HVR 03: Rob Lawrence With An Introduction To Permaculture


The ideas of Permaculture represent an excellent way forward for humanity, and may provide an answer for us during a time of growing awareness that the ways we've been living and their unsustainable nature, are simply not going to work for us much longer. Rob Lawrence has been involved with Permaculture for over 20 years, and teaches others how to start using these principles in their daily lives to live in a more harmonious way with nature. In this call you'll learn some excellent ideas relating to how Permaculture can help you live a more rewarding life, and get tips from an expert on how to move forward.

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Timeline & What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • 2:30 – Rob's expert definition of what permaculture actually is.
  • 6:15 – His take on Bill Mollison's work
  • 9:00 – The so called “Bible of Permaculture”
  • 12:00 – How the idea of “taking responsibility” works into permaculture
  • 15:00 – Which book Rob recommends first (not the “bible”) for people who want to get into permaculture
  • 16:30 – How Rob got into Permaculture and some of his story of growth in this area
  • 23:50 – Rob's discussion on the three ethics, which are the main principles of Permaculture
  • 30:00 – How someone can start to apply Permaculture to their own garden space and create a productive space to grow their own produce
  • 36:15 – How Rob sees the big picture of Permaculture
  • 38:45 – An example of how to apply Permaculture to a small project in your own space (duck pond, etc)
  • 50:45 – Rob's suggestion for the “nuts and bolts” of getting in the mindset of understanding how Permaculture applies to their own life right now
  • 53:45 – Rob's suggested resources for learning Permaculture


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Please Take 1 Second To Tell Us What You Think Of This Podcast Episode:

Feedback Rating
User Rating 5 (1 vote)
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