The Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

So if you've been trying to make a decision regarding which massage chair is right for you, and you're considering the LM6800 model Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair/Recliner then you're probably aware that it's certainly cheaper than some of the other models out there, especially when referring to such brands/models as the Inada Dreamwave for instance, which for many is out of reach in terms of the investment.

Here we're going to look closely at the features of this particular model from Kahuna, and try and accurately assess whether or not this chair is indeed still worth the money, despite its obvious lower cost than many other chairs. Almost more importantly, we're trying to determine whether the quality is still found in a cheaper product like this one, or it's worth spending more to get the quality and deep relaxation that you're truly after.

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An Introduction Into The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

Despite being in a lower pricing bracket than many of the other massage chairs that are available, the LM6800 boasts some great features, with its updated (as of July, 2016) double layer shoulder airbags, and three levels of the Zero Gravity feature to choose from. This massage chair offers an affordable option whilst maintaining the ability to help users reach a DEEP level of comfort and relaxation.

It also includes the “L-Track” design, which means you get a more complete total back and lower back massage, as opposed to chairs which use the other form known as “S-Track”. The L-Track allows users to get a massage which spans from the area of the neck, all the way down to the tail bone and buttocks.

Apart from that, there are several features (such as the special Yoga program and shiatsu specialized therapy, which will get to in more depth further on down in this review) that this so called lower end massage chair provides which make it a surprisingly good option for those who are wanting to get the relaxing benefits of a massage chair, but don't want to spend anywhere near the several thousands of dollars of higher priced chairs.

Similar Models
Quick Glance Main Features
Here are the main features of the Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair – feel free to click on any of the items listed below to read up on more details (where applicable):

Kahuna LM6800 massage chair review Features

The Kahuna LM6800's Basic Product Specs
Here's an overview of the basic specs for this particular model:

  • Full Product Name: L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800
  • Model No: LM6800
  • Rated Power Voltage: 110v/220 v
  • Power Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Packaged Dimensions: 66 x 30 x 35 (inches)
  • Shipping Weight: 220 lbs (100 KG)
  • Dimensions When Reclined: 55.5 x 30.0 x 48.5 (inches)
  • Total Chair Weight: 189 lbs (86 KG)
  • User Height Range: N/A (but some customers reported limited use for taller users)
  • Upholstery: Synthetic leather
  • Controller Chord Length: N/A
  • Power Chord Length: N/A
  • Manual: Click here for PDF version
Model Pros Vs Cons


  • Highly Affordable, Yet Feature Rich Massage Chair
  • Excellent Warranty Cover
  • L-Track Based Massage Functionality
  • Zero Gravity Feature
  • Includes Body Scan Features
  • Includes Foot Rollers


  • Although It Provides A Decent Amount Of Features, It's Limited Compared to Higher End Chairs
  • Unclear Whether The Chair Will Accommodate For Taller Users
  • Only Comes In Brown Color
  • Not As Stylish Or Visually Appealing As Some Other Chairs

A Closer Look At The Kahuna LM6800's Main Features
L-Track Roller Design

Kahuna LM6800 massage chair review Features L TrackThe Kahuna LM6800 features an L-Track roller design, which is quite surprising considering it's price. We would expect to see a cheaper massage chair such as this one with the S-Track system, as it's a less complicated and one would assume, a less expensive functionality to incorporate.

Just to clarify a little for those who aren't already aware of what “L-Track” actually means, basically there are 2 main types of roller functionality, as just mentioned, the L-Track and S-Track. The main difference is that the S-Track only does from the neck to the lower back, whereas the L-Track also goes right down into the area of the glutes (or buttocks) and massages them using a horizontal action of movement.

So in other words, the fact that the LM6800 incorporates L-Track technology is good news, as it means the chair has more massage capability.

Zero Gravity

Kahuna LM6800 massage chair review Features Zero Grav Space Saving 300x300Zero Gravity is again a feature which I was surprised to see on a lower end massage chair like the LM6800. Zero Gravity was supposedly first discovered by NASA, and was found to be the best position for the body, as it allows for it to “disperse abnormal pressure throughout”.

In more simplistic and possibly less “markety” terms, it helps to spread the users weight more evenly across the chair. It then seems plausible that this would positively effect a person's ability to reach deep levels of relaxation while using the LM6800.

The term “Zero Gravity” has since become kind of hyped up, and especially so in the massage chair arena. That being said, almost all users who mention the feature say that it's very comfortable, and the feedback is very positive. It's certainly a welcome addition to this model of Kahuna. You can see the Zero Gravity position above in the video in the introduction section here.

Computer Body Scan Technology

Most good massage chairs these days will incorporate a body scan feature. It's what allows the chair to create a more customized experience for the user based on their particular measurements. It's good to see that Kahuna have added this feature, and not left it out despite the cheaper price for this model.

Air Massage

Kahuna's air massage technology claims to be able to use less airbags to cover the required amount of surface area on the chair. Honestly, it's very hard to compare it's airbag cover and efficiency in this area using less bags with other makes and models, but that's what they are claiming.

Auto Yoga Program

Kahuna LM6800 massage chair review Features Yoga ModeIf you want a massage chair that has a program that will really allow you to get a good stretch, then the LM6800 may be a great lower priced choice, as it includes the “Auto Yoga Program”, which basically does a good job to stretch out the whole spine and leg muscles. Downward dog on jet fuel?

Shiatsu Specialized Therapy

The LM-6800’s Shiatsu therapy programs are meant to emulate the ancient Japanese massage technique of Shiatsu, which traditionally incorporates the use of fingers, thumbs and palms to help with stretching and mobilizing joints so the patient would feel greater ease and a release of built up tension in the muscles.

Dual Foot Rollers

Kahuna LM6800 massage chair review Features Foot RollersThis was a big surprise, to see real foot rollers in a machine at this price point! Much more expensive chairs, and even moderately more expensive chairs (like the Osaki OS 4000 Massage Chair) do not include this feature. So Kahuna have to be congratulated for integrating this feature into their lower end model with the LM6800.

“Space Saving” Technology

This is one of the reasons that many people will end up choosing this model. The space saving feature of the LM6800 means that it only requires 5 inches of space to fully extend. This is a very small amount of required extra space compared to many other massage chairs, some of which need upwards of 15 inches to do the same thing.

This makes this chair a great option for those of us who simply don't have a lot of extra space in their home, and are really struggling to be able to justify getting a massage chair due to space restrictions. Another big win here for the LM6800!

Feedback From Other Customers Who Bought The Kahuna LM6800

At the time of writing, their are over 110 reviews for this model massage chair from Kahuna, and obviously that's only taking into account reviews that have been posted on, as there are many other places that people can purchase the massage chair online. If you check the link below to read up some of the reviews yourself, you'll probably find that that number has increased quite a bit, depending on the date you're reading this.

The amount of reviews shows that this massage chair (and the percentage of those reviews which are positive overall), and it's pricing is very popular, particularly for those looking to get the benefits of a massage chair, but not have to spend an extortionate amount on its purchase. Whilst of course no product can be perfect, and receive perfect reviews (and if it has, run for the hills, as it's probably not honest feedback) LM6800's feedback is overwhelmingly positive in general.

Of course apart from the lower price compared to other massage chairs, there's many reviews that mention that customers have been very happy with the level of features, and the overall quality of the massage treatment provided by the LM6800.

As far as the negative feedback, multiple users commented on the fact that the instruction manual sucked. But according to the Amazon listing at the time of writing, this has been resolved with an updated manual (July, 2016).

Taller users have also complained that the chair is simply too small for them. Then again, unfortunately this is another area that's a little hard to get a clear consensus on when researching this chair, as other customers have commented that the chair was fine for either themselves or their taller relatives (one customer commented that her 6″ 4′ son used the chair too). To read all the current reviews for the LM6800 on Amazon, click the button below:

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Are There Any Problems With The LM-6800?

No product is perfect of course, and the same goes here for the LM6800 massage chair from Kahuna. Apart from the more obvious fact that it's a cheaper chair among the array of possible massage chairs you could buy, there are a few things that we noticed were common complaints about the chair, and a few things that are limiting factors to be aware of.

First off, as is stated right away on the product description page on Amazon for the LM6800, this particular massage chair from Kahuna is only for domestic use, and therefore the warranty cover doesn't allow for commercial usage.

Apart from that there is a certain amount of debate whether or not this model is a good choice for taller people or not, as there's several comments in the reviews that mention it's not long enough and people who are taller won't be  a good fit (literally) for this model.

But then conversely with the height issue, there's plenty of comments from users who say either they personally, or a close friend or relative who's used the chair and are quite tall (up to 6 feet, 4 inches) have had no problems using it. So from 3rd party feedback, it's really hard to know what's going on there. Personally if it was me, I would make sure that the chair is comfortable and effective before buying by trying it somewhere if possible, as I'm quite tall.

Another relatively minor gripe that some customers mentioned is that the instruction manual is poor, and not easy to understand. This seems to happen quite often with foreign companies in this market (namely the Chinese and Japanese companies, which also happen to make some of the best massage chairs available). However, according to the manufacturer and the product details, this problem should have been fixed when they released an updated model of the chair in July, 2016.

Another limiting factor regarding this specific model is that it only comes in one colour, which is the brown you see in the images of the chair on this page. Not a huge issue for many, but I guess if you really don't like the colour, it might make you consider the next model up, the LM7000 which has more colour options.

The Best Places To Purchase The Kahuna LM6800 Online

When buying any kind of furniture, if you have the opportunity to buy locally, then this can quite often be a great option as you'll have the added bonus of local support. However you may not be able to get quite a good price “offline” and for that reason you'd be better off trying to source the LM6800 online. Looking for the Kahuna LM6800 at its best price might involve knowing the best places to look, and require a little research time.

Another reason that many people will not purchase locally, is simply because there are no local service providers, either providing massage chairs in general, or they're for some reason unable to source this particular model. In fact one of the main sellers of the Kahuna LM6800 stated in answer to a question on, that the LM6800 is an “online exclusive product” and that no stores carry it. We think the best place to purchase this particular chair is via, due to the fact that they have some of the best online purchase security available, and their customer service is also top notch. Click on the button below to check the listing now:

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If you have a local store that sells massage chairs though, you might want to ask them about this, as it's good to try and get more than one opinion, and sometimes ulterior motives (increasing sales) can get in the way of finding the correct information.

Luckily, there's many options for purchasing the Kahuna LM6800 online, one of the most popular being via We'll be updating this part of the page with any other competing offers available online as they become available.

Common Questions About This Particular Model

In Which country is the LM6800 manufactured?

Like all Kahuna make massage chairs, the LM6800 is made in China.

Does this chair include a massage session timer?

Yes, according to our research it's automatically set to 15 minutes per session. One reseller stated that it shows on the controller as being set for 30 minutes, but this is in fact an error, and the real time is 15 minutes.

A supposed work around for this short session time is to go from auto mode, to manual  mode, and then back to auto mode during the first 15 minutes of the session, which will allow you to stop the chair from resetting, and continue your massage.

However, while this is a “work around”,  it's not recommended to go for more than 30 minutes in one session.

Is there a maximum weight for users of the LM6800?

Yes, it seems the approximate maximum weight for people using this model is 220 lbs (or approx 100 Kg).

How durable is this chair, like will it last well over several years of regular usage?

From customer reports, it seems that this chair indeed holds up very well to regular and ongoing use over the years, as you would expect, considering that these chairs are not exactly cheap, and are meant to be designed for durability with repeated use.

One specific customer reiterated that after 1 and a half years, even the upholstery was absolutely fine, and that they'd been using the chair daily.

Does this chair massage the forearms?

Unfortunately this model doesn't provide that ability. If you want a similar chair from Kahuna that does, then you could look into the LM-7800 model, which does include forearm (airbag) massage functionality.

Does this massage chair crack your back?

Most users commented that no, the LM-6800 did not “crack” their back during a massage session. Out of all the comments we could find, one user commented that they heard and felt “small cracks”, but these were not at all painful or problematic.

What's the chord that's on the seat padding of the LM6800 for?

This chord is for the seat heating functionality of the LM6800 and should be plugged into the heat pad so this function can work.

How loud is the Kahuna LM6800?

This question is always a little hard to answer as everyone will have a different idea of what the terms “quiet” or “loud” really mean. Having said that, we can look at what most customers who bought the LM6800 have said about the noise level.

Some users commented that another person would be able to hear it if in the same room, but that it's not overly loud. Another user commented that the only noise from the LM6800 was from the air pump, and other than that they found it to be “smooth and quiet”.

Several other users have commented that if they have the TV on, or say some music, then the “medium level noise” created by this massage chair is easily drowned out.

Generally speaking, in order to summarize here, most customers commented that this model falls somewhere in between very quiet, and too loud.

Are there any other available colours for this chair, other than what's seen in the images here?

No, unfortunately this is one of the cons of this chair, it's only available in the Brown colour shown.

Is there any way to try out the chair before buying online from Amazon or other?

Yes, but depending on your location. If you do some simple online research using Google and searching terms like “kahuna lm6800 massage chair YOUR LOCATION” replacing YOUR LOCATION with some of the major cities in your area, then you may be able to find a store where you can try the chair before you make your final decision.

If this is an option, it's always a great idea. Otherwise you're kind of sailing blind so to speak.

What about people who are in Europe or other countries?

In almost all cases, this is no problem, you will just need to purchase some kind of power adapter such as a universal one like this.

What does “Zero Gravity” mean, does it actually displace the effects of gravity?

Well you have to take this term with a “pinch of salt”, which means, don't take it too literally. It's a term that sounds very nice, and works well to create an image for the marketing success of these types of chairs.

Basically the term Zero Gravity refers to an ideal position for the body, which allows it to “disperse abnormal pressure throughout the body”.

It was apparently first used by NASA, and it seems that the massage chair industry has taken this and used it to their advantage. Not to say that there are no benefits from lying in this position, but you certainly won't be going into some kind of altered reality where there's no gravity here on Earth 😀

How easy is this chair to assemble?

Pretty easy, as long as you make sure you follow the instructions. Some users have complained that the manual for this product is not very good, however the Amazon seller “Good Price World” has made a very helpful instructional video showing you how to put the LM6800 together upon delivery.

Here's that video, so simply bookmark this page and come back to it when you have received the chair, for an easy follow along setup:

Where does the heat feature connect, I see the cable, but where does it go?

Please see the above video for the answer to this question, specifically you will want to watch the part at 4:09.

What's the warranty for the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair?

This chair comes with a 3 year limited warranty. The first year covers all parts and labour costs.

Does this chair work okay for shorter users, 5 feet and under?

Whilst there is no minimum height stated by the product manufacturer, customers have commented that shorter users might not get the full benefit of the foot massager. That being said, the reseller has stated that they have had shorter customers who were still very happy with this chair.

On the other hand, one user commented that due to the position that a smaller sized person would be in, the airbags around the legs would be too intense, as their position would be off.

If you are close to 5 feet or under, you may be best advised to try the chair before you commit to purchasing it. Try to find a local dealer or showroom if this is your situation. You can still come back and buy it online later if you want to save money that way, etc.

How tightly do the arm massages fit on the LM6800?

This of course will be totally dependent on the size of your arms. One user of the Kahuna 7000 model said that the arm massage was too tight, but that being said, other customers have commented that their male relatives with big arms were able to use the chair and still find it comfortable.

Also one user stated that they found the arm massage a bit too tight, and for that reason they just left their arms outside the arm massage area when doing a session. Other than that, this same customer was very happy and said that getting the LM6800 was actually the best purchase they had made all year.

It says in the product description on that the newer version was released in July, 2016. If I order from that page, will I get the most recent version?



How long does delivery take if ordering from Amazon?

This will vary depending on where you're located of course, but generally speaking the seller (Good Price World) says it will be within 10 business days if you're within the USA. It may take longer if you're overseas, dependent on your location.

How wide is the LM6800 around the shoulders?

It's approximately 19-20 inches across in this area.

Can the shoulder pads be adjusted to adjust the width?

Unfortunately not with this model.

Is it possible to get a cover for this chair?

At this present time there is no specific cover for the LM6800. Also you wouldn't want to use something that wasn't custom made for this model, due to the fact that the chair is full of moving components, and likely you'd have issues with the cover fabric getting stuck.

Does the chair if bought from come provided with a certificate of authenticity from Kahuna?

According to the seller on Good Price World, this model comes with a warranty card, which states that it is indeed an AJX LLC, Kahuna massage Chair.

Will this chair work to massage the area of the neck at the base of the skull?

Yes, you will get a massage in this area with the Kahuna LM6800.

Will this chair work to massage the upper shoulder blades on each side of the spine?

Yes it will.

How is the LM6800 massage chair just to sit in for extended periods, without doing a session?

Some customers who commented on this aspect said that due to the rollers, the chair was not really that comfortable to sit in for lengthy periods of time without running a session. Then again, other customers specifically commented that it seemed the rollers get “parked” somewhere out of the way when the chair is not running a session? So from the feedback it's a little bit unclear.

The seller on Amazon also commented that it fine, in answer to one of the questions there, however as is pretty obvious, they might not be providing the most objective feedback to a question like this, as they are wanting to sell more chairs and create a positive impression.

I'm shorter, around 5 feet in height, but am wanting a chair that provides a great full body massage including my neck and shoulders, will the Kahuna LM6800 be a good choice?

According to feedback from different customers who bought the LM6800, and who are either a bit shorter in height themselves or have shorter relatives or friends who've used their chair, the chair manages mostly very well.

When the chair is being delivered, will there be issues getting it into my house?

It shouldn't be a problem, as the chair is initially delivered in separate pieces, in boxes. This means that in worst case scenario, you'll simply have to take some of the components of the un-assembled massage chair out of the box, in order to get them inside before assembly.

The seller on as of February, 2016 also said that they've experienced zero complaints about this from customers who bought the LM6800.

This being said, the boxes may be quite heavy, and it would be wise to have at least one other person there to help you get the chair inside, and to help with the setup.

What kind of features/functionality does the foot massager for the LM6800 offer?

The LM6800 offers the use of both airbag and roller technology in the foot massage area. There are 3 rollers, and 6 airbags on each side. There are 6 types of automatic programs which incorporate these 2 different types of technology.

Some customers have reported that they find this feature too “rough”, although with intensity levels on massage chairs, it's really very subjective, as some people also complain that the model is not intense enough.

Where can I find the user manual for the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair?

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair user manual can be found right here for either viewing or download.

How many air bags are there in the Kahuna LM6800?

Although unfortunately we're unable to find a specific number such as is available online for other makes/models, according to the seller, there are “approximately 30-40” airbags in the LM6800.

Does the customer have to assemble the chair, or does it come with an assembly service?

Depending on your budget, both options are available. If you're willing to add a little bit to the overall cost, then the seller (Good Price World) offer a “white glove” service (which includes delivery including assembly and package removal in most cases).

What about for someone who is 6 feet tall or taller, will the Kahuna LM6800 be suitable?

This model will be not be a good option, and unfortunately it's one of the drawbacks of the LM6800. A similar chair from the same manufacturer that you might want to look into is the Kahuna SM-7300.

What's the minimum door width that's required to get this door into my home/office whilst unassembled?

28 inches (or 71 centimeters).

Does this chair have a vibrating seat as part of it's features?

No, it uses airbag and roller technology.

Does this chair work the glutes (buttocks)?

Yes, the LM6800 will work this area of the body.

How far down the hamstring muscles does the roller go?

The answer to this is a little unclear, some customers seem to think it's just above your knees. Other customers say that it's just below the buttocks.

Does the feet and leg section have heating?

The heating is said to be mainly in the back and buttocks area of the chair, but some customers have commented they feel a little heat in the foot area.

How does the “white glove” delivery service work?

You pay an extra fee (we cannot state the exact cost here on this page, but you can contact the seller on Amazon to find out what the current cost is, the item listing is found here) and you get the chair assembled on delivery. Most white glove services also will dispose of all the unnecessary packaging as well, once the assembly has been setup.

Can I use the chair to massage separate areas of the body at once, like only the feet for example?

Yes you can. On the remote, you have the option of choosing the different parts of the body that you want to manually do a session for.

What's the maximum weight for someone who wants to use the Kahuna LM6800?

The recommended maximum weight is 210 lbs (95 KG).

Do the airbags hold you in place, or are they fairly loose?

Users have given really varied answers to this question, and the point here is that it will totally depend on your personal body composition. For someone who's really skinny or lanky, the chair will probably have a less tighter “grip” as there's less space around the person's frame.

Does the Kahuna LM6800 use a twisting motion in the hip area?

Not really, it sounds like you're referring to a motion similar to what the Inada dreamwave massage chair uses. This is not the same chair, and doesn't have that motion. That particular chair is far more expensive, and you'll probably find it hard to source a similar motion in a cheaper chair in the same bracket as the LM6800.

Customers have said that it stretches the legs a little, in yoga mode.

Does the LM6800 have a remote control?

Yes, here's an image of the remote control for this particular model. It's not a wireless remote, and uses a chord. As you can see from the image, and details on button functionality, the remote is quite feature rich and allows you to change a lot of different aspects of your massage experience:

How easy is it to use the remote control?

From customer feedback it seems that it may take a little while to get used to the controller. Whether or not this is because it's a complicated design or it's just because of all the different options that the controller accommodates for is a little unclear.

This being said, it's likely that all controllers for similar massage chairs are going to be somewhat confusing for the first few times, as generally speaking they have a lot of options to try and cover, and are trying to allow for the ability of a fairly small remote controller to do so.

It's very similar to a new TV remote, you're going to need to spend a bit of time to get acquainted with it and feel comfortable using it.

Some people have commented that the foot massage on the LM6800 is too strong, is this going to be a problem?

Several customers have commented that they got around this problem by simply adding extra cushioning or padding to this area. One customer even used some of the packaging foam (to be specific, it's the half inch foam within the shipping box) to achieve this. While this may not sound ideal, customers have also said that they grew used to the intensity of the foot massage over time with more use.

So either way, there's an option for those who still find it to be too intense in this area.

How does the body scanner work on the LM6800?

It scans the user's body width and length, in order to give a more accurate and healing massage. One customer commented that it's not a great scanner, but again as with many other features and issues that certain customers have had with various aspects, it's going to depend on what the user is comparing it too. So it's a bit hard to generalize and say that the scanner on the LM6800 is not of good quality.

Is the 6800 a 3D massage chair, as in the rollers work in more than just 2 dimensions, and “come out” aswell as going up and down, left and right?

No, this model is not capable of 3D massage. Other Kahuna models including the LM7800, LM8800, and LM8800-S models are 3D roller integrated.

Is the Kahuna LM6800 an FDA registered machine?

Yes indeed it is.

Does the upgraded version  (post July 2016) look exactly the same as before (Are the images accurate for the current version)?

Yes, the chair looks exactly the same, while functionality wise some improvements have been made since.

What if I need a replacement part?

You can contact the seller Good Price World, the phone number if you're calling from the US is: 714-388-2625

What are the differences between the LM6800 and LM7000, why the extra cost?

Well the 7000 is a more advanced model with a bunch of extra features. The main differences on the LM7000 according to the seller, are:

– A newer, easier to read remote
– Builtin bluetooth speakers
– different colour choices besides just brown
– Upgraded programs on the remote control
– Improved warranty policy

What are the exact dimensions of each piece before assembly?

The dimensions are as follows:

(all measurements below are for Length x Width x Height)

Side Panels: 33 x 7 x 28 (inches)
Shoulder Panels: 17 x 4 x 13 (inches)
Chair: 63 x 25 x 33 (inches)

The main boxing also comes with small boxes which include bolts, accessories, and cushions.

What are the interior seat dimensions?

According to direct feedback from the seller, the seating area is 20 inches wide, and the shoulder area is slightly wider at 22 inches.

Will there be any problems with the leather over time, like will it crack from use?

It's very unlikely, and no customers have reported this so far from what we could find. It's synthetic leather after all, which is much more durable, especially for furniture that “moves” like the LM6800 massage chair.

What does the Yoga mode do?

It's basically like a whole body stretch. The chair is said to firm around your feet and your arms, holding you in position, and then bends your spine backward a little while pulling your feet downward. This is designed to stretch your legs and your back out.

Where can I get a replacement remote control?

The best thing in this type of situation is to contact the seller directly, assuming you have purchased it online via Amazon.

How does the Kahuna LM6800 compare to the Osaki OS-4000 massage chair?

Firstly, obviously the Kahuna is cheaper by several hundreds of dollars (precisely how much cheaper depends on where you buy it). Apart from that, the Osaki OS 4000 uses the S-Track roller system, which doesn't reach as much of the body as the L-Track which goes past your lower back and under your buttocks for a more complete massage experience.

Apart from that, the OS 4000 doesn't have a heating option integrated, and it also uses up more space while reclining and during massage sessions. The Osaki needs 15-20 inches to get into it's fully extended position, where as one of the featured benefits of the LM6800 is that it only needs 5 inches of space to do the same thing.

Is the massage pressure from the airbags strong or weak?

According to the customer feedback that we could find, this model chair is said to have good pressure intensity. There are 3 intensity levels, which means you have a decent amount of leverage and flexibility when it comes to this setting.

How does the LM6800 massage the shoulders?

The LM6800 massages the shoulders using a combination of its L-Track 2D rollers, and airbags.

How does the LM6800 massage the neck?

The LM6800 massages the neck just using the L-Track 2D rollers.

In terms of delivery and assembly, what is the heaviest component of the chair, and what does it weigh?

When you get the parts of the chair delivered ready for assembly (all together of course) the heaviest component is the main frame of the chair (without side panels attached), which weighs approximately 180 lbs or 82 KG.

With the delivery, what if I don't live on ground floor, and there are stairs to get it up?

The seller can schedule a 2 man delivery to help get it to the right place in your building. It would be a good idea to contact the seller before purchasing just to ensure this is possible in your situation. You will have to order the “white glove” service if you're not on the ground floor, as it requires more “man power” for the delivery service, and so costs a bit extra.

Can the foot portion on the LM6800 be extended at all for a taller person?

It can be extended to some degree (although we're unable to find the specific amount it could be extended). That being said, if you're wanting to know this because you are a taller person (say taller than 6 feet) wanting to use the chair, you should note that SOME customers have said that it wasn't great for taller people who used the chair.

Then again, the reports in this area are varied, and some customers who were either tall themselves, or had tall relatives or friends who used the chair, said it was fine (even for people as tall as 6″ 4′).

Taller people who are concerned about this issue might want to check out the other models from Kahuna, specifically the LM8800 model.

What's the difference between the LM6800 and the LM7000?

The LM7000 is a slightly more expensive model that is said to give a smoother massage, and also has “premium” speaker built in, and according to the seller is a more modern and fashionable design than what's featured on the LM6800.

Added to that, the remote controller on the 7000 is better, and you're able to extend the time beyond the 15 mins that's a limiting feature of the LM6800.

The manual states that there are 2 Yoga modes for the LM6800, but where are they both?

The first one is the preset yoga button on the remote controller, the second one is accessed via the fourth program when selecting from the auto modes.

What if I live in a different country other than the USA, how do I get it to work with my power outlets?

Depending on where you live, and your type of power input, voltage, etc you may need to get an adapter or transformer. The power specs for the LM6800 are the following, so if you work with someone who understands electronics well, they should be able to help you find the appropriate equipment.

Power Usage Specs For The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair:

Rated voltage: 110-120V
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated Power Consumption: 230W Max

Does the chair have adjustable roller intensity?

Yes, there are 3 levels of intensity. Some users report that it's still a very intense massage, and so they've found that a bit of extra padding can be helpful to make it more comfortable and decrease the intensity.

As cheap as it may sound, using some of the foam used in the boxing/packaging has been a great solution for many people who have had this issue, as they had made use of a free material to make the massage experience more suited to their requirements.

What massage techniques does this chair incorporate?

The LM6800 offers the following massage techniques:

  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Clapping
  • Tapping
  • Rolling

I bought the chair and didn't see anything about the warranty in the manual, etc, what do I do?

No problem, all you need to do to register your warranty online is to use the online form found here:

Is this product FSA (flexible spending account) eligible?

The main seller on has commented that it will depend on the type of insurance that the person has, and that they have heard of a few customers who've been reimbursed.

Seeing as the chair is synthetic leather, does it have any kind of unpleasant “plasticy” smell, especially after several months/years of usage?

Several customers who bought the LM6800 and have been using it regularly since, commented that there was no issue with any unpleasant smells coming from the chair.

Is it possible to run a massage session and turn off the arm and calf sections with the LM6800?

Yes, luckily this is possible by running Manual Mode, which incorporates a back and buttocks massage only.

How do I make the calf pressure less intense?

By using the “Air Pressure Button” which you can see at #17 in the image of the controller above here. The intensity adjustment is positioned towards the outer upper right (around 1 o'clock). There are intensity ratings from 1-3.

Can I remove the foot panel?

Well, you can do anything you choose, but be cautioned that the warranty would become void if you were to do something like that. Always check with the manufacturer when it comes to modifications like that, if you want to keep your warranty cover.

Any issues putting the chair in a carpeted room?

No, it's absolutely fine. Just be aware that the chair is quite heavy, so if you are worried about carpet imprints, etc, you might want to use some sort of mat solution. Also relevant to mention here that the chair has wheels, so when on a hard floor, this makes it a little easier to move around, but it's still very heavy.

How many motors does the LM6800 have?

It has 2 motors.


Conclusion – Is The LM6800 Really A High Quality Chair Despite The Lower Price?

So if you're looking for a massage chair that's going to do the  job but isn't going to break the bank, then as you can see by reading this page, the Kahuna LM-6800 has proven itself to many as excellent cheaper option among the sometimes overly expensive competition in the massage chair world.

Packed with features that even some of the higher priced chairs don't have (such as the integrated lumbar heating), Kahuna have done a great job at creating an affordable option for those who want the deeply relaxing benefits of a luxury massage chair in their own home.

So in conclusion; for people looking for a great massage, whether or not they choose the Kahuna LM6800, or one of the higher priced models or makes will really come down to available investment capital versus their desire to get the best, or just simply a good massage chair at a reasonable price. However, many people simply won't be able to afford the best of the best massage chair, and so this is a great option for such shoppers. You won't get a better chair than this for the price. Click the button below to see the current price.

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The Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Summary

Product Name: Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Product Description: The LM6800 is one of the most popular massage chairs from Kahuna, and for good reason. It's a feature rich, well priced chair that who's feature list appeals to many, whilst being aimed at those who don't want to spend a fortune but still get the amazing benefits of a massage chair.

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