Health Vibed Recipes Are Coming!

I know things have been slightly quiet around here RE new content, and I'm just posting quickly here to let you all know that this is going to change very soon! I was up last night, not being able to sleep (this is pretty much when I have all my best creative ideas, as annoying as it is not to be able to sleep) and I re-membered the idea that I had had some time ago.

That being, to use my knowledge gained from being a professional Chef, in combination with what I've learned about nutrition over the past several years, and combine the two things to create some awesome recipes here on

The recipes will be a combination of tasty foods of all types, either stuff that I've completely copied off old recipes, things I've tweaked from traditional recipes with my own ideas, or just completely random new stuff that I've thought of myself.

For now, there won't be any particular posting frequency for these recipes, but I'd LIKE to do about 2-3 per month I'd say when I really get going. But I'm certainly not going to stick to any strict schedule about it.

So that's it for now, look out for some amazing desert recipes, Thai soup versions, and other amazingly delicious treats here on this blog.



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Nick Earl

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