The Kahuna SM-9000 Massage Chair Review

The advanced Kahuna SM-9000 massage chair is the latest to be added to the Kahuna's SM series, fitted with signature massage technology, exclusive heating rollers and extensive massage programs, this model certainly touts some impressive features. It is modern and refined, but the biggest question at hand is whether or not this chair is a worthwhile investment for those who are in interested in purchasing a luxury massage chair, or would they be better going with one of the more well known luxury massage chairs, such as the Dreamwave from Inada.

This analysis of what's available with this massage chair should help you to come to a conclusion on whether or not the Kahuna SM-9000 is the most suitable model for you. Here we'll be thoroughly assessing the product, pointing out its positives and negatives. The chair's Air Float 3D+ massage technology and infrared rollers are only a couple of the standout features of this chair, so we're going to explore what else is on offer, and ultimately whether or not we think this chair is worth the investment.

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Quick Glance Main Features
Below is the main feature list for the Kahuna SM-9000, feel free to click on any of the features to read up on those specific details (where applicable):

The Kahuna SM-9000's Basic Product Specs
Here's a brief overview of the basic specs for this particular massage chair:

  • Full Product Name: Kahuna Chair – SM 9000
  • Model No: SM 9000
  • Rated Power Voltage: 110-120V
  • Power Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Power Consumption: 230W Max
  • Packaged Dimensions: 47 x 28 x 47 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 255 pounds (or 115.66kg)
  • Massage Chair Weight: 234 pounds (or 106.14kg)
  • Suggested Height Range:  5'2″ – 6'1″ ft
  • Chair Width Range: 33 – 35 inches
  • Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
  • Massage Track Length: 33″ inches
  • Delivery: Standard Curve Side, White Glove Service
  • Colour: Black, Brown
  • Manual: Click Here to view the PDF manual
Model Pros Vs Cons


  • 7 Signature Programs
  • 5 Manual Massage Programs
  • Built-in Bluetooth Premium Speakers
  • 3 Intensity And 3 Massage Speed Levels
  • 5 Years Full Part & Labor Warranty
  • Exchangeable Zipper Covering


  • Only Two Colours- Brown/Black
  • Instructions Manual Lacks Detail
  • Remote Manual Programs Lack Immersion And 3D Depth
A Closer Look At The Kahuna SM-9000
Air Float 3D+ Technology on SL-Track 

The combination of these two features allows the Kahuna SM-9000 to give its users a uniquely comforting massage. The utilisation of an SL massage track means the SM-9000 uses both S and L track massage systems, where it not only massages your neck all the way down to your lower back as a standard S-track massage system will, but the L-track system extends this even further, all the way down your body to your upper thigh. This will ensure many areas of discomfort will be given all the attention and massaging required. This effect is enhanced even further with the Air Float 3D Technology, which gives the massage track the ability to use less pressure on the spine, whilst still delivering a deep and relaxing massage experience.

Arm “Acupressur”

This unique feature allows the Kahuna SM-9000 to gently press on “acupoints” (various points on the body that have a relation to the meridian system, and are well known about in the areas of massage and acupuncture) throughout your arms and hands with its specially designed arm pads. Your arms and hands will essentially be massaged and squeezed by the chair's arm pads. (BTW No, it isn't spelt wrong, it's actually called Acupressur)

Bluetooth Music Sync Technology

This super convenient feature allows users to sync their mobile devices to the massage chair's inbuilt computer to enjoy their massages whilst listening to their favourite music. The high-quality built-in system allows a more enjoyable massage experience without needing to worry about fidgeting with USB sticks or SD cards.

One Touch Zero Gravity

An important aspect of any massage chair is its ability to quickly move into a relaxing massage mode without too much fiddling around and choosing of different settings (sometimes you just want to relax quickly, and not have to think too much). The Kahuna SM-9000 makes sure to keep users happy in this area, by its ability to move with the touch of a button, where users are reclined into a position that places their lower body above their upper body and focuses their weight on the backrest, or to put into simple terms, their legs are raised to the level of their heart. This allows the massage to reach greater levels of intensity, with benefits including easier relaxation and decompression as their surrounding muscles relax with their body experiencing a massage of weightlessness and relief.

Multi-LED Lighting

This neat component allows a soothing massage experience where the multi-coloured LED lights on each side of the SM-9000 will create what's known as chromotherapy lighting. This visual effect allows the colours to change the mood and overall massage experience itself, which is especially enhanced when having a massage in a setting of dim lighting.

Air Massage Technology

The Kahuna SM-9000 uses the combination of its multiple airbags throughout to create a full body massage experience by extending your back massage. 2 powerful air pumps as well as 6 infrared heating rollers work together to magnify your massage experience where the airbags apply pressure to areas all over the body and more specifically the feet, legs, arms and shoulders.


Feedback From Customers Who Bought The Kahuna SM-9000

Due to the nature of the Kahuna SM-9000 being a relatively new product of the Kahuna series, released in December 2016 as part of the 2017 series, there isn't exactly an abundance of feedback or reviews, but it does seem to be a decently reputable product with respectable features and multiple massage programs. At the time of writing, based purely off, there were 2 reviews which both rated the chair 5/5 stars.

Considering there is no negative feedback at this point, the positive feedback given for the Kahuna SM-9000 will only be discussed for now. The potential problems or any issues of the product will be discussed in a later section.

The first reviewer loved the product claiming it was ‘super great' because of its body scanning technology and it adjusted to the user's body type to give it a through massage. This person also loved the foot massage, which indicates that this particular massage was comfortable and efficient within the feet area.

An added bonus is that 4 people found this particular reviewer's comment helpful, which suggests that they had similar experiences with the Kahuna SM-9000. The second reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the product, stating it was ‘awesome' and was the ‘best massage they ever had' and that it felt better than getting a massage from a regular masseus, once again giving signs that the Kahuna SM-9000 seems to be a product with very effective and satisfying massage functions.

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Are There Any Problems With The Kahuna SM-9000?

As mentioned before, the lack of reviews means there is less information to provide on the issues of the Kahuna SM-9000, which is not to say it is a perfect product by any means, but for the sake of making this analysis as objective and as fair as possible, we need to look at the potential problems and features that may be lacking with the Kahuna SM-9000.

While not a big deal for many, the first problem is the lack of available colours, with only brown and black, which may not necessarily appeal to everyone. Therefore, this decrease in variations may be considered a negative simply because the colour scheme is absent in variety.

A second issue with the SM 9000 is the rather vague instructions manual, which could mean that assembly may take a bit longer because the guide may not necessarily be easy to comprehend at first. A third problem for some might be the rather inflexible amount of variation in terms of customised and “3D” massage options.

The Best Places To Purchase The Kahuna SM-9000 Online

Choosing online retailers can be difficult because of the sheer amount of websites that currently exist. Sometimes you have to sacrifice important elements of the product purchasing experience, whether it be security, customer service, convenience or even credibility. But there is one website that has all four of these, which is why we strongly recommend you choose Amazon. Its position as the largest retailer in the world means it has one of the tightest security, if not the best and will ensure you receive the best online protection from scams and frauds.

When choosing products as valuable or significant as massage chairs, customer support and service will be crucial to the overall experience as will surely cater to your needs and ensure your big purchases will arrive safely and on time. If you are currently thinking about purchasing the Kahuna SM-9000, this may be your best choice. Click on the button below to check out's current pricing for the Kahuna SM-9000 now: 

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Videos Of The Kahuna SM-9000

To help give you a further idea of how the Kahuna SM-9000 will look and feel in real life, here's some video footage:

Image Gallery
Common Questions About This Model

Where is the Kahuna SM-9000 made? 

Like all other Kahuna SM models, it is made in China.

How long is the warranty? 

The warranty lasts for five years. Certain conditions are included. You can find out more about the warranty information here (scroll to the bottom).

How tall do I have to be to use the massage chair? 

The suggested user height range is 5'2″ – 6'3″.

How many massage programs are there? 

There are 7 programs, Renew, Relief, Recovery, Yoga, Music Sync, Stretching and Calming.

Is the chair all leather? 

Yes, the chair is full synthetic leather like most massage chairs, and also includes fabric material.

Is there a weight limit? 

Yes, the weight limit is 300lbs or 136kg.

Are assembly instructions provided? 

Yes, however, a PDF file can also be sent if you do not receive a physical copy of the instructions.

Are there any special features? 

The Kahuna SM-9000 has three special features: arm acupressur, LED Lights and Zipper Covering.

How many airbags are there? 

There are more than 30 airbags.

How many intensity levels are there? 

There are 3 intensity levels, low, medium and high.

Is there anything special about the Kahuna SM-9000? 

Apart from the 3 unique features, the shoulder width is 1-2 inches wider than other massage chairs.

Are there are different speed levels? 

Yes, there are three speed levels.

Is the assembly hard? 

It depends on the person, the instruction may be difficult to understand at first.

Is there white glove service? 

Yes, at an extra fee, which can be seen on Amazon.

How many colours are there? 

There are only two colours, black and brown.

Conclusion – Is The Kahuna SM-9000 Worth Buying, Is It A High Quality Chair?

Hopefully after you've read this review in full, you'll get that the Kahuna SM-9000 is certainly a massage chair that could be worthy of its seemingly higher price tag because of its unique massage technology, vast array of massage techniques and programs as well as the classic features of LED lighting or Zero Gravity.

An extensive suggested user height range of 5'2″ – 6'3″ and weight limit of 300lbs will mean this particular model should accommodate for most users, despite different heights and weights in comparison to other massage chairs, which means that other friends and family members should be able to enjoy the relaxing and well being enhancing benefits of this model.

Other key features to note are the SM 9000's distinctive massage programs, all 7 of them, including the Renew, Relief, Recovery, Yoga, Music Sync, Stretching and Calming programs, demonstrating the amazing progression in massage chair technology that's developed over recent years. The Kahuna SM-9000 certainly has an excellent array of custom massage programs to provide users with the ultimate massage experience of luxury and warmth.

Despite the minor cons of the product, including its limited colour scheme, rather simplistic instruction manual and inefficient remote manual programs, the feedback for this chair seems promising and does suggest the Kahuna SM-9000 is a worthwhile investment that will provide you amazing and relieving massages, the benefits of which can only be measured in a greater sense of well being and calm about day to day life.

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