How To Get Your Spooky2 Discount Coupon Codes

Hi guys,

So the guys at Spooky2 for their own reasons have asked me to only give out these coupon codes via email (I'm not sure what difference it makes) and they have told me that the codes will change every month or so, so the old ones will not work. Just bare in mind that I have no interest in keeping your email address or whatever, and if you're concerned I advise you to use an email you don't use much or whatever makes you comfortable.

So here is how to get your coupons…

So allĀ  you need to do is basically email this email address below with anything, and you should get a pretty much instant auto reply message with the coupons.

Email address is:


(replace [at] with @ of course)

Here's a video showing how it works for anyone who needs it:

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