HVR 01: How Gut Health Influences Everything From General Well Being, To Mental Health


Why are probiotics not necessarily good for your gut? Is there really a bacteria that can hijack the brain to change behavior? These questions and others are answered as John Brisson shares his expertise on how important gut health is to overall health and well being and some great pointers for people wanting to improve their health in this area.

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What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • Why you most likely have gut issues even if you don't see any signs or symptoms
  • How gut health is now being linked to mental health issues as severe as schizophrenia
  • How motility is an important and obvious indicator of gut health
  • How our circadian rhythm affects our gut health
  • How a certain type of bacteria can take control of it's hosts mind to drastically change behavior! (creepy)
  • The most important factors which can lead to gut health issues like leaky gut syndrome
  • How asthma can be linked to gut health
  • John's top 2 recommended supplements for gut health
  • How probiotics might actually be bad for you
  • Why testing might not be the amazing breakthrough that it's sometimes touted as
  • How EMFs (electomagnetic frequencies) might negatively affect your gut health


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Please Take 1 Second To Tell Us What You Think Of This Podcast Episode:

Feedback Rating
User Rating 5 (2 votes)
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