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Since about my early 20's I've been aware of certain materials (books, videos, etc) from a few different people claiming to be acting as “channels”. Among these, probably the one that I was most interested in for many years was Abraham Hicks (you can read up on more information about who they are from an objective point of view here on the Esther Hicks Wikipedia page).

After exploring this “world” further years later, I decided that I no longer had much trust in “Abraham Hicks”. Their work just seemed to much like a business enterprise, and their ideas seemed strangely similar to the work of “Seth” which was publicised as early as the 1960's, and which I've more recently read.

The work of Emmanuel, similarly to the work of Seth, has been around for many years. And the book which is the focus of this month's review “Emmanuel's Book” was published in 1986.

Introduction To “Emmanuel”

Emmanuel would be classed as a “Channel”. The concept of a channel relates to the idea that certain people can “tune into” and “receive” information directly from non physical spirits. This also related to the concept of “Mediumship”, which can be read about here.

Obviously to even begin reading a book which claims to have been written by a non physical entity, you have to have somewhat of an open mind. As I previously mentioned, I've been exposed to this kind of material for a good 14 years now at the time of writing, so I guess it no longer seems as whacky and strange to me as it once did.

I don't want to get too sidetracked from the main topic of this page by going too much into my own personal beliefs about the nature of the universe and reality, but basically I do believe that there's more to life than what can be picked up by our physical senses. I also believe that human belief systems that don't account for the “unseen” are fairly ignorant in nature in most cases.

(For those who are interested more in my own belief system about reality, read up or watch some videos on My Big TOE, it's fascinating, mind expanding stuff!)

Getting back to Emmanuel. Emmanuel is the name that was given to a channelled being who spoke through a woman named Pat Rodegast (1926 – 2012). During her TM (Transcendental Meditation) sessions, Pat started to experience visions and other strange phenomena which at the time was strange and slightly frightening to her. Despite her initial attempts to suppress, fight and figure out these occurences, eventually she opened to them, and some 2 years later, she had her first vision which was personified by a “being of light” (Emmanuel).

Here's  how she describes those first meetings with him in the opening of the book entitled “Living With Emmanuel”:

“He appeared, as he still does, as a being of golden light. At first he would seem to be standing to my right, just within my line of vision, but not predominant in any way. Gradually he moved more and more to the center of my inner vision so that in a week's time he was clearly standing directly in front of me. I asked who he was. “I am Emmanuel”, he replied. “Will you be with me?” I queried. His answer was a simple and sweet “Yes”. Thus, our work together began.”

From that point, Pat's relationship with Emmanuel grew and grew, and it's what led to the creation of not only this first book, but 2 sequel titles, not to mention many seminars, videos and other materials being published later on.

Book Layout

The book is fairly simple in its layout, and apart from the introductory Dedication, Prologue, etc, is broken down into different issues which Emmanuel has provided “his” insights into, such as Love, Death and the Realms of Spirit.

The book is basically formatted as various questions (from people who've asked questions of Emmanuel either in a live “channelling session” or via some other form of enquiry), with Emmanuel giving his answers, in a rather poetic form.

You can see the full Table of Contents as it's displayed in the book below:

What's The Book About?

Basically Emmanuel's Book aims to answer many of the big questions that we quite often have when “on a spiritual path”. Questions such as “Why am I here?”, “What's the purpose of life?”, “How can I stop being afraid of X?”, etc.

Emmanuel's answers and viewpoints on these various questions have been broken down into the sections you can see above in the Table of Contents.

Apart from the theoretical advice that is provided in answer form, which is the main part of the book, there's also some included “exercises” which have been added to the end, which aim to help you live some of the advice that's given. For example, one such exercise is an exercise designed to increase one's self love, and involves sitting in front of a mirror, and using deep introspection to challenge unhelpful ideas you might have about yourself, and discover newer, more positive ideas which will help you grow your ability to love yourself as you are.

What I Personally Got From This Book

There's a tonne of great wisdom to be found here, and specifically for me, I find reading it very comforting and therapeutic. Especially when going through a challenging time in life, I find Emmanuel's advice to be short and to the point, yet often very profound and extremely helpful.

It's big picture stuff, meaning that reading a book like this will help you to get perspective when going through any rough areas of life. Largely, Emmanuel's view revolves around the idea that we are not just human beings having a life experience, but we're actually beings of timelessness, and that nothing that we fear in life or perceive as harming us, really has the power to do so.

This is one of those books that I love to keep close to my bedside table, and I'll pick it up here and there before drifting off to sleep. It's very relaxing to read through these ideas, again, I find it very soul nurturing.

Favourite Passages From The Book

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book.

On Death

“What does it actually feel like while we're dying?”

Dying is akin to having been in a rather stuffy room where too many people are talking and smoking and suddenly you see a door that allows you to exit into fresh air and sunlight. Truly it is much like that.

Matter becomes less dense.

Consciousness becomes less restricted.

Colours become more vibrant.

Sounds become more pleasant.

All the senses, finally released from the heavy cloak of the physical body take flight with song.

On Illness

“Illness is a teaching, a message from the soul. When the lessons are learned the illness becomes a thing of no moment.

Illness is the confusion of that particular soul manifesting physically so that the consciousness will see it.

Every part of an illness is you. Listen to your body. What is it saying? Be that part of your body. Once you have heard the voice of those areas that are recalcitrant, the mature mind can say, “Let's find another way”.”

On Love

“Does love survive death?”

“Love is eternal

It passes through every illusory barrier such as time and space. Love is an unbreakable connection. Your consciousness weaves through the physical to the non-physical and back again even while you are all walking around busily engaged in your daily tasks.

As you carry within you the love and the yearning to return to God, the sacrament of homecoming is a constantly renewed reality within your life. Your hear is returning you Home.”

Useful Related Resources

Here's some useful related links if you're interested in learning more about the work of Emmanuel and Pat Rodegast:

Final Thoughts

Since discovering this world of “Channels” and the materials available from them such as both Emmaneul and Seth's work, I feel that I've been very lucky to get this expanded awareness of how reality works. I don't know if the material and advice given is based on truth, but it FEELS right to me. Especially seeing as the work of Emmanuel and Seth don't seem to be highly marketed like others such as Abraham Hicks.

I didn't grow up religious, and I still wouldn't say that I'm at all religious, but I do believe that there has to be more to reality than what we understand so far, and in actual fact, there's a lot of “scientific proof” that already suggests this, you just have to be willing to look.

One such example that comes to mind is the use of remote viewing techniques by government agencies. The idea that are minds can get information from other physical locations independent of the body goes against all our traditional belief systems of how reality works, and yet it's been used for decades by government agencies. (Here's a PDF document on the website if you want to look into the proof of what I'm saying).

I feel that the perspective that one can take from Emmanuel's book, the other books and materials from the same source, and the Seth materials is invaluable and can really help to make sense of the world we live in. This can bring a greater sense of harmony and confidence to us, in a world which is quite often filled with fear and confusion about what's real and important.

Discussion On This Book And Emmanuel's Material

I would love to hear from you if you're in the process of learning about this kind of information. What's your impression been so far? How has it helped you? What's your favourite part of Emmanuel's and Seth's perspective and philosophy? Please comment below to join the discussion.

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