The Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair Review

The Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair is one of Kahuna's cheaper massage chair models. In this review we're going to cover important information about this model, including its features, common questions potential buyers might have, as well as customer reviews from people who've already purchased the LM 7000. You are probably here because you are considering investing in the LM-7000 model – in this review we aim to provide you with a fairly objective view about this massage chair, to help you decide on your purchase.

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Quick Glance Main Features
Here's the main feature list for LM 7000, feel free to click on any of the features listed below to read up on more details about each feature:

The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7000's Basic Product Specs
Here's an overview of the basic specs for this particular model:

  • Full Product Name: Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7000
  • Model No: LM-7000
  • Rated Voltage: 110-120 V
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Power Consumption: 230 W (Maximum)
  • Packaged Dimensions: 69 L x 30 W x 35 H (inches)
  • Chair Dimensions: 51 L x 28 W x 46 H (inches)
  • Shipping Weight: 273 (pounds)
  • Total Chair Weight: 258 (pounds)
  • Recline Angle: N/A
  • Seat Width: 20 (inches)
  • Upholstery: N/A
  • Controlled Chord Length: N/A
  • Power Chord Length: N/A
  • Manual: Click here for PDF version
Model Pros Vs Cons


  • Quiet Operation
  • Small Recliner Space Required
  • Zero-Gravity Mode
  • Auto Stretching Feature
  • Fits Most Body Types
  • Body Scanning Technology
  • Bluetooth Speakers Built-In


  • Relatively Expensive
  • Few Colour Choices
  • Lower Intensity Massage

A Closer Look At The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7000's Main Features
3 Level Zero Gravity

The zero gravity feature available with the LM 7000 provides a wide range of health benefits and a relaxing overall experience for the user. It reclines back to elevate the feet above the heart which improves blood circulation and helps relieve muscle soreness, aches, and fatigue. The 3 stages of zero gravity allow for personal customisation depending on the massage experience the user wants, which is a new feature introduced by the newer model. Also, unlike most other reclining chairs, the zero gravity feature only brings the chair 4 inches closer to the wall, thus being space saving. This means the chair won't have to be placed a couple of metres from the wall for it to be used – but only needs 5 to 6 inches of space away from a wall.

L-Track & 4 Wheel Massage System

The shape of this chair's roller trail is the L-track system which provides greater comfort and relaxation as it massages from area of the buttocks to the neck. Unlike most other massage chair models, the LM-7000's four wheel massage system helps decompress the user's spine, providing immense health benefits and also helps to further improve the massage experience. This model's L-track system is one of the longest amongst massage chair models, which means it's well equipped to accommodate for taller people as well.

Multiple Massage Modes

One of the biggest features of the LM-7000 is its incorporation of multiple modes which add a variety of massage methods as well as an auto-stretching feature. The main mode for the massage chair is the Full Body Shiatsu Specialised Therapy, which provides a multitude of relaxing features including shiatsu, rolling, kneading, and tapping. It also allows the user to select heating therapy for their lower back and calves which are often areas of pain due to work stress and long periods of walking. The Kahuna LM-7000 further allows a range of massage selection regarding massage speeds and air pressure from the air cells for intervals of 5 to 30 minutes.

Another massage mode beneficial to one's health is Chiro Therapy, which provides the features from the Full Body Shiatsu Specialised Therapy including shiatsu, rolling, kneading, and tapping. This helps unblock nerve energy in the spine which improves the flow of energy around the body to help the user feel revitalised and refreshed. Furthermore, the Refreshing mode oxygenates the body to improve blood circulation around the body as well as being combined with a gentle massage to comfort the user.

The Anti-Stress mode focuses on another aspect to provide relaxation by targeting the user's stress levels. By providing a focused massage on the neck, shoulders, buttocks, and other tense muscles from daily life, the LM-7000 relieves stress immensely.

Finally, the Yoga Stretching Program mode is a very unique feature that allows the user of the chair to stretch their body automatically while sitting down. It provides a full body stretch which can leave you refreshed, relieving pain, and assisting with removing waste.

Built-in Premium Bluetooth Speakers

A unique feature that the Kahuna company has incorporated into the LM-7000 is built in bluetooth speakers, which provide high quality sound or music of personal choice. It is easy to use by simply connecting your phone or other device to the massage chair and playing your music – whether it'd be soothing music to help you relax, or your favourite songs you listen to daily.

Dual Foot Roller Massagers

At the foot level of the massage chair, dual foot rollers are incorporated. These massage the feet by targeting acupuncture points which helps relieve soreness in the feet, which is especially useful if you walk a lot during the day. A deeper kneading style massage is provided when the air bags are inflated to target muscles in the feet, helping with relaxation.

Body Scan Technology

The body scan technology is a breakthrough feature provided by the LM-7000 as it scans your body length, size and structure to provide a personalised massage for many body shapes and sizes. If you are very tall or short, this massage chair MAY be good for you as it can accommodate its unique relaxation features and modes for you, despite your physiology.

Easy Remote Control

The Easy Remote helps the user customise their massage experience with a variety of options. It includes buttons to toggle the air pressure intensity, roller width, as well as the foot roller, which can enhance your relaxation according to personal needs. The well-designed symbols allow the user to easily know what each button will be for, including the Zero Gravity button as well as interface for choosing a custom massage type. With all the customisation possible with the Easy Remote, the possibilities are endless and most relaxation needs can be met by the LM-7000.

Feedback From Customers Who Bought The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7000

Based on reviews of the Kahuna Chair LM-7000, 11 of 19 purchasers (58%) rated the model a solid 5/5 stars, meaning they had little or no problems with the chair and thoroughly enjoyed it. Furthermore, 4 out of 19 purchasers (21%) gave the LM-7000 4/5 stars, showing that they also loved the massage chair but had slight issues with it. Out of the 19 reviews, none of them gave less than 3 stars with the remaining 4 people (21%) giving a 3/5 rating, which means they had an average experience using the massage chair. Overall, all of the 19 verified purchasers rated 3 stars or above meaning the massage chair does not have any major issues deserving of a 1/5 or 2/5 star rating.

Now let's have a more in-depth look at the positive and negative comments from verified purchasers regarding the LM-7000 massage chair.

Positive Feedback

The Kahuna LM-7000 received a wide variety of positive comments, with the main one being that the chair is very comfortable and works very well generally speaking. Multiple users said they were very happy with the multitude of features provided including the yoga program, L-track system, as well as the bluetooth speakers. However, the most common comment from reviewers post purchase, was that this particular model from Kahuna is very comfortable just to use as a chair in general, with many people commenting that the unit was extremely comfortable even sitting or sleeping in it without even using the massage feature.

Another common positive review was that the chair was very easy to set up with a low amount of assembly needed required to get it up and running. Complementing this, buyers said that the customer service from Kahuna was very friendly and responsive, and helped them solve problems regarding the chair if they should come up.

One user, who was hesitant to buy the LM-7000, was pleasantly surprised by the L-track system, the quietness of the chair, as well as the space saving feature of the zero gravity mode, which is not provided by most other models. In addition, they stated that the foam was easy to add or remove from the chair which allows further customisation of the massage experience available with the 7000.

Another user with 6 herniated discs has had a life-changing experience with the chair, supposedly reducing their chiropractor visit count from daily, to zero visits per week. With the auto-stretching feature and many other beneficial modes, the LM-7000 seems like a top-of-the-line model for providing health benefits including a reduction of stress, relieving general pain and aches, as well as fatigue.

Negative Feedback

With all 19 reviews being 3/5 stars or above, the negative reviews were minimal at the time of writing. The main nitpick was that the chair is hard to learn how to use, with multiple purchasers saying the instructions are not clear despite improvements being made to them. However this was only minor, as reviewers stated that the chair is a blast to use, and very satisfying in terms of the results it brings, once they learnt how to use it to its full potential.

Another piece of negative feedback was that the massage delivered by the SM 7000 isn't intense enough, but this varies depending on the user's personal preference and is generally a very subjective element of performance to judge. Finally, one purchaser stated that the sizes for pads and other areas on the massage chair weren't large enough even though the person was pretty small in body size. However, this was not a common complaint among reviews so it seems that each user has had a different experience.

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Are There Any Problems With The LM-7000 Model?

Despite receiving a 3/5 star rating by 19 of the 19 verified purchasers on, there are problems with the LM-7000, as you might expect, seeing as perfection is unrealistic.

One of the issues that stands out is the LM-7000's price, which is costly for a massage chair. However, one user who rated the model 5/5 stars stated that the Kahuna is definitely worth the price, doing what the $4000 Brookstone massage chairs do for a cheaper cost (according to this one reviewer that is at least).

Another issue with the new Kahuna massage chair model is that the instruction manual is very unclear despite being updated. With complaints that some of the translations into English are wrong and that the instructions were generally unclear and not very helpful, buyers of the LM-7000 are bound to have a hard time initially learning to use the chair. However, the users who had this complaint said that once they figured out how to use the chair via trial and error, it was a very worthy purchase that delivered immense health benefits and comfort.

A problem relating to the size of different parts of the chair was a complaint among a few of the purchasers, with one issue being reported pertaining to the size of the slots and pads for placing limbs. To add to this, a tall user of 6′ 1″ stated that the chair barely fit his body size, so if you are really tall you MAY want to look at other models, like possibly the Inada Dreamwave, though the price is rather lofty to say the least.

The Best Place To Purchase The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7000 Online

Buying expensive items online often comes with a risk, such as the item being broken or not even being delivered at all (this is usually rare, but it does happen). This is an important consideration, especially for a high ticket item priced at a few thousand dollars such as this massage chair. If a local purchase is available, that would be worth considering, since a local supplier can provide support with setting the chair up as well as if any malfunctions occur.

If you are looking for an online purchase though, provides the best security against fraud and protects you as a buyer in case anything problematic happens to your delivery. They offer the following two services at a quality which will be hard to match for most ecommerce websites:

  • Buyer Protection
  • Excellent Customer Service

This makes Amazon an ideal place to buy the Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7000 because of the excellent security that they can provide to buyers, especially when they are spending such a large amount of money on a single item. If a problem arises with the delivery or even with the buyer, Amazon protects you, whereas other smaller companies may not provide this after sales “security”.

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Videos Of The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7000

To help give you a further idea of how Kahuna LM 7000 will look and feel in real life, here's some video footage of the


Image Gallery
Common Questions About This Model

Does the chair require me to construct it?

There are two options. Either you can construct it yourself or purchase the model with White Glove Service to put it together for you. Putting it together yourself is simple and there are video guides online.

Can I have the product shipped internationally?

No, not at the moment.

What is the max weight and height limit?

The weight limit is 240 lbs and the height limit is 6′ 2″ but people over this limit have been fine with the chair.

What are the seat and calf space dimensions for the chair?

The calf space has a width of approximately 5 inches, while the seat width is 20 inches.

What is the difference between the LM-7000 and the LM-6800 models?

The LM-7000 has many new upgrades, including a better remote for more customisation, longer warranty, as well as speakers for more enjoyment. Also, the LM-7000 has additional airbags around the shoulder area of the body and a leg extension feature as well.

Is the leather authentic and will it last a long time?

The leather is synthetic and of top quality, meaning that it will last years to suit your needs.

Conclusion – Is The Kahuna LM 7000 Worth Buying?

Kahuna has always produced top-of-the-line massage chairs, and like their other popular models, the LM-7000 does not disappoint. Considering this, as well as the breakthrough features including the auto-stretching and shiatsu full body therapy provided by the LM-7000, the relatively costly price may actually be worth it. Most importantly, the positive feedback to justify the price of the model definitely makes it a worthy consideration if you are looking for a massage chair that's going to deliver those coveted health and relaxation benefits for years to come.

The health benefits supplied by using a chair such as the Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair are endless, ranging from relieving general fatigue, muscle aches, muscle soreness, all the way to alleviating pain from herniated discs in the back. Not only this, but Kahuna have incorporated an auto-stretching mode to help you loosen up before you sleep or before a long day of work, helping you feel refreshed and energetic.

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From the largely positive feedback given by verified purchasers, the investment into this massage chair may be well worth it. Despite the price, most purchasers have found it very beneficial for their health, with one user with herniated discs stopping his chiropractor visits after using the LM-7000 consistently. With the multitude of health benefits and improvement to your daily life that having the chair could provide, the Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair  is an excellent addition to your home or office, and your body and peace of mind will likely thank you.






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