The Perfect Chair PC-8500 Recliner Review

The Perfect Chair PC-8500 Recliner by Human Touch is one of their cheapest recliner models, but one of the more expensive recliners on the market. This page will provide essential information about the recliner and its essential features. If you are reading this review you are probably wondering if this Zero-Gravity Recliner is worth it for the price – this page will give you a closer look at the recliner to help you decide on your purchase.

In this review we'll look at the main features, specs, positives and negatives, and delve into what existing users think about the product. In this review the information aims to be fairly objective, in order to help you decide if the product is worth your money or if a cheaper alternative would be better.

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Quick Glance Main Features
Here's the main feature list for the PC-8500, feel free to click on any of the features listed below to read up on more details about each feature:


The Perfect Chair PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner's Basic Product Specs
Here's an overview of the basic specs for this particular model:

  • Full Product Name: Perfect Chair PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner
  • Model No: PC-8500-100-006
  • Operating Voltage: AC110-120V
  • Power Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Packaged Dimensions: 41 L x 35 W x 45 H (inches)
  • Shipping Weight: 174 (pounds)
  • Dimensions When Reclined: 62 L x 35 W x 29 H (inches)
  • Total Chair Weight: 113 (pounds)
  • Recline Angle: 125 – 177 (degrees)
  • Seat Width: 24 (inches)
  • User Height Range: <6′ 2″
  • Upholstery: 100% Leather
  • Controlled Chord Length: N/A
  • Power Chord Length: N/A
  • Manual: Click here for PDF version
Model Pros Vs Cons


  • Zero-gravity feature
  • Independent back and leg rest adjustment
  • Top-of-the-line massage chair
  • Large variety of positions to recline
  • Top-quality leather
  • Firm but comfortable
  • Helps with back pain, muscle tension, and fatigue
  • Improves blood circulation


  • Expensive
  • Needs distance from walls
  • Not many colour choices
A Closer Look At The Perfect Chair PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner's Main Features
Zero-gravity experience from PROZero mode

The PROZero mode is accessed by pressing a button on the control panel that reclines the user into a zero gravity position. Once in that position, the chair can recline slightly more. The zero gravity position takes weight off the spine and reduces muscle tension, soreness, aches, and more. It also improves circulation via blood flowing better to the heart and expanded chest capacity for easier breathing.

Another 6-7 inches of depth can be reached beyond zero gravity by pressing a button on the control panel, further increasing back pain relief. The vertebrae have more hydration as circulation of blood flow and water is increased to them, as well as less pressure on the spinal discs between vertebrae, enhancing back relaxation.

The user-friendly control panel can adjust the reclining angle for easy use, depending on what activity is being undertaken – for example reading a book or watching the football. This breakthrough feature in recliner technology allows for some great additional benefits and flexibility.

Separate back and leg rest adjustment

The back and leg rests can be adjusted independently thanks to the dual motor feature. This means that users are not limited to a few positions but instead can recline to a tremendous amount of positions for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Whether going for a nap, which requires a more horizontal lying position, or watching the TV at a more vertical angle, or even just raising your legs after a long day of work – the dual motor system allows for it all.

Unlike most other recliners which operate via one motor, where the back and leg rests adjust with one mechanism, the PC-8500 allows for individual control via the control panel to allow for a relaxing experience that alleviates muscle soreness, pain, and fatigue.

Built-in user-friendly control panel

The control panel contains a very easy to use interface with minimalistic, well-sized buttons to allow for accessibility and easy use. It allows for the user to incline and recline the back rest as well as raise and lower the leg rests with different buttons – providing many different positions. There is also a button to return to the default upright position as well as a button to go to PROZero mode – to take the weight off the spine for increased comfort.

The PC-8500 has a unique feature involving two memory buttons. This feature allows for 2 memory settings to be saved, for example if you have two favourite positions for your favourite activities, or you have different family members using the chair, then this feature will prove very useful.

Adjustable headrest and head pillow

The headrest and head pillow provide ultimate support and relaxation for the user, allowing them to reduce physical stress and soreness. The headrest is adjustable, which provides a multitude of positions for the user to enjoy. Whether you are reading a book or browsing online, the adjustable headrest provides many positions for your personal comfort. To add to this, the adjustable head pillow further provides personalised comfort and ergonomic support for the user.

Mould-able foam arm rests

The built-in foam in the arm rests provides extra comfort which also relieves pressure off the elbows and forearms. This is a great feature because if you are sitting on a normal chair without any reclining angle, it requires effort from your arms just to sit down. Thus, this feature relieves that tension to provide ultimate relaxation. The arm rests are also large to accommodate for most arm lengths for more accessibility for people of different heights.

Moulded back support

The moulded back support provides support for the  spine to prevent back pain and injury. Many people slouch when they sit which can lead to back aches and bad posture. Luckily, the support cushion allows for a straight neutral spine position to reduce tension on the lumbar (lower) spine which can often be the bearer of a lot of stress when sitting down – especially if slouching.

Moulded back supports are recommended by health professionals including chiropractors for good sitting posture – this helps in preventing back pain and stress on the lumbar area which can hinder many daily activities.

Reserve battery source

When the normal power source for the chair is no longer present, due to various reasons such as a blackout from a shortage or tornado, etc, the chair has a safety feature which will prevent it from just collapsing and potentially causing permanent neck injuries. This is why the PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner is equipped with a reserve battery source. When the recliner's power source fails, the reserve battery comes into play and returns the chair back to the upright neutral position, preventing any quick movements and their associated potential injuries.

Feedback From Customers Who Bought The Perfect Chair PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner

Based on reviews, the product has received an average rating of 3.5/5 based on 7 reviews. Out of the 7 reviews, 2 people (29%) rated the product 5/5 stars, and 3 people (43%) rated the product 4/4 stars. This means the PC-8500 has had 5 of 7 verified purchasers who have had a positive experience with the product. The remaining 28% of people voted the recliner 2/5 stars meaning they had a few positives but they had a problem or issue with the recliner and didn't find it to be a positive purchase experience overall.

Now let's have a more in-depth look at the specific comments provided by buyers for both the positive and negative aspects of the recliner.

Positive Feedback

The feedback is mainly positive and most reviewers have had a comfortable experience using the recliner. A specific commonality was that the two independent motors for the back and leg rests were extremely useful as they provided so many positions for users to enjoy. Purchasers of the chair also stated that these controls were easy to use and once comfortable positions were found, the two memory settings allowed for their positions to be saved for future use.

One user who had back pain said that the chair helped relieve the pain in his back muscles. Another reviewer stated that the leather was high quality and felt comfortable. However, since the recliner is now produced using leather and not tweed fabric (as was used with the previous version), it has become more expensive, which is something that you might need to consider if you're at all on the fence about the recliner's price.

Negative Feedback

From the negative reviews, two users stated that there was an issue with the design that either made it unusable or uncomfortable to use, with one of the two saying that the recliner is only enjoyable to use in its zero-gravity mode. Another small issue is that the chair must be a certain distance from walls for it to be able to recline, due to how low zero-gravity mode takes you in terms of the physical space required by the chair.

One negative that MAY deter you from buying the PC-8500 is the relatively high price, partially due to the 100% leather feature that it offers. However, with its breakthrough feature – the PROZero mode, and its immense health benefits, the recliner may be of consideration to you, despite its price. Click on the button below to view the current reviews that are available for the 8500 on Amazon.

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Are There Any Problems With The PC-8500 Model?

Like every product, the PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner has its problems as well. Apart from the 72% of reviews that had positive experiences with the product, there were a few complaints and limitations with this recliner that were found by 28% of people who negatively reviewed the product.

Even though the recliner has many great features including its PROZero mode, it is unfortunate that Human Touch could not make the chair more affordable as it has been sold at its high price due to the 100% leather upholstery, which may be out of many people's budgets. However, the health benefits, including spine relaxation and the alleviation of muscle soreness could make this a worthy investment if someone needs them to improve their overall health and general well being.

There is a complaint that the chair will not be suitable for people over 6′ 2″ in height as they may not fit the chair's dimensions. This leaves them to wait for a new, larger model, or to reconsider if they want to buy this recliner overall and instead may buy another model.

A couple of the complaints pertained to flaws in the design where one user had a problem which occured when they entered PROZero mode, and the left side of the back fell back to make the back rest not level. Despite this only occurring to 1 out of 7 reviewers, it may be worthy of consideration when purchasing the model.

Another limitation with the recliner is its limited choice of colours, with the chair being currently available in black or three variations of brown (as seen in the images on this page). Despite it not being a large issue for many, the colour may turn some people away from the chair as some people are looking for certain aesthetics in their recliner, and might like it to match the rest of the room that it's going to be sitting in.

The Best Places To Purchase The Perfect Chair PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner Online

When buying an expensive item online such as this high ticket item, there are two main factors buyers want to see:

  • Buyer Protection
  • Excellent Customer Service

This is why we believe that Amazon is a great place to purchase the PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner, because the company excels in providing these two services to buyers. However, if a local purchase is available, that would also be a good option as it would come with local support and convenience, in case of malfunctions or if help is required.

If there is a problem with the order, then Amazon can cover you, whereas a smaller company may not provide the same security that comes with your purchase with Amazon.

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Videos Of The Perfect Chair PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner

To help give you a further idea of how The PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner will look and feel in real life, here's some video footage of the product:


Image Gallery
Common Questions About This Model

Is there a way that I can buy a remote for the chair?

No, the recliner cannot be used with an external remote but instead uses an easy-to-use control panel which is built into the design.

In terms of comfort, how good is this chair?

The chair is very comfortable to sit in and has separate controls for leg and back rests to achieve many positions of comfort.

I already have a PC-8500 Recliner, so is there a way I can purchase individual parts for the chair?

A shop you could check out is Relax The Back, or you can call the number contained in the manual.

What is the maximum weight the chair can hold?

From testing the chair can hold a maximum of 285 lbs.

Does Amazon provide a three year warranty for purchasing the product?

Yes since the retailer of the PC-8500 is an authorised one, as well as additional warranty extensions able to be ordered via the retailer.

Do any Zero-Gravity recliners from any company support 450 lbs?

No, but the newer models of Perfect Chairs supports 400 lbs.

Conclusion – Is The PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner Worth Buying?

Based on the trustworthiness of the Human Touch company and its previous popular models, the unique and new features of the PC-8500 Recliner, and most important of all, the positive feedback from verified buyers, the costly investment of this model may actually be worth it.

With Human Touch's popularity amongst their other products, the PC-8500 did not fail to deliver with its breakthrough feature of the PROZero mode which provides great health benefits including a good posture, lowered back pain, as well as relieving muscle soreness and fatigue. This, combined with the dual motors allowing for independent movement of back and leg rests, makes the PC-8500 Recliner a potentially worthy investment that provides ultimate comfort in a range of different scenarios and applications.

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Based on the feedback from purchasers of the recliner, it is clear that the investment was most likely worth it and even though some may be reluctant to spend around $2000, it is evident that the money spent has helped people with problems such as back pain. With the health benefits that it provides and very common problems in today's society that it solves (back pain, fatigue, aches) – the PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner lives up to the price and will make users happy with the fact they now have an excellent way to both relax and deepen their well being and general levels of overall health.









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