The Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair Review

Osaki has shown themselves to be producers of luxury products. The Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan is quite a powerhouse of a machine with the latest technology as it is only about two years into the market. But, what can you expect? This machine does cost $8,999.00. But, don’t let the price tag scare you! This machine is a beast when you ignore the price. But, is it worth it? I would definitely read on as it is something to keep an eye out for if you ever want to buy a massage chair.

An Introduction Into Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair

So, what does this chair offer for the price? Quite a lot. It is made of high quality materials and thus, it is a very durable piece of machinery expected to last. It also has great technology such as computer scanning to provide more personalised experiences and heating which allows the user to be more relaxed. So, after a long day, would you go to a human massager or a machine massager? Would you rather have a cheaper massager or a proper massager? I would definitely look into this chair as it appears to be a wonderful piece of machinery which can simulate or even be better than a human at a cheaper cost and greater convenience.

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Quick Glance Main Features
Here's the main feature list for Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan, feel free to click on any of the features listed below to read up on more details about each feature (where applicable):

4D Massage
12 Stages of Strength Adjustment
Double Heater
41 types Kneading
Triple Mode Air System
Touch Screen Controller

Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair's Basic Product Specs
Here's an overview of the basic specs for this particular model:

  • Full Product Name: Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan
  • UPC: 643664852518
  • Rated Voltage: 110-120V
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rated Power: 130W
  • Upright Dimensions (W×L×H): 30”×46.4”×48”
  • Reclined Dimensions (W×L×H): 30”×78.7”×27.6”
  • Weight: 164 Lbs
  • Max User Weight: 250Lbs
  • Max User Height: 6’4”
  • Preset Programs: 21
  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Colours: Black, brown and cream
Model Pros Vs Cons


  • The product is able to massage places where cheap models cannot
  • 25 preset programs
  • Able to massage from head to toe
  • A lot of fancy technology to improve the massaging experience
  • A wide range of colours
  • Able to fit most users


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • No zero gravity feature

A Closer Look At Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair
4D Massage

4D massage is a technology which allows the rollers to have full movement capabilities. It can move up, down, right, left, back and forward, allowing for a full experience as the rollers are able to reach all the required locations rather than being unable to reach places like the neck and, it has speed control over the rollers. Before the start of a massage, the chair utilises computer scanning to provide an accurate image of a user’s body as every person is unique and thus, requires adjustments so that the massage chairs massages the correct locations. By adding this tool and collaborating with professional massage therapists, it has enabled superior massage programs to be developed and used as it is able to more accurately simulate the perfect massage for any problem with the body.

12 Stages of Strength Adjustment

This chair has a lot of levels of strength. Normally, a chair will have about 5 but this chair has a market-leading 12 stages of strength adjustment which allows the massage chair to provide a more perfect massage owing to the user being able to find a better overall setting. These strength adjustments include 4 speed adjustments, 3 massage roller width adjustments and 5 intensity adjustments.

Double Heater

A heater is not essential to a user as it does not massage the person. However, this feature is great for allowing the user to feel more comfortable in the chair, improving the overall experience. Rather than laying onto a cold piece of leather, people can lay onto a warm piece of leather. This heat does also compliment the effectiveness of the massage as it helps loosen tissues and muscles rather than having them in a contracted and tense form which may bring pain when in contact with objects.

41 Types Kneading

Owing to the technologies within this device, the chair is able to do a lot of possible actions when compared to another device. Owing to its full motion capabilities, it is able to do 41 massage types rather than being limited to a simple up or down motion which are apparent in cheaper massage chairs.

Triple Mode Air System

The airbag massage system of this chair is the latest technology. Although they reduced the number of airbags, they increased the surface coverage of them which reduces the stress on the air pump and valves, increasing the longevity of the device. This new system still covers the entire body except the head, where there are two airbag massagers on each body part, providing shoulder massage, arm massage, leg and feet massage, calf massage and waist massage. This will provide therapeutic support for sore muscles and promotes blood circulation to help recovery.

Touch Screen Controller

The touch screen remote is excellent and very intuitive. The user interface is simple and it is able to control the entire massaging experience. From the remote control you can manage the intensity of the rollers on the back, create your own program, select from 21 preset massage programs, control the manual operations, select from 41 different massage types and choose 5 levels of air massage intensity for the shoulders, arms, hips and feet. This controller demonstrates the amount of controllability which a user has with the Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan massage chair which some competitors do not offer.

Feedback From Customers Who Bought Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair

There are not a lot of customers who provided feedback for the Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan. Generally, expensive products are not purchased as often as cheaper products and these purchasers often never provide feedback. However, from the limited available feedback, it is clear that it is a product of luxury. A user commented that they removed three layers of thorough protection in order to access the machine when it was delivered and it was the highest quality cardboard, styrofoam and plastic bags they have seen. The assembly was also a piece of cake and when in use, it is a vigorous machine, massaging the entire body rather than weakly poking at it which occurs in cheap massage chairs. Ultimately, this person had no regrets when purchasing this machine. There are not currently many reviews and we will update this section when there are more.

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Are There Any Problems With Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair?

There are not many problems. You can not expect many problems at this luxury price range. However, this machine does not include zero gravity which may be desired as it helps elevate body stress by distributing to other locations. In addition, as massage chairs cannot suit all sizes and shapes, this chair cannot too but it does suit most people. If you are in the extreme minority such as being taller than 6’4” or over 250 Lbs, you should not purchase this as it will not fit.

The Best Places To Purchase Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair

The best place to purchase it is on Amazon as it is a convenient place where most people sell their goods as it is an e-commerce hotspot. If it is cheaper elsewhere, others will buy it over there and sell it at Amazon if it is cheaper than the current listing or the original seller will sell it on Amazon themselves.

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Videos Of Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair

Below are some advertisements for the Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan which will inform you of the product but beware they of course are biased, being advertisements trying to sell the product:

To help give you a further idea of how Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan will look and feel in real life, here is a video of it being used for the first time and their first impressions

Image Gallery
Common Questions About This Model

How many airbags does it have?

The massage chair has 34 air bags distributed across the machine.

Where is this manufactured?

It is manufactured in Japan.

Is it easy to assemble?

Yes, it is relatively easy to assemble. Below is a video showing how to assemble the Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan.

Can I use this chair?

Most people can use it but if you are over 6’4” or over 250 Lbs, you should look at another massage chair as you are too big for the Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan.

What are the dimensions of this chair?

When it is assembled upright it is 30”(W)×46.4”(L)×48”(H) and when it is reclined it is 30”(W)×78.7”(L)×27.6”(H).

Is there a warranty for the chair?

There is a 1 year parts and labour warranty with the second and third year being parts only.

What is the chair made of?

The chair is made of synthetic leather.

What are the colours available?

It is available in black, brown and cream.

How heavy is this?

In total, the massage chair will weigh 164 Lbs when fully assembled.

What areas does this chair massage?

This chair massages the entire body from head to foot and as it is a high-end model, it also has great technology and programs such as targeting exact therapeutic spots and having features which improve the overall experience of the chair such as heating.

Where is this chair designed?

The chair is designed in Japan by Osaki.

What does the Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan retail for?

It retails for $8,999.00 which is quite a lot of money but over the long run, it is worth the initial investment as you will not have the hassle of replacing every few years and using a below average product.

Can I get this product more cheaper on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon does have promotional offers. Currently on the 7th of July 2018, there are two special offers. You can save $3,000 on every one massage chair you purchaser offered by Sales Stores and you could get a $50 Amazon gift card by being accepted for an Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

Is there any way to try out the chair before fully committing into a purchase?

There are ways to try out the chair but it will depend on your location. Stores, booths and massage centres may have this chair on the products they use list and you may be able to try it out. But, it would be hard to find these locations. You can try search, “Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair <YOUR LOCATION>” for a quick reference on your preferred search engine of local places to see it in real life and potentially try it out.

How durable is this chair?

From the available information, it is evident that it is a long-lasting chair, especially as comments say that it has highly durable parts. But, as it is quite a recent product, the lifespan under normal use cannot be determined.

Is it alright to use this as a normal chair sometimes?

This chair can be used as a normal chair. It does contain some nice features which can be used which a normal chair does not have such as heating and a lot of padding. However, the chair is quite immobile as it does not have wheels to roll around with or twirl around which forces a person to sit in a stationary position when compared to mobility of normal office chairs.

Is the remote control easy to use?

The remote control should be easy to use as it is straightforward. But, if it is used by an older client base, they may not fully understand it, however, it is easy to use after a bit of a read through the manual.

How much room does this chair take to be delivered?

There is no information on the full size of the package but does come disassembled. The fully assembled chair is about 30″ and thus, if you have a doorway with at least 35″, I would give that a tick for enough space to have it delivered. If you have an even smaller doorway, you can open the package outside and grab piece by piece inside. By the average door size, most doors will be able to allow this package in.

What are the requirements of this chair?

The chair does not have a lot of requirements except that it takes up space and uses electricity during use.

What are the electricity requirements?

The massage chairs requires 110-120V at a frequency of 50/60Hz, totalling to 130W.

Do I need a signature when buying this on Amazon?

For security reasons, this product has to have a signature. Due to people who steal packages, there is too much risk in case someone takes the product since the purchaser will assume that it was not delivered and it is not worth the hassle for Amazon. Getting a signature delivery technically also costs more so it shows that they are serious about protecting your purchase rather than leaving it on the verandah of your property, ripe for someone to just take it and ruin your day.

Conclusion – Is Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair Worth Buying?

Overall, the Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan is one of the best massage chairs currently on the market even if it is two years old as it was revolutionary at its time. So, if you frequently use a massage chair or if you simply want to have the best, then I would definitely purchase this model as it features everything required to provide a surreal experience. Although the price may be expensive, this chair does last an extremely long time so it is a great investment into a long-standing chair rather than replacing every few years and having a substandard massage chair for the entirety of your life. Just make sure that you are under 6’4” and under 250 Lbs as the machine is not designed for people over this.

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