Neuro Programmer 3 – A Ridiculously In-Depth Review

On this page we'll be having a very close look at one of the flagship products in the brain training, and brain entrainment world – Neuro Programmer 3.

Update – After some issues with support, and not really being sure if I could continue to recommend this software, we've got things back to normal, and I'm now happy to continue recommending this product again. For those who need to reach out to support, please try Aaron at the email aaron [at]

While there is a good amount of information already about on the web regarding this product, I feel that none of the reviews have really looked closely enough at what this software offers or answered the common questions that many people have, and for this reason I decided to compile all the following information, so that people wanting to know more can really make an educated decision on whether this software is for them or not.

If you aren't quite ready to engage in reading my mini thesis page on this software, and are simply looking to find out more details on where you pick up either the trial of Neuro Programmer 3 or purchase the one of the full versions, then you can click here to get those details.

Details on 15% savings with the coupon code can be found on this page here.

Brief History Of How I Found Neuro Programmer 3

This is an area that I've personally been interested in now for around 15 years since my late teens when I initially became interested in all things personal development (the bug still has me 15 years later), and I've had this software for about 13 years and watched it evolve into it's current form.

Initially I had done some traditional meditation, focusing on the breath, and another form which used a couple of simple mantras in order to focus the mind. It wasn't long before I had come upon the idea of brainwave entrainment, and how it was a “shortcut” to achieving meditative states and states of deep relaxation, not to mention the possibilities that it formed for mental programming (which we shall discuss in more detail further on down the page).

After that, I had done some more research, using my awesome dial up internet at the time 😀 and came upon Bill Harris's Holosync products. I thought they were good, and used them for a while, but probably a couple of months later was still reading up on the topic, and then came across Neuro Programmer 2 (3 hadn't quite evolved to being at that time) and was immediately convinced that this was the next level, as it just covered so many more bases than the simple single audio recordings of Holosync (which I had definitely been getting benefits from in terms of being able to enter deep states of meditation quickly after just a few weeks of usage).

That was it, I've since made sure to always keep Neuroprogrammer 2 and now 3 in my personal development tool kit, and it's served me well during different parts of my life, especially when I was overly stressed and needed something to help me chill out and enter relaxing states more easily. I don't always use the program however, but I know it's there to be used and is a helpful adjunct to other self therapeutic practices and mindsets that I've picked up along my journey over the years.

In fact, as I write this I'm coming out of probably the most difficult health challenge of my life, and using alpha tracks (for those who are still newbys, we'll get to what those are in a second) from Neuro Programmer 3 is one of the ways that I've been able to reliably find some relaxation and calm in what's been quite a stormy period of my life.

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Quick Intro + Discussion On The Benefits Of Brain Entrainment Software

Brainwave Entrainment very quickly and simply summarized works because of the fact that the brain runs on a very small amount of electrical energy, and that electrical energy can be measured and found to be oscillating at various frequencies. This is known in Neuroscience as neural oscillation [1].


(Image – An infant Shown With EEG Electrodes Attached For Measuring Brainwave Activity – image source

These electrical frequencies can be measured by sensitive equipment often used in the medical field known as an electroencephalogram (EEG). The reason that these frequencies of electrical energy are known as “brain waves” is because whey the activity of the brain is graphed with the brain's activity forming the vertical axis, and the horizontal axis representing linear time, the patterns that are formed resemble waves [2].



(Image – a simple sample EEG showing how brainwaves are measured in linear time using an EEG)

Various frequencies of brain waves have been linked to various states of health and functioning depending on the output measured, there are many different categorizations, and it probably wouldn't be that useful to go to indepth in this article, but here's a quick example EEG sample:



(Image – This example shows images of EEGs from healthy controls vs migraine sufferers)

Given an input of a particular frequency range over time, the brain will actually start to match the same frequency in terms of brainwave patterns and functioning. This is what entrainment is, and it's been found to occur in many situations within our physical environment, with this phenomenon first being discovered by the 17th century scientist and inventor of the pendulum clock, Christiaan Huygens.

Christian noted that “two pendulum clocks which normally would keep slightly different time nonetheless became perfectly synchronized when hung from a common beam” [3]. The same thing seems to occur with sound frequencies and the brain, and this is a very basic understanding of how brain entrainment works, and what makes carefully engineered audio tracks within the correct frequencies, and the software Neuro Programmer 3 work.

The development and further understanding of this technology and the observation that certain states of mental functioning (such as wakefulness, meditation, anxiety and hyper-arousal, etc) are correlated to specific and repeatable brainwave patterns means that we can basically “induce” various states with some level of accuracy and use brainwave entrainment to create resourceful states of being.

This allows us to use this technology to achieve results in some of the following areas:

  • Relaxation and stress control
  • Creativity and productivity
  • Mood improvement and enhancement
  • Increasing energy
  • Cognition, attention and focus
  • Physical pain
  • Sleep therapy
  • Mental programming
  • Migraine/headache relief

We will look more closely at some of these benefits on this page, and I'll be sharing my own view on how some of them have or have not worked for me, as the case may be.


Detailed Overview Of The Features Of Neuro Programmer 3
(Including Images)
Feature #1 -Personalized Sessions Based On Your Personal Issues

One of the first things that you'll notice when you start up your Neuro Programmer 3 software is that the recommended sessions that you'll be shown are based on your personal situation and goals.

You will see a screen like this, starting you off on the process of completing the setup wizard:






I'm not going to bother listing all the screenshots for the entire process, but you get the idea. For example your session list will show more tracks that allow for you NOT to use headphones if you answer that you don't have any (but really, who doesn't have headphones? 🙂 )

Another reason this feature is important apart from just providing greater customization, is that it ensures that you are going to be getting sessions that are as close to your personal health goals as possible, as although using this software may be fun, it's actually not a toy, and brainwave entrainment can have negative results if used without understanding and incorrectly.

For example certain brain wave frequencies at the wrong time can make you wakeful at the wrong time, and in fact I had this experience when using alpha tracks at some point, I must have been using them a little too late in the day, and it temporarily messed up my circadian rhythm. It wasn't a huge issue, but annoying, and it gives you an idea of why you need to be careful and treat this type of tech with respect.

Feature #2 – Binaural Beats And Some

One of the many advantages of using NP3 over other brainwave entrainment solutions is that you can take advantage of not only Binaural beats, but also Monaural beats, and Isochronic tones.

According to the folk who created this software, Binaural beats are rather limited in their ability to create really powerful and effective brainwave entrainment. REF

Let's have a quick look at the difference between these here:

Binaural Beats

With Binaural beats, two separate tones or frequencies are presented to the left and right ear (for example 115 Hz in the left ear, and 120 Hz in the right), and then the difference between these in Hz (5 Hz in our example) will be what the listeners brainwaves begin to entrain down to from it's typical beta brainwave pattern that's associated with waking consciousness. 5 Hz is within the frequency range associated with Theta brain waves, so this person would begin to be entrained down to the Theta.


(Image – depiction of how Binaural beats would look when measuring with EEG)

Monaural Beats

The difference with Monaural beats is that the sounds are combined into 1 sound (“Monos” being Greek for one single) [4]. This means that the brain doesn't have to formulate or “decode” the input of sounds. In order for Monaural beats to work, they need to be the same frequency. They are said to occor often naturally, often be the basis of musical chords.

Monaural beats are said to be more flexible, and they also allow for entrainment without the use of headphones, seeing as the entrainment producing effect is already present in the single tone or beat.


(Image – depiction of how Monaural beats would look when measuring with EEG)

Isochronic Tones

Said to be the most effective form of beat/tone for creating an experience of entrainment within the brain, Isochronic tones also have the advantage of having the frequencies combined to create cohesive sound that the brain can take in without further processing to achieve the effect of entrainment and so are similar to Monaural beats in this way.

Isochronic tones differ a little from Monaural beats in the fact that they use certain patterns of being in a state of “on vs off”, basically what this does is to create a pulse effect, and this is why they are such a powerful form of sounds for use with brainwave entrainment [5].


(Image – depiction of how Isochronic Tones would look when measuring with EEG)

Feature #3 – Large Library Of Different Sessions

Probably one of the main reasons this software stands out as such good value for money is the fact that even with the regular version you have a huge listing of different tracks available to play around with. The Ultimate version with it's session editor and the ability to create new tracks expands the already large library of inbuilt tracks that come prepackaged with the software as soon as you install it.

Here's a couple of images showing just some of the variety of different sessions that you have with the regular version of Neuro Programmer 3:



Feature #4 – Using Affirmations and Recording Your Own Scripts

The affirmations and scripts area is where you have the opportunity to create either “scripts” or affirmations or both. From my understanding they are basically the same thing, except that affirmations are generally shorter statements, whereas a script could be a longer narrative, a story about what you are trying to achieve being real already or becoming a reality.

For another quick clarification, if you were to go and get a session with a clinical hypnotherapist, they would like be using a long script, to bring you down into a deep state of relaxation and then to make suggestions (again, similar to affirmations) to you while you were in that deeper state of relaxation and more susceptible to making changes.

So there are 3 main ways in which you can use this part of Neuroprogrammer 3, they are the following:

1 – Record your own script

This is the easiest option in order to get the script done in the way you like it in terms of vocal tone, inflection, etc, as you probably will have a better idea than anyone else when it comes to the exact sound you are looking for in your scripting/affirmations. I would not go with this option though in most cases, the reason being explained in the next paragraph.

2 – Have another person records your script 

If/when I personally start using the programming aspect of NP3 again, this would be my preferred option I think. I seem to find it easier to get into the flow of scripts and affirmations if they are NOT read in my own voice. Maybe that's something I need to work on, who knows, but for now I would probably just go over to or something similar and give my script to someone who does professional voice overs/recording work, and who's voice I liked.

The only slight issue with this is that you might have to do a bit of “backing and forthing” with your chosen voice artist to make sure they are getting the tonality inflection and other presentation elements correct and how you had envisioned them.

3 – Use NP3's text-to-speech

I'm just not going to beat around the bush here at all, while this is a solid program in almost every other way, the txt-to-speech within Neuro Programmer 3 is absolutely dismal, and I wouldn't even consider using it ever, it's just that bad. There's not many things that the guys at Transparent really need to address to make this software more kickass than it already is, but this is definitely top of the list in my books.

Here's how bad the text to speech is, when I did a little text (don't mind the silly affirmation, I'm just playing around, I don't actually believe I'm “coolest guy ever” haha 😀 )

That being said, though I have not spoken with the production/creation team directly or anything, and software coding is not my area, I'm guessing it's very much to do with the fact that the overall technology of text to speech still has a long way to go before it's up to a good standard for most applications, and while the technology may now exist that's pretty good compared to what NP3 is using, there's probably some HUGE licensing fees in order to use it, and this is only one small sub feature of many that make up the suite. So I can totally understand if that's the case, why they haven't been a little quicker on fixing this feature.

Here's some screenshots of how these features look within the software:






Feature #5 – Session Editor For Creating Custom Entrainment Tracks

Firstly, I want to make it clear that this feature is only available in the Ultimate version of Neuro Programmer 3, so if you have the Regular version this will be unlocked, and if you wish to unlock it you'll have to pay the $30 USD upgrade price.

This feature is one of the most powerful features that the entire program has to offer. You really have the ability to create entrainment producing audios with the exact sound effects and tones that you prefer with this part of the program.

With that amazing ability though, will come the need for greater knowledge on how entrainment works, unless you are already pretty clued in on the timing and specifics of how to lower the brain from say a state of normal waking consciousness (beta brainwaves) to a deeply meditative state (high theta to mid/high alpha typically).

I am not going to pretend that I have this level of sophisticated knowledge, and so it's not a feature of the program that I've really used at this point. Though obviously I can see the immense value of being able to create your own tracks.

I did actually have access to this previously, but for some reason my version seems to be on Regular at the moment, so I'll see if I can't unlock that and at least create a few screenshots, maybe even a video to post in this section to show you better how it actually works for the user.

Feature #6 – Audiostrobe and LED Eyewear Integration

neuro-programmer-3-audiostrobe-leds1This rather 80's depiction of futuristic looking technology is one version of Audiostrobe LED eyewear that's available, with the particular device pictured here being the “Micro Beat Mini” Audiostrobe eyewear device. This particular product retails for around $300 USD, and is featured on the as there “featured audiostrobe device” so it would definitely be one that you could use with NP3 should you wish to really immerse yourself in the full experience of entrainment that's possible.

Audiostrobe technology allows for an even more intense experience of brainwave entrainment by using lights and colours at various frequencies to work in harmony with the entrainment frequencies being played on the audio. So this is kind of like one more piece towards full immersion. Not quite a flotation therapy tank, but it's on the way.


Although this is a feature that I have not yet used, I'm very interested in this aspect of the software and will be getting myself a pair of LED eyewear soon to try this out and see  if it increases the effectiveness of my alpha relaxation sessions.

Feature #7 – Exporting Your Sessions For Use On A Phone Or Other Device

This is a simple feature to use, and it provides a LOT of flexibility in terms of how you can make use of your favourite brainwave entrainment tracks. Most of us don't want to be constantly plugged into a computer, and at least speaking for myself, I know that any opportunity I have to do something away from the screen if there's an option, is usually happily welcomed.

So simply exporting your entrainment track as an MP3, WAV  or Ogg file and then being able to play it from your phone, tablet or other portable device is a great option.

You simply click on export from within the session player area of the software, choose a file name, file type, and save location, and you're good to go. So if you have your phone or whatever plugged into your computer already, you can save it immediately, and be off on your way outside or wherever to get some good sunlight while you chill out with your alpha waves or whatever your preference may be.

Here's how simply you can do this:

neuro programmer 3-export-sessions-to-device

Feature #8 – Extensive Integrated Help and Features Guide

Might seem a little overboard to list the help and usage guide as one of the features here, but I think it's an important element of this brain training “system” which is what NP3 is when it comes down to it, as there's a lot covered with this software suite.

The help guide as you can see below is extremely detailed and covers all aspects of not only how to use the software and get the most out of it, but many of the interrelated concepts, such as relaxation techniques that are based on accumulated scientific data, and mental programming success concepts.

I don't think I've ever been as impressed with a fairly inexpensive software providing such an indepth and valuable help guide as is with the case with this software. I've bought far more expensive software that has barely any user guide material at all, not to mention at this level of care and detail.

The only negative I can think of for this particular feature is that it's sometimes not presented especially well, which brings down the perceived quality of the material, but the information is awesome, and there are plenty of study based references to back up much of what they have written within the guide.

Here's some screenshots to show just how in-depth the help guide is for NP3:









































As you can see, nothing has been left out here, so you certainly won't have any lack of information on how to get the best out of this software suite.

A Quick Video Demo Of How To Use Neuro Programmer 3

Video is in the process of being created and uploaded here, please check back shortly, it shan't be long now 😉


Some Real Life Applications Of Neuro Programmer 3

If you are interested in how this software can actually be applied to the betterment of your life, then here's a few ideas for you, some of which I've personally tried with varying degrees of success.

Relaxation Sessions And Mini Day Breaks

For me this is really where the value of this software is most obvious. I've used this software to create various relaxation tracks over the years, mostly finding success with the alpha brain wave tracks. The best thing about this software when it comes to this ability is the variation in tracks that it offers, being virtually unlimited in its capacity when you consider that you can make your own tracks.

Personally I've not messed around too much with the session editor that much, as I have preferred to leave the more technical aspects of the session creation to the pros, as my understanding of the science of developing the most effective tracks possible in terms of timing for various brainwave levels is pretty basic at best, I'm still learning here too.






My favorite application for creating relaxation sessions is simply to select one of the above shown alpha pre-recorded tracks, and either just export it to MP3 for use with my phone as is, or I'll maybe add some very soft affirmations, preferably spoken in 3rd person (like “Nick's doing so well at X”, “he's doing so well at X”, etc, etc) as that seems to work better for me self programming wise, though as I state in other areas of this review, I think listening to these tracks is a great practice and can't hurt, but their power is limited when it comes to self programming.

That's my belief anyway, I think taking actions that align with your new desired beliefs and getting new evidence in the world trumps all, while this stuff can help.

Self Programming

There are many great tools within Neuro Programmer 3 that I believe can help you “reprogram” your mind's software if you will, although as I just touched on above, at least for me personally, I feel the ability of this approach to really change deeply ingrained beliefs is limited at best. That's not the main way that I use this software though, so it doesn't deplete the value for me.

That being said, this is all based on MY personal beliefs system about what does and doesn't work when it comes to changing beliefs, so I would absolutely recommend that if you give Neuro Programmer 3 a try, you play around with this aspect of the software for yourself and give it a bit of time to see if it works for you. It should also be noted here that I have not tried the self programming feature while using the audiostrobe LEDs (I've still yet to get some and play with that functionality of the software yet, I know, I'm slow 🙂 ) and it's highly possible that using it with the Audiostrobe feature would make it more powerful in this regard.

Here's some images of the associated features within Neuro Programmer 3 if you want to go ahead and try some mental programming or self hypnosis using scripts/affirmations:


Mic Recording

This is the best way to go, and if like me you don't really respond well to trying to use affirmation with your own voice, then you could easily get someone else to read out your desired affirmation script on a website like for a minimal fee (Link opens in a new tab, and it's a really awesome website for those who don't already know it, so check it out).



Text-to-speech Recording

Here's an audio sample of the text to speech example that you can see below… As you can hear, unfortunately this feature is still pretty rubbish and they need to work on it, as it would be really great if/when the software has realistic and different voices like male/female, etc to easily have your scripts done in another voice.

Audio Sample




I recommend picking little goals first if you want to change beliefs or behavior with this approach using software and brain entrainment. The main reasons being that there is going to be less subconscious resistance to making smaller changes in behavior, etc than there will be when trying to change something that's been an issue for you your entire life.

In fact, as I mentioned earlier I have strong doubts that this software will really be able to help one change really problematic and deeply ingrained beliefs, because I believe the ability of self programming to be limited in it's scope. More on this when I discuss programs and releasing programs on another page coming soon.

However, I can confidently say that self programming has helped me stop biting my nails, an annoying and undesirable habit I've had on and off over the years, related to anxiety. Self hypnosis did successfully rid me of this habit for several months if not years, although it did creep back in for a while recently during an especially anxious period of my life.

Common Questions People Have About Neuro Programmer 3

What's the Difference Between Neuro Programmer 2 Vs 3?

As I currently understand it (and I'll update this if necessary), NF2 is the old outdated and no longer available  version. The guys at Transparent Corp seem to be committed to consistently working on their software and evolving it over time. Although I think some of these “evolutions” within the software may be quite slow to take form, basically you're getting a product that's continually improving.

If you previously had NF2 like was the case for myself, then you can get the new version at a discounted price, instead of having to pay the full cost. You can find out more about how to upgrade at this link here:

How Is Neuro Programmer Vs. Holosync?

Comparing these 2 different products only makes limited sense, as NP3 is a software suite that allows you to create (with Ultimate version at least) and edit your own tracks, and also comes preloaded with over 120 brainwave entrainment tracks using a mix of isochronic tones, binaural beats and monaural beats. That's not to mention all the other cool things that this software does, just glance over the features overview in the Table of Contents on this page here to see what I mean.

Holosync in comparison is one of many labels that produces pre-made brainwave entrainment tracks for the consumer. So your ability to focus on different goals and get different outcomes with Holosync compared to that when using Neuro Programmer 3 is somewhat limited. That being said, for the absolute beginner Holosync is not a bad place to begin, it's where I actually began my own personal experimentation with brainwave entrainment audio tracks about 15 years ago now.

What's the Difference Between Neuro Programmer Vs Mind Workstation?

Simply and quickly put, Neuro Programmer 3 is more for people who you might consider what we call “weekend warriors” when compared with Mind Workstation. MW is a very serious tool, and really meant for professionals and therapists. That being said, if you really get into this whole brain training thing and want to take it to the next level, then Mind Workstation could be the ideal choice for you.

Here's what the creators of both software suites said in their own words:


Here is a look at the comparison from their site in terms of actual features, to give you an idea of how the two similar, but different purposed software suits can do when the rubber hits the road.

(Hover over the image with your mouse if on a desktop, to see the comparison table more easily)


So I guess in terms of an easy way to sum up the main difference in features, we could say that MW offers Biofeedback integration, and a ton more options and features for tweaking your brainwave entrainment creations.

Does Neuro Programmer Work for Ipad?

I'll have to keep an eye out on any new developments for you here, but currently Neuro Programmer only caters for windows users. However, if you're at all tech savvy, you'll be aware that you can run windows from within your Mac's operating system using such software solutions as Parallels (I'm sure there are others, but that's the only one that I've heard of people using).

To answer this question specifically, based on the fact that currently our tablet technology is not really powerful enough to run whole operating systems within software like Parallels, it's not currently possible to use this sofware on an Ipad I'm afraid.

Is Neuro Programmer Available for Android?

Again, similarly to the above question, unless you're reading this in the distant future and for some crazy reason I didn't update this page in 5-10 years, it's unlikely that we have phones or tablets that are powerful enough to run programs like Parallels which would theoretically allow you to run windows from within android, and therefore run any software that only works on windows from within that.

So if Transparent doesn't create a Mac/Android version sometime in the near future, this will probably become a viable work around, but for now, you'll only be able to do it on a windows operating system which means a laptop or desktop that either already runs on Windows, or running the above mentioned Parallels software.

Can I Use Neuro Programmer on a Mac?

See this answer here above, same deal. LINK

What Versions Of Windows Does NeuroProgrammer 3 Run On? 

I believe it will run on any version of windows including Windows XP and versions released after that period. It states on the product purchase page links that the platform required is Windows XP/Vista/7/8 but I doubt that the software would fail to work for Windows 10 or other later versions. I will have to check with their support to ensure that this is indeed correct, and I'll update this page when I've gotten a conclusive answer.

What Is Neuro Programmer?

This whole page is dedicated to answering that question, so just head on up to the table of contents links LINK to get acquainted with any particular area that you might have questions on.

How Do I Use Neuro Programmer 3?

In order to best answer that question quickly, probably the best thing I can recommend is that you checkout the video demo that I created of me setting up a track to listen to for relaxation and gentle mind training purposes. You can find that video on the page here. LINK

Where Do I Get a Neuro Programmer 3 Activation Key?

Well I'm afraid for those of you looking to just get a free activation key, that's not going to happen, best to just support the great work these guys have done and actually pay for the valuable software that is Neuro Programmer and support the fellows at Transparent Corp so they can keep updating the software and making it more awesome.

If you have a moralisitic bone in your body and agree with me, check out this coupon code to save yourself some money in an ethical fashion.

What's the Price for Neuro Programmer 3?

There are currently 3 different options for getting NP3, they are the following:

  • Free 30 Day Trial
  • Regular Version ($59.99 USD)
  • Ultimate Version ($89.99 USD)

Is There a Neuro Programmer App Version?

No, not currently, but there may be in the future. See my related answer above here LINK

Where Is the Neuro Programmer 3 Download?

You can download the free trail of the software here.

Where Is the Neuro Programmer 3 Activation Code + Download Area?

You get an activation key/code upon purchasing either the regular or Ultimate versions of the software, it will be both emailed to you and you'll be shown the details directly after purchasing.

The download area for the free version is found here.

Is Neuro Programmer Available for Mac Os X?\

No, but if you're using a Mac desktop or laptop then you do have the option of running windows itself via Paralells, which would indirectly allow you to run NP from your Mac computer. More details in my previous answer above here. LINK

Is There a Version of Neuro Programmer 3 for Mac?

Only putting this here again because it's a different variation of the same question, but I want to make sure people can find this page, and thus the answer. I have answered this above here. LINK

Is There Any Neuro Programmer 3 Reviews and Feedback from Others?

Yep, there's tons of other people all over the internet lands who've used and commented on their experience with this software. Here's just a couple of apparently independent reviews that I found, from the website itself.

All these reviews and more can be found in the reviews/testimonials section of their website here: LINK

(Hover your mouse over to make each review bigger and more readable)

The first one is close to my heart, as I'm a bit of a big chess nerd 😀



neuro-programmer-3-other-reviews3 neuro-programmer-3-other-reviews4

What's The Difference Between Neuro Programmer 3 Regular and Ultimate Version?

They are almost the same, but the Ultimate version of Neuro Programmer 3 includes the “Session Editor” which allows you to create and edit your own tracks, whereas Regular version only allows you to use preset entrainment tracks. For the price difference of $30, if you're really wanting to get into this, I would recommend the Ultimate version for sure.

Where Can I Get a Neuro Programmer 3 Coupon Code?

Check out this section HERE.

A Look At NP3 Compared To Other Brainwave Entrainment Products

So there are literally hundreds of providers out there who are offering brainwave entrainment tracks, and I think a lot of them are rubbish. I'll mention 2 other good quality entrainment audio providers here, but I want to state that I believe that quality control is a HUGE issue in this particular market.

How does one know the difference between a bunch of nice sounding beats, and properly orchestrated and produced binaural or monaural beats for example. It's very difficult to know unless you've got your own analysis software, which most of us simply aren't going to have.

Having said that, here's 2 other products that I think are decent, but remembering that they do have the limitation of only being single audio tracks that you purchase (or single audio tracks that have been packaged into a “suite” like a relaxation suite for example), and are no where nearly as in depth in terms of providing an overall long term solution for creating more customized tracks, which is where Neuro Programmer 3 really comes into it's own.


It's been said (in Thomas Campbell's book, My Big Toe) that Bill Monroe's company Hemi-sync was the first to begin commercially producing brainwave entrainment audios. I have no idea if that's true as there's no proof that I could see, but nonetheless it does give the brand some degree of credibility purely based on the fact that they have been doing this for a long time, and generally speaking this will mean they are really specialized and understand the industry, client's needs, etc, really well.

I can say from personal experience that the 1 track that I purchased from this company was very very good quality, and it was one of the best alpha brainwave tracks that I've ever listened to in terms of getting me deeply into that alpha state. Then again, I had only listened to it a few times, and I did not test it over a long period of time, so my results could have been skewed by a variety of factors, for instance I may just have been really susceptible to any brainwave entrainment at that point in my life, and not so much at other times when trying different tracks from different providers.

Still, I would consider Hemi-Sync to be one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to quality, and that idea is helped by the fact that they do hold a very good reputation in the industry as one of the best in terms of quality and results. You get what you pay for, and this company certainly has priced themselves as one of the premium providers in the arena (their tracks aren't cheap).

You can view there website and library of entrainment audios here. LINK


As stated earlier, Holosync provided my first contact with brainwave entrainment, all the way back in the early 2000s (wow, makes me feel old). I think similarly to Hemi-sync they provide a pretty high level of quality in the engineering of their tracks.

The track that I believe I really gave a good shot from Holosync was their “Quietude”. I still remember it, and I remember how deeply relaxed it used to get me. But I would apart from liking the specific music used in this track, it would be no better in quality than anything from Hemi-sync (from the limited experience I've had of them anyway) and not too much better than what you could do with Neuro Programmer.

I think they are really good in terms of the quality, don't get me wrong, but I'm afraid they are very highly priced, and I think that throws me off recommending them. They don't seem to offer individual tracks, which is a huge turn off, and you can only get everything together. This unfortunately to me seems like an obvious marketing strategy, and a bad one.


Limitations Of Brain Entrainment Software Like NP3

As you might have already read above, my opinion is that brainwave entrainment and mental programming  in general has it's limitations when it comes to changing really deeply aquired and held garbage, which most of us have to some degree. So for example, if you've had a really traumatic child hood, and as a result you are now shy in general, and more nervous around the opposite sex, then listening to some alpha brain waves at the same time as a pre-recorded track of an affirmation saying “I'm super confident around women/men” is probably not going to be enough to change your deeply held beliefs (and reasons for being uncomfortable) around the opposite sex.

That being said, alpha states can be very powerful and have certainly helped me to relax in times of stress over the years. I also want to be clear that I'm not saying that reprogramming the mind is impossible entirely, in fact I've done it quite a few times in my life, a couple of times solely by using brainwave entrainment and self hypnosis techniques. BUT the difference being that these successes happened because i focused on changing rather small behavioral habits, like the nail biting I mentioned earlier.

So put simply, I personally believe the limitation of BWE and self hypnosis in general and therefore Neuroprogrammer 3 itself, is that it won't work for really deep stuff that you've formed a lot of evidence for in your life as being an issue. That's just my personal take, based on a few years of experience playing with this stuff. Maybe there are others who've successfully changed really deep stuff, and I'd say it may be more possible if working with a skilled therapist (like a licensed hypnotherapist with years of experience in the field)

The Final Verdict – Do I Recommend Neuro Programmer 3?

So as you can hopefully tell my the amount of time and effort I have put into this review, I think N3 is a valuable piece of software, and provides an excellent suite of useful tools to help you with a variety of possible personal development and/or healing goals you might have.

I think it's an especially good investment for those of you reading this who are just getting started in the brainwave entrainment world, and want to do some hands on experimenting and really get into this world a little deeper. Also it's great for those who've been using entrainment tracks from production companies like Holosync for  while now, and have seen some benefits, but want more customization ability.

I think for the price of this software compared to buying individual entrainment or hypnosis tracks, which usually start off somewhere around $15+ each, it's a no-brainer to at least give it a shot. Also in my experience the folk over at Transparent Corp who created the software are pretty decent folks and I can't imagine them saying no to a refund request if for some reason it truly wasn't for you.

So it's basically low risk high reward in my books, and that's usually the kind of investment into yourself that I consider to be a wise one.

Get Neuro Programmer 3 Here

Save With This Neuro Programmer 3 Coupon Code

For those of you looking for a coupon code to save a bit on the purchase of either Neuro Programmer 3 Regular edition or Neuro Programmer 3 Ultimate edition, you're in luck, I happen to have wrangled one up for you here. All you need to do is click on the link below (Get Neuro Programmer 3 Here), and use the coupon code:


This coupon can be used to get 15% off anything offered on the transparent website site, including of course Neuro Progammer 3, and is valid through Jan 1st, 2018.

(Note For Those Looking to Save Money – even if you are only going to download the free trial, I recommend you write down this coupon code and store it somewhere handy, because it's still valid for if and when you come back to upgrade from the free trial version to the full paid version – bookmarking is also another good option so you don't lose it)


Get Neuro Programmer 3 Here


Discussion And Feedback From Other BWE + Neuro Programmer 3 Users

So I'd love to hear from you regarding this topic of brainwave entrainment software and technology as I find it a fascinating area of discussion! Have you personally used either Neuro Programmer or some other technologies for either personal healing or development goals, and if so what's been your experience?

what-about-youI'm particularly interested to hear from people who've run structured self experiments with this kind of technology, as in kept records of how it's impacted them over linear time, and tracked any changes.

If you tried NP3 and it wasn't for you for any particular reason I'd also really love to hear your feedback on the problems you encountered, and I've be interested in feeding them back to the designers and development team at Transparent to see if these are issues that are common and maybe we can get them worked out and fixed in future versions. For example the minor but still annoying issue of the poor quality text-to-speech feature of the affirmation creation section of this software is something that I'd like to see some movement on, because it's been bad for a while now.



  6. References currently being updated, thanks for your patience


Neuro Programmer 3 Summary
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  • Price
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