Fujimi EP 8800 Massage Chair Review

As you're aware, looking to purchase a massage chair is no small decision, so it's really important to know as much as possible about any specific model that you're interested in. This model from Fujimi is of course no different.

At this point in your research, you might be wondering whether Fujimi's flagship massage chair, the EP 8800, is indeed the right choice for you. Luckily you won't have to look any further, because that's what we will be addressing in this article. Although the company Fujimi isn't as popular as some other massage chair giants, they've still done a great job to take the correct steps to establish a positive rapport with their customers, and in creating a product with a diverse range of features and most importantly the ability to give a great massage.

Here we hope to assist you in making an informed opinion on this massage chair by targeting key aspects of the chair which include, but are not limited to: The pros, cons, features, specs and much more, all whilst providing detailed customer reviews and an analysis of the overall feedback for this chair.

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Quick Glance Main Features
Here's the main features list for The Fujimi EP 8800, feel free to click on any of the features listed below to read up on more details about each feature:

The Fujimi EP 8800 Basic Product Specs
Here's an overview of the basic specs for this particular model:

  • Full Product Name: Fujimi EP-8800
  • Model Number: EP-8800
  • Estimated Power Voltage: 110-120 V
  • Rated Power: 180 W
  • Calculated Power Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Total Weight: 122 KG
  • Major Body Dimensions: 2200L x 930W x 1360H (Millimetres)
  • Vertical Size: 1380L x 930W x 1360H (Inches)
  • Standby Power: Less than 0.5 Watts
  • User Manual: Click here for the PDF
Model Pros Vs Cons


  • Easy Assembly
  • 30 Pre-Configured Program Selections
  • Two Colour Choices
  • 53 Compression-Style Massage Airbags Throughout The Seat


  • The Plethora Of Available Features Can Be Intimidating To New Users
  • Only Sports 2 Memory Modules For Caching Of Custom Massages
  • No Support For Music Due To Lack Of MP3 Players
  • Rather Heavy Build
  • Very Pricey

A Closer Look At The Fujimi EP 8800's Main Features
Eight Individual Tailored Auto Massage Programs

With this feature Fujumi has taken the, “There is no one-size fits all” concept to a whole new level. Each pre-configured program has at least one or more of the different massage experiences Fujumi has to offer, namely: Kneading, Knocking, Tapping, Shiatsu or a combination of your preferred two.

Whether you are a labourer coming home from a day's worth of hard work, a student trying to relieve stress after extensive studying or an athlete looking to relax; this chair has you covered with its flexible features that cater for a variety of different users. The eight automatic massage programs include: Auto Rush, Memo-Campaign, Neck And Shoulder (for students), Waist-Stretch (for computer users), Full, Back And Waist, Whole Body Airbag and Swing Hip Beauty.

Each one of these programs has been tailor made to suit a variety of lifestyles and customer demographics. You can be sure Fujimi has got you covered, no matter how unique you are, or what your particular needs are.

Intelligent Massage Hands

The 3D mechanical massage hands are the forces that provide the aforementioned massage experiences for the user (ie: Kneading, Squeezing, but also Swinging and Twisting). These “Massage Hands” are the powerful component within the chair that allow for a wholesome massage. This massage is said to closely resemble that offered by a professional human masseur.

These “Massage Hands” boast a maximum stretch space of 6.5 cm and a maximum stretch angle of 41 degrees. This mechanism allows the “Hands” to evenly distribute alimentary massages to the cervical vertebra, the thoracic vertebra, and the lumbar vertebra. Ordinary chairs do not support such stretch spaces and angles, as a result they cannot provide such an extensive reach as the EP 8800.

Arm And Leg Airbag Massage

The Fujumi EP 8800 is reinforced with a hefty total of 53 second generation airbags, a significant improvement over its predecessor. What's more is that they are not concentrated on one part of the chair, rather they are distributed throughout, covering regions like the back and buttocks. This ensures a comprehensive massage for the whole body in order to remove any residual fatigue for any of the 12 groups of people mentioned before.

The airbags in the leg area utilise a compression air-pressure system to persistently but gently squeeze your feet onto rolling pin pads, providing a truly therapeutic massage. If necessary they can also squeeze and inflate your ankles while placing the upper body on a recline, effectively stretching your muscles in order to relax them. The intensity of this process can be adjusted and controlled.

Waist Stretch Function

This feature is a very intuitive implementation on Fujimi's part and acts as chiropractic treatment, which is concerned with the preservation of the musculoskeletal system. On this chair, it essentially works by widening the gap between the vertebral body in the spine to relieve nerve tension, among other things.

We are sure those of you that are coming home from a difficult day at work will easily come to love and enjoy this nifty function.

Feedback From Customers Who Bought The Fujimi EP 8800

We are happy to inform you that as of this day, 100% of the customer reviews on Amazon.com for this product have been overwhelmingly positive. All the reviews have yielded an amazing 5/5 stars. This is quite a testament to Fujimi's favourable rapport with the community, through their excellent customer service and the chair's outstanding quality as a product itself.

These reviews are also understandably biased since they are coming from people that have made a large investment into a high ticket item, with the notion that such a product exudes nothing but excellence in both its productivity and features. As a consequence, the existence of negative reviews may be rare, and so they have been, as evidenced by the overwhelming positive reviews. Therefore, it is advised that when purchasing this chair, potential buyers also research other customer reviews, outside of Amazon.com if at all possible.

Here we will only provide information based on the limited Amazon reviews.

As expected, many of the customers have mentioned the exorbitant price point but for what the chair facilitates, the extra cost seems like it might be well worth the money. One customer gives credit to the chair's premium and classy aesthetics that add a unique touch to the room he's set the chair up in. The black model apparently looks stunning inside an all-black bedroom. Other reviewers make mention of several of the chair's features like the IR sensors, the powerful airbags and the curative Thai foot massages, all of which they have come to love and highly recommend.

On more of a negative spin, another user also expressed his bewilderment in navigating all the chair's some 30 or so preset programs and the sheer force of the airbags on his body, although he states that he does enjoy the squeezing and stretching sensations delivered.

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Are There Any Problems With The Fujimi EP 8800 Model?

For a product of this caliber and price you would expect there to be few complications in the functioning of this chair. When it comes to this aspect, Fujimi has not disappointed. However, why Fujimi chose to remove the highly popular MP3 functionality and decrease the number of memory slots for storage of custom massages to two, where the EP 7000 had three and facilitated MP3 operations, is somewhat baffling. Some chairs in the current market support caching of up to 5 custom massages for the whole family to enjoy. For a high-end chair to sacrifice this feature is quite a pitfall, and is something that Fujimi might need to rectify in future revisions of this model.

It is also impossible not to mention the inflated price of this massage chair, which is currently well around the $7000 USD mark. This is a luxury chair and it should be no surprise that it comes at a premium price. Therefore, it is not recommended for the average everyday user, unless of course they are looking for the best of the best, and have the money to invest in such a chair.

This being said, in making such a large investment, one could potentially save thousands on yearly massages if they require weekly remedial massages, without the hassle of having to reach out to their professional masseur repeatedly. For what this chair offers, many consumers who need a regular and good quality massage suggest that it's a worthy investment despite the higher than average cost.

Otherwise, there are many other chairs on the market that come very close to the productivity of the EP 8800, albeit at a significantly lower price. You may check them out if you so wish. A couple of examples would be the Kahuna LM6800, SM 7300, or the Osaki OS 4000.

Another thing to mention when discussing the negatives of this model, although not a big deal, is the poorly laid out instruction manual, which was found to be a bit hard to read by a few different reviewers, even with the drawings included. Another thing to mention about this chair that might be an issue for some, is that this model also weighs slightly over 200 lbs, which would make it hard to move around the house alone.

It's worth mentioning that if the absence of MP3 utilities and the lowered amount of memory slots for custom massages is too much of a negative for you, but you're are still after a massage chair from Fujimi's product line, then feel free to take a look at the predecessor and successor of the 8800, The Fujimi EP 7000 and The Fujimi EP 9000 respectively, both of which offer more in this regard.

The Best Places To Purchase The Fujimi EP 8800 Online

You've no doubt heard of Ebay, and you are also undoubtedly quite familiar with Amazon. Due to its renowned status as one of the online shopping websites in the world, and the fact that millions of people shop online at Amazon every day, the company has a solid reputation as one of the best places to make purchases online.

Due to Amazon's size and authority in the online shopping world, we highly recommend them when it comes to purchasing almost anything online, and this is even more so the case when it comes to purchasing a higher ticket item like a massage chair, as the risk is higher with a high cost item such as this. When you shop with Amazon, you'll get both excellent customer service post sale, and also the best buyer protection and online fraud protection that you could hope for, and it's for these 2 main reasons that we recommend going with them for any massage chair purchase online.

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Videos Of The Fujimi EP 8800

To help give you a further idea of how The Fujimi EP 8800 will look and feel in real life, here's some video footage of the chair.


Image Gallery

Currently we could only find 1 image of the chair, however we'll update this area as more images become available.

Common Questions About This Model

If you still have further questions and doubts, we have gathered a list of frequently asked questions to assist you in your important purchase decision. Simply scroll below to get your questions answered!

What colour choices are available?

There are only two colour options distributed by Fujimi currently, namely black and brown.

What is the maximum recline tilt position?

The EP 8800 offers a 90 degree maximum leg tilt and a 45 degree maximum back recline.

Does the chair offer full body scanning capabilities?

Those of you experienced with other massage chairs will be surprised to know, for how much the chair is worth, Fujimi has decided to waive the implementation of full body scanning technology in the 8800.

Does the 8800 do spinal decompression?

In short, the answer is no. However, it does offer different types of stretches for the: hips, legs and back. This process clamps the body tightly onto the chair using the airbags and extends the leg rest to elongate the body.

If this isn't sufficient then it is also possible to obtain an inversion table to truly experience the spinal decompression sensation.

Where are the speakers on this chair?

As previously mentioned, the MP3 capabilities were uprooted in this model, although they were one of the most comprehensive features on the previous version of the 8800. As a result there are no speakers in this chair.

How long is the warranty on this chair and what does it cover?

Regrettably, Fujimi has only provided a stock 1 year warranty on this massage chair. Like many other companies this warranty covers damaged materials and future labour costs that may arise for the chair. But compared to what other close competitors in the market are offering, this warranty period is quite short.

Conclusion – Is The Chair Worth Buying?

To say that this chair does its job well would be a severe understatement. Sporting a classy look and a vast array of features, some of which you would never have known you needed until you got your hands on this massage chair, the EP 8800 is a tribute to the class of massage chairs at the “top of the line”. Placing this chair as a centrepiece in your living room will certainly add that extra bit of flair and style to your home.

If you've read this far, it should now be clear that this is indeed a deluxe massage chair that is very specifically adapted for elite users and people who need the best possible massage experience available from a massage chair.

Very few models and makes can match Fujimi's EP 8800 in terms of sheer class and utility, the likes of which have been compared to even the prestige of business class airline seats. If you want to stay a cut above the competition and are capable of investing in a chair at this price range, then simply click the below button to lock in your EP 8800 today!

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