PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack Review

The PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack is one of the most popular power racks available on the market, especially if you're in the beginner to mid range in terms of your weight lifting workout requirements. This model is suggested as one of the best power racks for anyone who's lifting below the approx 500 lbs range.

Today we're going to look at whether or not this particular model lives up to all the hype. We'll hope to determine here whether or not this particular choice is worth your investment, or you might be better off with another brand/model. Let's look at the overview of this review, where you can browse whatever particular section takes your interest first.

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Quick Glance Main Features
Here's the main feature list for the PPR200X – feel free to click on any of the features listed below to read up on more details about each feature (where applicable):

The PowerLine PPR200X Basic Product Specs
Here's an overview of the basic specs for this particular model:

  • Model Name: PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack
  • Model #: PPR200X
  • Rack Dimensions (W x L x H): 46 x 44 x 82 inches (117 x 112 x 208)
  • Shipping Weight: N/A
  • Total Weight: 133 lbs (60 KG)
  • Max Weight Capacity: 400-600 lbs or 181-272 KG (some users commented 400 lbs max for safety)
Model Pros Vs Cons


  • Smaller Sized Power Rack
  • Sturdy & Stable For It's Smaller Size
  • Allows Several Mods For Customised Workouts
  • Plenty Of Suitable Complimentary Accessories


  • May Be Too Small Lightweight If Doing Really Big Weights
  • Paint Job May Flake After Months Of Use

A Closer Look At The PowerLine PPR200X's Main Features
Wide Walk In Design

The wide walk in design of the PPR200X you will have the required space to do a large variety of different possible workouts. This could include but not necessarily be limited to; incline presses, decline presses, squats, military presses, and flat presses. You will also be able to use this power rack for other excercises such as calf raises and shrugs too.

2 x Heat Tempered Liftoffs & 2 x Saber Style Safety Rods

These quality built parts ensure that your workout safety is maintained and that keeping yourself from injury is an easy process during your workouts using the PPR200X. The Saber safety rods are employed here instead of the other pull pin variation.


18 Available Pre-Adjusted Workout Positions

You have quite a lot of flexibility with this power rack, as you're able to adjust it into 18 different positions (18 holes running up the vertical frame pieces). This gives the user a lot of versatility and options when it comes to creating personalised workouts based on height, accessory use, etc.

Multiple Accessories Available

Whilst not a feature in itself, it's certainly important that the PPR200X is able to integrate with some of your other common workout gear. The PPR200X will integrate with the following other workout accessories:

  • OB86 7 ft Olympic Bar- Chrome
  • SCB26 Calf Squat Block
  • AAB2 Gut Blaster Ab Slings
  • PFID130X Powerline Flat Incline Decline Bench
  • PLA200X Lat Attachment for Powerline Power Rack
  • PFID125X Powerline Multi-Bench
  • LBB28 Lat Blaster Bar
  • GIB2 Inversion Boots
  • PLA200X Lat Attachment for Powerline Power Rack
  • PFID130X Powerline Flat Incline Decline Bench
  • PFID125X Powerline Multi-Bench
  • GWT4 Gym Weight Tree
  • BC2C Chrome Bar Catch
  • SR-CB Cannonball Grips
10 Year Warranty

The frame itself is covered by a 10 year warranty, and then on top of that, the parts are covered for 1 year. It's unlikely that you'll need this warranty as this rack is well known for its sturdy build. In any case, it's an important feature to add to any product that's any sort of investment up front.


Feedback From Customers Who Bought The PPR200X

As of the time of writing, the PPR200X has 239 reviews on Amazon.com,  with 69% of those reviews having rated the product 5/5 stars. Another remaining 24% of the reviewers rated this power rack 4/5 stars. That means that this product has received a whopping 93% either very positive or positive feedback. Certainly some very comfort providing stats if you're looking to purchase this model.

To go further, only 1% of reviewers out of those 239 (about 2 people) actually gave the product a “negative” review, as there was 6% of reviewers who gave the product an “average” review of 3/5 stars (which is actually still a positive review technically as it's like 60/100).

Let's look more specifically at some of the feedback that reviewers have provided to look for some of the patterns in opinion on this particular power rack.

One thing that we noticed quickly from reading many of the reviews, is that a lot of customers commented on how sturdy this unit is, and how it felt “safe” to use because of this. This is certainly an important factor, as it's one of the main things that you'll be looking for in a good power rack.

People also commented that this is an excellent choice as a first time power rack for those users who are more on the beginner side, and that's partially why we think it's an excellent choice after looking at the product more closely, it's perfect for the amateur weight lifter, who's not going to be doing crazy big weights, and won't need to lift anything than around 400-450 lbs at a time.

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Are There Any Problems With The PowerLine PPR200X Model?

As long as you're aware that the PPR200X does have its limitations as far as maximum weight potential (around 500 lbs as we've covered) then you'll be pleased to hear that there are not really many consistent reported issues with this model of power rack.

Probably the only consistent negative that we came across is that the paint will wear and tear and come off after some decent use. This is something that could probably be fixed using better design/better manufacture of the product by PowerLine, but it's not a deal breaker for most people, and in fact most people aren't going to be really be too bothered, as they're getting the workout they want out of this model, and that's why they made the investment after all.

So if you're okay with that, and you're not going to be attempting any serious lifting above the recommended weight levels, then there's not really any other issues to worry about here.

Some people who bought this power rack commented that it was annoying to put together during the assembly process. However, there was also feedback claiming the opposite, and that the power rack was very easy to put together and that they were able to do it very quickly, so it's hard to tell if this is actually a “negative” of the product, or it's just a personal thing based on experience.

The Best Places To Purchase The PowerLine PPR200X Online

When considering where to buy an item like the PPR200X Power Rack online, you will want to be sure of a couple of important factors whilst making your decision. The first thing you want to be aware of is the level of buyer and shopping cart security that's available at your chosen vendor. Is it a big company, with top of the line online purchase security, or is it a smaller vendor that's less likely to have the top standards?

The other important factor when buying any big item or any reasonably expensive item online is how good is the customer service going to be? You don't want to deal with some smaller companies, as they quite often have poor customer support, and cannot offer the same quality of online shopping experience as the larger vendors. Of course this is not ALWAYS the case, but it's something you need to be aware of when shopping online.

Due to both of these reasons, we highly recommend going with a large online vendor, and one of the largest and best in terms of both security and customer service, is Amazon. If you click on the below button, you can see the current price for the PPR200X on Amazon right now:

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Videos Of The PPR200X

To help give you a further idea of how PPR200X will look and feel in real life, here's some video footage of it in action!


Image Gallery
Common Questions About This Model

Below is a list of the common questions that new buyers often have about the PPR200X:

How many packages does this come in on delivery?

It should come in a 3 box package.

Is there knurling on the pullup bar for better grip?


Would it be okay to keep this power rack outside?

It's likely that too much moisture in the air will cause this product to rust over time, so it's not recommended. Buyers off this model have commented that with some use the paint comes off, so that would indicate that it's not heavy duty enough for being left to face the elements.

Will this work with a 60 inch (152 cm) bar?

Comments from buyers suggest that there's very little room left over when the power rack is being used with a 72 inch bar, so it's likely that the 60 inch bar will not be wide enough. Once you added weights to the 60 inch bar, there's going to be no room left.

Where is this power rack manufactured?

In China.

Is it possible to get the pullup bar without knurling?

No, according to the seller, it's not possible. The standard piece that comes with the power rack has knurling.

What barbells should be bought to go with this power rack?

Any Olympic sized barbells should work well with this power rack. This is otherwise known as a 7 inch barbell or 45 lbs bar bell.

What's the height from the floor to the uppermost hole position?

It's approximately 68 inches (173 cm).

How easy is this power rack to take apart, should I have to move, etc?

Very easy. All that's required is to unscrew the double bolts on each corner. It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. Probably not even that much time.

What's the shipping like for this product?

The shipping of this power rack uses 3 separate boxes. Assuming you order online via Amazon as we recommend above, the shipping should go through FedEx. They're a pretty well established and resourceful shipping company, so in most cases you shouldn't have any issues.

Is it possible to put the positional pegs on the outside instead of the inside, for overhead presses?

Yes, this is possible. The peg holes go right the way through, which means you can have them setup on either inside or outside, with no problems. If you're tall, and want to do overhead presses, then this is the way to set it up, as likely you won't have enough room when the pegs are placed on the inside.

Could you attach ropes and rings so that muscle ups are possible off the top bar?

This power rack may be too small for that, although buyers have commented that they are able to do pull ups using this kind of system. You might need something with a bit more height if you want to do muscle ups.

Does this come with plate holders too on the sides?

No it doesn't, but a couple of buyers have commented that they were able to modify it fairly easily using the available left over holes and some piping and clamps.

Does it bolt into the ground?

No this particular model doesn't bolt into the ground, but it shouldn't be required to do so as the unit is very sturdy and unless you're lifting extremely heavy weights it won't be necessary.

Is it possible to drill new holes in the rack  (say for extra safety rods)?

Yes, this power rack is not drill proof, so this is perfectly doable.

What kind of adjustable bench should I use with this power rack?

PowerLine has their own adjustable benches, or if you can't find any of them, you should be able to use a similar bench with the right dimensions, such as some from this list here on Amazon.

What's the difference between the PPR200X and the BFPR100?

They are similar, but there's a difference in the amount of holes, the weight (the BFPR100 is about 100 lbs lighter) and other minor details, you can see a comparison chart here.

What tools are required for the assembly process?

You can either have different sized sockets or an adjustable wrench, which would be the ideal tool for the job.

How easy would this power rack be to move around once assembled?

2 people would be able to adjust the position of this power rack pretty easily, it's not excessively heavy once fully assembled.

How far apart are the holes on the PPR200X Power Rack?

Approximately 3 inches. There are 18 holes on each side, and they go the whole way through, so theoretically you can use the outside as well as the inside.

Are the safety rods good enough quality to keep me safe during my lifts?

The comments from others who've bought this rack suggest that as long as you're not doing weights of more than 500 lbs (227 KG) then they should be good enough. They are made from solid steel.

Can the front stabiliser bar be used for pull-ups?

Yes, it is designed for this purpose amongst others, and has a place for your hands to make it more comfortable.

What's the diameter measurement of the sabers?

They are 1 inch in diameter.

What is the inside distance between the safety rods?

Approximately 43 inches (109 cm).

Can I get this shipped to Australia?

If you buy it on Amazon.com it seems that currently that's not possible. We would suggest checking Amazon Australia or other similar large online providers.

Conclusion – Is The Product Worth Buying?

The PPR200X's reputation proceeds itself, and from looking at it's versatility and stability in providing a wide range of excellent workouts for body builders and trainers doing less than approximately 500 lbs weight workouts, it's an ideal solution. It's not quite going to be robust enough for super power lifter types who are moving beyond this in terms of weight masses, and if you're aspiring to get to that level, then you might want to look at some of the more robust models.

However, if you fit into the category of beginner to amateur in terms of your weight lifting capability, then the PPR200X is probably going to be your best option. For the price, it's very good value, and offers everything that you'll need to build up to a pretty decent level. As we mentioned, there's a tonne of potential in terms of modifications and accessories, so you can really build out your routine in a pretty flexible way and make it your own. Overall we think this is an excellent choice for the reasons stated, so if we recommend you check out the current price right now, via the button below:

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