HVR 05: Jonathan Banks On The Benefits Of Neurofeedback


In this fascinating interview you'll hear about the amazing current technology known as Neurofeedback. This technology whilst certainly by no means “new” is still only just in its infancy, and we discuss some of the exciting and life changing applications that this technology can provide for both healing and personal growth. Jonathan Banks with his several decades of experience in the field also shares some of his stories relating to how this tech has powerfully transformed not only his own life, but the lives of those who he's been fortunate enough to share it with. We also discuss where this technology is heading in the future, and the implications this has for the entire human race.

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Timeline & What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • 2:30 – Jon's intro into what NF is and how it works on a basic theoretical level
  • 8:25 – How Jon first got involved with NF, and how it's personally benefited him over the years
  • 15:30 – Some of the practicalaties of NF, different forms of it, and how they differ.
  • 20:30 – Jon's basic explanation of how NF works on a very basic physical level (see picture below)
  • 22:25 – A great analogy from Jon comparing learning to ride a bike with how the brain learns by feedback
  • 25:15 – Some of the most profound cases that Jon has seen in working with people over the years (including a person with severe post war PTSD)
  • 29:20 – How certain brainwave states can impact behaviour in some cases
  • 34:30 – How Jonathan sees Neurofeedback in terms of the advantages over other therapies
  • 42:15 – Why the practices of eye gazing and other ancient meditation methods exist for personal growth in Jon's opinion
  • 44:15 – Jon discusses the form of NF that he offers in his practice (self trained NF)
  • 49:30 – The types of hardware and software that Jon uses in his professional Neurofeedback practice
  • 52:00 – The cases where NF doesn't work, including biological causes
  • 59:00 – Some of the new exciting tech that's coming in the future for NF
  • 1:02:00 – Some of the problems with NF becoming more popular
  • 1:11:10 – Recommended resources from Jon on learning more about Neurofeedback and possibly getting some training¬†(books list start around 1 13 20)


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Please Take 1 Second To Tell Us What You Think Of This Podcast Episode:

Feedback Rating
User Rating 3.33 (3 votes)
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