Why I Can No Longer Recommend EarthPulse

My Honest Update On My Experience With EarthPulse

Hi guys, sorry that you're seeing this instead of the earthpulse link that you clicked on, but it's important I share with you my updated personal opinion on the EarthPulse, and the company who sells it.

Firstly, I'll begin by saying that the EarthPulse device seemed to help me get over my insomnia about a year back as I write this now, and at the time my insomnia had been really really bad. Needless to say, I was very happy with the EarthPulse, and was happy to recommend it to people on the blog. So I began partnering with the EarthPulse company and selling the Earthpulse as an affiliate.

Things all seemed fine, I started making some sales here and there, and then a few more, and it started to look like it was actually going to be a fairly substantial side income from the website. I was happy. I was promoting a product I believed in, whilst helping people by sharing my honest opinion.

Not long after this, Earthpulse basically asked me how I was getting visitors to my site, and to their product. I told them directly, the only way I get visitors is through Google, organic searches, from people such as yourself trying to get more 3rd party information about the product.

I didn't hear back anything after them about this in reply to my email, until about 5 days later, when I just got an out of the blue, “we have deactivated your account (affiliate account that is) for no particular reason”.

Basically they booted me as a partner, while they still owed me a couple hundred dollars, and didn't give me any good reason, other than the reason later, that I was not a somebody in the health industry. That's weird, because it didn't seem like a problem before when I asked them about becoming an affiliate at the start of the relationship.

Anyway, they never paid me what I was owed, and haven't replied to any more of my emails.

So that's basically where it stands. I no longer feel comfortable recommending a product (whilst it seems to help my sleep, even if sporadically now only) sold by a company that treats people with such disrespect.

I have since created another page about all the PEMF devices that are available, and will be updating this in future as I get more information. I have not used any of these devices yet, but plan to trial at least a bunch of them in the future, as I still believe that PEMF has a lot of validity as a helpful technology for sleep and healing.

You can view that page on PEMF devices available here. (as you'll see, it's still a work in progress, as there's a lot to cover, and some of the information on what other companies are offering, is difficult to uncover with the limited information online).

Apart from that, if you're specifically looking for PEMF that will help you sleep, Ben Greenfield and others have said that they like the Deltasleeper device (heads up, if you buy through that link it helps me raise money from this site). Please note though, I have not used this product yet, and cannot say how effective it is, but I do like how it turns itself off after lowering you into sleep, so there's less EMFs in general from using the device.

Thanks for reading guys, and sorry about the muck around.

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Nick Earl

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