it's actually the same product, but with a different brand name. It's just private labeled!

The product I'm referring to is Immune Tree Colostrum (Amazon link). Given that it's virtually the same price (a few cents difference last time we checked) and it's the exact same product – the owner of the originating company (Immune Tree's founder Dr Anthony Kleinsmith) told me this himself in an email, as I'd already basically guessed it was the same product.

The good thing about this in terms of being a Surthrival customer, is that you know when they say (and I quote) on the Immune Tree website:

“”Certified by associates of Cornell University””

You're also getting that same, university certified product when you get Surthrival colostrum. Win win win!!! 

So if you want to read up on this other version of the same product, well we've got you covered, we've also separately reviewed them on another page on this site. If you want to get that version, then you can do so here, BUT, of course there's absolutely no need to waste your time in reading up on Immune Tree (unless you're a gut health nerd like me) seeing as it's the same darn stuff.

The Final Verdict

Okay, so obviously I'm a big fan in terms of this specific version of colostrum being one of the best of its kind. So okay, you want to know one more time, why I think Surthrival colostrum is one of the best options.

So here's my bullet point versions again for clarification:

  • It's the closest thing on the market  to REAL colostrum (as in, the least processed)
  • The ethical practices Surthrival are employing are 2nd to none, I'm impressed and heart warmed
  • The price is really not much more than other brands, that are no where near as pure and potent
  • This stuff just has so many amazing benefits to your overall health, see above Ad nauseam
  • For leaky gut sufferers, this stuff is shown to be very effective

That's it! rant over, I hope that in this Surthrival colostrum review I've successfully communicated with you and shared with you the power and benefits of colostrum, and just why I think that investing in your health via going with the Surthrival brand of colostrum is a smart move.

The best deal for it was found here, as of the latest posting. We'll be keeping up with that, and be sure to post if we find a better deal. Also please comment, like, share, tell your friends, your friends cat and dog, and any random strangers that you meet on the street. We love you for sharing your opinions, good or bad. So comment below on this page, or hit us up here on our contact us!

Surthrival Colostrum 1 KG Summary

Product Name: Surthrival Colostrum 1 KG

Product Description: Surthrival's colostrum is about as fresh as you'll find.Ethically produced with very specific standards in place, if you're looking for the healing benefits of this supplement, Surthrival may is one of the best choices you can make.

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