Tyent MMP 11 Turbo Water Ionizer – A Product Researcher’s Review


Have you been researching ionized water systems and after spending hours you're now considering trying the Tyent MMP 11? Here we're going to look at what makes this particular model of the Tyent water ionization systems one of the claimed premium products on the market.

We'll discuss everything from the apparent health benefits of using this technology, a quick look at some of the science papers that could be found online regarding the efficacy of ionized water, and more specific details on the product itself, like who to buy it from online to ensure a legitimate warranty should anything happen with your product not working down the line, any available special offers, and the best price for the MMP 11 considering these points.

A Look At The Published Science Behind Water Ionization

If you haven't done any research into the validity of water ionization and it's role in health, and yet you're looking to invest in an MMP 11, I would be very curious as to your reasons, as the investment in one of these machines is quite sizeable. That's not to mention that you need to know that it's actually going to have positive effects on your health, or at least be as convinced as possible if you're going to be drinking ionized water in any sort of decent volume.

I've done quite a bit of research into this specific area, and I've been able to discover the following published material, though some of it is pretty flimsy, and I wouldn't really make a big decision and purchase based on its quality.

My #1 Source For Published Scientific Studies

Just for your information, generally speaking, I try and research online using 1 main resource when I'm looking for published scientific material. That resource is very useful for researching all kinds of different things, especially health related items.

As you're probably aware, there are A LOT of people making claims about the amazing health benefits that X will have for you” and blah blah, but unless I can find some good research on it, I'll quite often remain skeptical, unless I have another source (like say a real life friend who's tried X product and got positive results).

The source is: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/

From that site, you have access to multiple databases to search through for your topic of interest, for example, PubMed (US National Library Of Medicine National Institutes Of Health), which is one of the more popular search engines and is used by many.

So now that I've stated clearly I don't necessarily think this published scientific material is particularly high quality, and it's certainly not enough for me to personally make any statement about the efficacy of ionized/alkalinized water, here it is:

First of all, you can see by doing a search for “ionized water” in just the PubMed database, there is a rather quickly growing number of studies with references to the topic of ionized water. Now, this doesn't mean that all the studies are specifically targeted to looking at ionized water or it's apparent health benefits, it simply means there are studies with SOME reference to the topic.

If you do a search for that very term in pubmed, you'll see something close to the following (depending on the date of your search):


This means at the time of writing there are 1487 published entries that have some reference to ionized water, now as you can see though, just from the first entry, the study topic is really not very closely linked to the health benefits for humans drinking ionized water (which is what we're really seeking validation on).

Here's the very handy little graphic that this website provides which basically shows how many references to this particular term are being found in any of the database entries over time. It gives us a great idea of how popular certain health trends (and sometimes health fads) are over time.


Published Scientific Reference #1

Here's a reference on PubMed to the use of ionized alkalized water in the “new strategy for management of metabolic acidosis in experimental animals“. This is not really what I would consider a good study, or at least the documentation is rubbish and doesn't tell us nearly enough about the study conditions that were present (vital information in determining the efficacy of any study).

The study refers to a test on canines with renal failure. The dogs were split into 2 groups, and one group was assigned reverse osmosis water (RO), the other group was assigned ionized water (it's like comparing RO water from a Doulton water filter, to that of the water from a Tyent ionization system).

Anyway, according to the brief study description, from the dogs that had suffered from renal failure “acid-base parameters improved significantly after hemodialysis with ionized alkaline water compared with the conventional water treated with reverse osmosis”.

Now, this is a good start, but again I have to really reiterate, this study is badly documented with little information on publication. We need more evidence I say!

Why Choose A Tyent Water Ionizer?

The Tyent brand has been around for about 25 years now, and in that time has developed itself as one of the more premium range product suppliers [3]. The water purification industry, and even just specifically the water ionization industry itself is a huge area, and as you can probably attest to from doing your own research.

The hi tech computerized system that comes with the MMP 11

Apart from the fact that the MMP 11 certainly seems to have what it takes in terms of power and resources for creating a high quality of ionized water. The machine looks really nice and will certainly not be an issue in terms of having it on display in your kitchen area.  (good time for sliding/scrolling image gallery here)

Here's a few images of the machine, and how it might look once setup on your benchtop.

Now, it has to be said, even though you probably already got this point from your current research on the product, the Tyent MMP 11 is a premium level water ionizer, and for that reason has a premium price-line and I'd pretty confidently say that's it not gong to be the choice for bargain hunters.

It's clear from the below screenshot, taken from the Tyent website page here [3] that the company considers themselves a premium brand and product creator in the water ionization system marketplace.


So that's their claim anyway, and their kind of positioning of what they offering with such systems as the Tyent MMP 11. Whether or not they actually provide this level of quality and the associated health benefits is what we're trying to discover.

Why The Tyent MMP 11 Model?

it's one of the two of the most advanced water ionizer systems on the market.

Compared to the 9 plate, the 11 plate provides:

  • The Tyent 11-Plate Ionizer is Eco-Friendly!!! Due to an increased flow rate, there is 40% less waste water than on 9-plate ionizers.
  • 27% higher power
  • 20% lower Turbo acidic levels
  • 20% better – ORP levels

(Use image so it's not copying Tyent's website too closely – take image of each link, so that it's separate and clickable to each section)

(rewrite all that in own words and expand upon – make above a link list, and expand upon each one including the transferable value to the customer)

Solid/Mesh Hybrid 11 plates dipped and baked. what that means for the user?

overview of benefits of alkalized water

*concept of ionized/alkalinized water relatively new to USA/west, Tyent has been developing in Asia since the 90s.

*Up until this point, minority, celebrities, and Drs etc new about the health benefits.

As an example of this reference, here is Blah talking about their use of the Tyent

Anti-aging properties

Detoxifying effects

Immune support

Free radical protection

*smaller molecule size thus hydrates better = faster cell absorption

*none of the nasty chemicals in tap water

*not health benefit, but tastes better – might inspire to drink more water/stay better hydrated

other types of healthy water like reverse osmosis, etc cannot compete, tyent better

Now according to the product description found on amazon.com the MMP 11 creates ionized water with the “same qualities as the pure, oxygen-rich and mineral-rich spring water that can only be found atop of pristine mountain terrain” [4].

read more here: http://www.tyentusa.com/alkaline-water-benefits-uses-studies

Tyent MMP 11 Water Ionizer – Full Feature List With Benefit Breakdowns

Here's a look at some of the claimed benefits from the manufacturer's website. Let's discuss each item separately: (list of screenshots – with narrative on each)

The Best Place To Buy The Tyent MMP 11 And How To Save Costs On Your Purchase

Now as mentioned, Amazon.com is one place online that you can purchase the MMP11. However, from discussions with the Tyent company directly, – VERY IMPORTANT – what we found out was that the seller on Amazon.com has no authorization to sell the products at the available price, and so this raises issues with making sure you're getting a product that has a true warranty, should any issues arise with your purchase or its repair in future should something go wrong.

For this reason, I think it's advisable to go directly from the manufacturer for a purchase such as this with such a high price label. For the sake of saving a couple of hundred dollars, you would be risking leaving yourself in a tough position later on.

UPDATE ON TYENT WATER IONIZER COUPON DEAL FOR AUGUST 2016Use This Link and use the special coupon “BESTFRIENDS” when purchasing (you'll see a place to enter your coupon in the shopping checkout) to save yourself 30%!

Another very good thing to know about before purchasing any Tyent water ionization system model is that the company are often doing promotional deals, and offering either sizeable discounts, or package deals where you can get other components along with your ionizer thrown into the deal for “free”. So this is certainly something you'll want to look into. Generally speaking, they seem to offer these promotional deals around holidays, and sometimes will just put an offer up randomly.

For example, as I'm writing this they just had a “Christmas in July” deal on. I'm currently in contact with them to find out if they have any currently offered promotional things happening for this month and throughout the rest of the year.

In any case, you can check here, and I'll be posting whatever current deal is available, as this is something that I'll definitely be keeping track of as I'm planning to buy my own unit soon (see researchers disclaimer).

The Tyent 75 Day Trial – Try A Water Ionizer For Free?

According to the website page here: (seen at the very top left) there is a 75 day trial. I contacted them directly and they told me the following:


Other Options For Water Purification?

If you still haven't made up your mind yet as to whether or not the Tyent MMP-11 Turbo is the right choice, then remember that you have a LOT of options when it comes to water purification. There are much cheaper options certainly, and I would recommend the MMP-11 only to those who are looking for a premium Tyent water ionizer, and not willing to accommodate for the cheaper alternatives.

Apart from the different options available in water ionization systems alone, you also have the possibilities of reverse osmosis systems like the Daulton, or the iSpring, which are very popular, and much much cheaper than the Tyent range.

Ultimately you need to match your purchase decision with your needs, and your ability to afford such an item. If money is not an issue, and you want the best you can get, then the premium level ionization systems that Tyent manufacture may just be the best option. Most importantly, you want to make sure you do your research on such an item, not only for the cost

Most importantly, you want to make sure you do your research on such an item, not only for the cost reasons, but also because this is something you're buying to improve your health. As you can probably relate to, health is number here, and you certainly want to be sure of the fact that the water you're drinking is actually doing your health good, and not creating more problems.

Most importantly, you want to make sure you do your research on such an item, not only for the cost reasons, but also because this is something you're buying to improve your health  and something that you need to feel confident in using.


User Feedback On The Tyent MMP 11 Water Ionizer System

Most of the feedback that I could find for the the Tyent MMP 11 comes from Amazon.com, and I tend to be somewhat cautious about just instantly believing the amazon reviews, because you may not be aware, but it's quite easy for people to leave fake reviews, and therefore companies have the opportunity of manipulating what many innocent consumers believe to be honest feedback.

This certainly doesn't mean that all the amazon reviews for the Tyent MMP-11 are fake, they may be absolutely fine, it's just something to be aware of when shopping online, especially on amazon.com.

That being said, for this particular listing of this model on amazon.com you  can see that the reviews show to be really impressive from looking at the overall stats:


Reviews for this listing found here:


I was also able to find that many of the reviewers were saying that the product certainly was not perfect, for example, the first review which you can see above there mentions that there's something about having to reboot the system in order for the system to initialize and go through the cleaning cycle.

If I was this customer, I would be getting in contact with Tyent customer service directly to make sure there's not a fault with their particular unit.

The good point about this though, as I mentioned, is that it shows some realistic issues that are coming up for purchasers of this water ionization unit. It's not perfect, and maybe that's a good thing, certainly good to see reviews that don't just further hype the product (the manufacturers do plenty of that themselves) and lay down some possible future improvements for the MMP 11.

A Product Researcher's Disclaimer

Just to provide 100% disclosure here, I've not yet currently taken the plunge and decided to purchase the MMP 11. This page serves as a kind of compilation of my research on the product, and in fact the efficacy of water ionization systems such as this to begin with.

I believe with a product such as this, and the nature of the marketplace, it's often extremely hard to find out the “truth” about the actual benefits or even potential harm that a product such as this can do for one's health.

As an example in my own life, I know an old lady (an old friend of the family) and she has been using a water ionization system similar to the Tyent MMP 11, though a lesser known brand and maybe a little cheaper. She's had the machine for years, and is perfectly happy with it, and seems to believe that it actually does have the associated health benefits that all these companies are claiming with their products.

Now obviously that's completely anecdotal, and not really evidence enough for me to make any sort of confident decision about whether or not this technology does what is claimed. It simply opens my mind a little more, and makes me slightly more open to the fact that these products really do work.

I've yet to confirm my thoughts on whether products like Tyent's MMP-11 actually work, and I will continue to research this area. So if you're reading this, be sure to check back in the future if you're still skeptical like I am.

All that being said, I think the Tyent MMP 11 is definitely a water ionization system that's worthy of a good trial, whether or not it's “too powerful” and just does way more than is necessary in terms of getting what's needed for the health benefits of ionized water is very hard to say at this point.

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