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HVR 05: Jonathan Banks On The Benefits Of Neurofeedback

Summary In this fascinating interview you’ll hear about the amazing current technology known as Neurofeedback. This technology whilst certainly by no means “new” is still only just in its infancy, and we discuss some of the exciting and life changing applications that this technology can provide for both healing and personal growth. Jonathan Banks with […]

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HVR 04: Lloyd Burrell On The Problems Of EMF Exposure

Summary With the ever increasing rise of wireless technological devices, this interview with former electrical sensitivity sufferer and now unofficial expert in all things electrical sensitivity Lloyd Burrell shares some great information on just how serious this problem can be for people’s health. We discuss Lloyd’s own awakening on the problems of this issue via […]

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HVR 03: Rob Lawrence With An Introduction To Permaculture

Summary The ideas of Permaculture represent an excellent way forward for humanity, and may provide an answer for us during a time of growing awareness that the ways we’ve been living and their unsustainable nature, are simply not going to work for us much longer. Rob Lawrence has been involved with Permaculture for over 20 […]

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