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Jack Kruse notes

The man himself

But who exactly is Jack Kruse and what is he all about?

Well he's an extremely smart dude (his main job is as a neurosurgeon type smart) who basically went through his own pretty challenging health ordeal a few years back and decided to try and figure it out for himself or get busy “biohacking” the hell out of it you could say.

He's the creator of a¬†website steadily growing in popularity (you guessed it¬†amongst those who are interested in fringe ideas related to health, and this thing called “bio-hacking”.

I recently came back to this site as I was looking to find people interested in discussing sleep hacks, and in particular the EarthPulse, which is a device that helped me break a pretty serious pattern of bad insomnia, as some of you close to me may be aware.

I had probably first come across the site back sometime in 2015, when I was first doing research into sleep hacking to overcome my own issues.

I don't know why, but for some reason at that point the website didn't catch my attention to much, and so it wasn't till i was scouring around the bio-hacking community again recently, looking at some of the more popular forums for ideas, ( and for example of some of the other great sites I'm a fan of) that i found myself again on the forum there.

This time, it caught my attention, initially I noticed a protocol related to overcoming leaky gut, which is something that i have been dealing with, and am still going through as I write this.

It's a massive pain in the ass, and I've already learned a lot about it in the time that I've been researching, but I'm also always interested in any new perspectives in overcoming this challenge. Interestingly enough leaky gut syndrome apparently affects pretty much everyone these days, up to 80% or maybe even more of the US have it, according to some Doctors. More on leaky gut here.

mobile-phone-emf-radiationAnyway, the forum had a protocol on leaky gut which drew my curiousity, and it also had a whole bunch of different protocols that looked very interesting, as you can see for yourself if you look at his forum here. So this was very interesting to me, I noticed EMF, I noticed blue light being discussed.

These are alll things that I'd started to learn were a big hindrance to achieving what I now know Jack would describe as “Optimal” (as in optimal health) in this modern world we live in.

I also noticed a lot of stuff that i had not really heard much about, although i might have briefly heard “about it” in my constant research on health and the various systems of the body which are often the common causes of dis-ease for many people (things like adrenal system “burnout”, leaky gut as mentioned, hormone issues, etc, etc the list goes on) – I was seeing new and interesting things scouring over Jack's forum, things like “the leptin Rx” and “the CT Rx” i didn't really know what “Rx” was about at this point, i'm still not really sure, but basically it's the different protocols that Jack has discovered and shared both freely and more in depth in his members area (Klubs i think they are called at this point).

Anyway, as i said – all this stuff captured my interest. The next thing i did was to listen to the 2 following YT video interviews or webinars with different dudes interviewing Mr Kruse:

I listened to them in this order:




Maybe you won't have time to listen to the videos now, but i suggest you give at least the first one a listen to at some point, as you'll really get an idea of how high quality this information is, and how you might to start personally benefit by diving in and learning and then applying it, as was the case for me.

I was blown away by some of the stuff they were talking about, and i guess it must have been the right time for me to come across the information, because as Jack was talking about just how serious the affects of blue light, EMF, etc are on our circadian rhythms and the rest of our biological timing as a result, i was hooked.

Anyway this page basically serves as a little introduction into my learning process with Jack. I will be at some point signing up to receive his premium content via the Klub system, probably the highest package as it's only $1000 per year, which looks like really good value in my books (this kind of information could make me WAY more healthy, and therefore WAY more productive and able to kick ass in building this website you're reading right now, and the Health Vibed brand in the future – so even just for that reason, it's a worthy investment).

So yeah, i will be listening to, reading and taking in his information as much as possible over the next coming months, and i'll be using the category on this site Jack Kruse Notes as the place where i write up my notes for increased learning and assimilation of all this new life changing information..

So if you've come across this by any chance, then you definitely want to get immersed in this information (if you care about optimizing your health and overcoming all the challenges that this entails in our current modern setup).

Feel free to look over my notes (i hope to make them more concise and useful than this intro, i'm kind of rambling a bit here to be honest).

For now, here's the main things i can think of that I'm currently learning from Kruse and his webinars, etc:

Light is crucial for optimum function – Cut out blue light as much as possible and other artificial light is not good either, so minimize it all! Also getting as much natural light in the morning (especially between the hours of 8-11am is REALLY IMPORTANT for normal biological process timing, including the more well known circadian rhythm)

Actions that i can take now to help in this area:

  • Get blue light blocking sunnies (Done, on order, getting these ones)
    blue light blocking sunnies

    pretty good value, less than $10 on amazon

  • Stop using devices as early in the evening or late afternoon as possible (i'm currently aiming to cease all computer activity by 6pm, but i need to work down to that, as i'm trying to break habits that have been years in the making)
  • Get more sunlight everyday! this is something admittedly I've been weak on in the past, and something I'm making a big effort to change already – I'm getting minimum half hour, more like 1.5 hours in the morning now, it's part of my schedule.
  • Keep educating myself on EMF avoidance and minimization strategies and get professional help – I have a call with an EMF expert in the UK (free 30 min skype consult) this week.
  • Learn to live a move movement orientated and less mental life in general – this is going to be a big shift for me. Taking up things like Tai Chi as I'm planning will definitely help in this area too.


That's all my initial notes for now on Kruse's stuff, I'll update this soon and be creating a new page for each separate thing that I'm listening to, for example currently listening to a very interesting webinar about depression, ketamine, hallucinogens for spiritual growth, etc. So will post on that soon.

Jack is also really big on Sleep, and how to biohack your sleep so that you're getting the best and most replenishing sleep possible. More on that later too.

Peace all!


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