HVR 02: Toxic Mould With Rob Dahl, An Interview With A Toxic Mould Sufferer


Toxic mould is a topic which many people going through health issues will often over look, especially towards the beginning of their health journey, when looking at the possible typical environmental inputs that could be negatively effecting them. In this episode Rob Dahl shares his own journey, along with a whole bunch of very useful tips and strategies for dealing with this problem in your own life, if you suspect it might be playing a role in creating your symptoms.

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What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • The best ways to test for toxic mould in your environment
  • Some of the most common symptoms associated with toxic mould exposure (7:10)
  • Some of the more common types of toxic mould that you might come into contact with (13:00)
  • A quick discussion on how mould relates to the environmental makeup of our modern society and it's evolution throughout history (16:20)
  • How chronic fatigue type symptoms might be mould related (22:20)
  • Where one might start the process of discovering if toxic mould is an issue for them in their environment (24:45)
  • Some of the common areas that you want to check for mould in your home (33:00)
  • Using central air conditioning and dehumidifiers to control humidity and therefore mould (34:00)
  • The possible link between toxic mould susceptibility and high anti-biotic use (40:40)
  • Preventative measures for decreasing mould likeliness in your environment (47:00)
  • Some products that help decrease mould build up in your environment (51:30)
  • Cleaning fruit and vegetables naturally to remove mould (58:25)
  • Some common foods that are higher in mould (1:05:15)
  • Some of the specific supplements you can try to help detoxify your body from toxic mould exposure (1:10:15)
  • A quick discussion on genetics, and how they might play a part in a lowered mould immunity (1:34:15)
  • Some good places to get further help with mould issues (1:41:45)
  • Other great resources specifically for getting, and more information about mould (1:53:15)


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Please Take 1 Second To Tell Us What You Think Of This Podcast Episode:

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