Dynamic Saunas Madrid 3 Person Far Infrared Sauna Review

Dynamic Saunas have produced some of the most well received and most popular FAR infrared saunas currently available on the market. The Madrid 3 person is a popular option for many, incorporating environmentally friendly elements along with great features and a well thought out and constructed design. For those who are looking for a infrared sauna unit to setup in their own home that's going to have enough space to allow them to sauna with their spouse, family members and close friends, this model is one of the top runners. In this review we're going to look at what makes this sauna a great option, and determine if it's the right choice based on your own personal needs.

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Quick Glance Main Features
The Dynamic Saunas Madrid 3 Person Basic Product Specs
Here's an overview of the basic specs for this particular model:

  • Model Name: DYNAMIC SAUNAS Madrid 3-Person Far Infrared Sauna
  • Model #: DYN-6310-01
  • Dimensions: 63.4 x 44.9 x 76.8 inches (161 x 114 x 195 cm)
  • Interior Wood: Canadian Hemlock
  • Exterior Wood: Canadian Hemlock
  • Shipping Weight: 515 lb (234 KG)
  • Total Weight: 480 lb (218 KG)
  • Capacity: 3 people
  • Heater Type: 8 infrared carbon low EMF energy efficient heating panels
  • Total # of Heaters: 8
  • Power Wattage: Dedicated 20 amp 110 volt outlet
  • Max Temperature: 140 Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius)
Other Top FAR Infrared Sauna Choices
Madrid Model Pros Vs Cons


  • Environmentally Friendly Design & Build
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Low EMF
  • Very Quick & Easy Assembly


  • Might Be Too Big For Some
  • Slightly More Expensive Than Other Models

A Closer Look At The Dynamic Saunas Madrid's Main Features
Low EMF Sauna Design

The Madrid 3 person sauna is specifically designed and constructed to have a low EMF (electromagnetic frequency) output, which will be good news to those who are EMF sensitive or simply would prefer to see this at a low rating. The higher quality FAR infrared saunas will typically have a lower EMF rating, as they understand that this is an important factor among consumers these days.

Double Panelled Sauna Wall Construction

The double panelled construction means that the Madrid holds its heat well, and therefore runs more efficiently. Again, this is not only good for its users, but it's good for the environment, and helps the unit to save energy.

Environmentally Friendly Reforested Canadian Hemlock Wood Build

The Madrid is made from reforested Canadian Hemlock wood (similarly to the JNH Lifestyles 2 person FAR Sauna). This means that it's produced more ethically, again with the environment in mind during its manufacture. No chemicals are used during the curing and treatment of this wood. This is obviously an important factor for anyone later using the sauna, as chemically treated wood would likely leach its chemical products into the atmosphere of the sauna as it's being heated up.

8 Low EMF Infrared Carbon Energy Efficient Heating Panel Heaters

The unit's low EMF rating is largely due to the low EMF capability of its 8 built in infrared heating panels. These panels are spread throughout the sides and back of the sauna, with 1 of them also being integrated into the the floor, to be used as a foot heater.

Quick & Easy “Clasp Together” Assembly

As you will note from reading about the user feedback for the Madrid, further on down this page, many buyers of this sauna have been very happy with the easy assembly and installation process. This is due to the manufacturers specifically designed “clasp together” build of the sauna. According to Dynamic Saunas, the Madrid model should be easily setup within 1 hour from delivery, with assembly being a “snap”.

FM, CD, MP3 Compatible Sound System

Like all high quality FAR infrared saunas, the Madrid comes with an integrated sound system, which enables you to plug in your own music whether it be from an FM radio, CD player, or an MP3 device, which you can connect via the standard headphone jack input (3.5 mm headphone jack). Just to clear up some confusion, the unit doesn't actually include its own CD player or FM radio, as several buyers have clarified. It's a little confusing because it's worded in the product description that it does come with these, when in actual fact it's simply a speaker system with an input jack to play music from your own devices.

Chromo Therapy Integration

Similar again to the JNH Lifestyles, the Dynamic Madrid has the ability to offer “chromotherapy” via a built in lighting system. The lighting apparently uses different coloured lighting effects to help with different so called physical symptoms. It's unclear from our research so far whether this is a valid technology, but it seems fair enough to say that certain coloured lighting can have a relaxing effect on our mood, and so this seems like a viable addition to this sauna's feature list.

Soft Touch Control Panel With LED Display

The unit's control system takes advantage of an easy to read LED display, with an integrated soft touch display setup.

Feedback From Customers Who Bought The Dynamic Saunas Madrid 3 Person

The feedback on the Dynamic Madrid 3 person is overwhelmingly positive. Although based on the Amazon.com reviews at the time of writing there are only 10 reviews (7/10 of which are from verified purchasers, meaning Amazon has actually verified them to be real purchasers, and so the reviews are real), most of them are positive. At the time of writing, out of the 10 reviews 70% of them have rated the product with 5/5 stars, and a further 20% have rated it 4/5 stars.

The comments made by most of the reviewers suggest that they love using this sauna, and get a great sauna session using it. Not only that, but it seems that most of the purchasers think that it was a very good investment of their money, and that it's a good value purchase overall. Several of the reviews also mentioned that the sauna was easy to assemble, and they were able to get it setup quickly and relatively easily upon delivery.

There is actually only one negative review, where the reviewer gave the Madrid 1/5 stars. It seems that this one customer just had a random bad experience, and reported that the unit didn't reach the desired temperature, among other problems. This purchaser bought the item from Costco, and it should be noted that the review on Amazon.com is not verified at this point, so we actually don't know if it's real.

See The Reviews From Others Who Bought The Madrid Sauna On Amazon
Are There Any Problems With The Madrid Model?

Although of course no product is perfect, and if it claims to be so, then you should probably be very wary! From our research so far, it's been difficult to find anything that's been a consistent negative point of feedback about the Madrid.

Although almost all the reviews are positive, one reviewer said that they loved the sauna overall, but it could have better insulation to keep the heat in. However, based on the fact that this feedback was only left by one person so far, it's hard to know if this is actually an issue with the product itself, or simply to do with personal taste on the reviewers part.

If we notice that there are several reviewers pointing out any serious negatives regarding this model sauna, we'll be sure to update this section to reflect these discoveries.

The Best Places To Purchase The Madrid Online

You have a few options when it comes to purchasing the Dynamic Madrid FAR Infrared Sauna online. As always, it's important to make sure of a few things before making your decision on which website to purchase it from. The most important 2 aspects we believe you should bare in mind when it comes to making any online purchases are:

  1. Buyer protection and purchase security – Buying things from smaller, less well known websites with cheaper less stable security setups can be dangerous, and you might be at risk of credit card fraud, and other nasty issues, which are far too common in this digital age.
  2. Customer service satisfaction – Again, when using smaller lesser known companies, you're quite often not sure what kind of customer service experience you're going to get both during the purchasing phase, and later down the line. Using a reputable, and often larger company, is quite often the best move here.

Due to these two important online purchasing factors, we recommend that you go with a large reputable company, and our #1 choice in this case is to go with Amazon.com. They cover all the bases, and are top level in both the important areas we just covered. Click on the link below to check out their current pricing for this sauna model:

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Videos Of The Dynamic Saunas Madrid 3 Person

Unfortunately at the time of writing there are no videos available for this particular infrared sauna.


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Common Questions About This Model

How is the assembly process for this sauna, is it hard?

Most users report that this sauna is pretty easy to put together, and didn't take them too long. It is possible to have expert assembly carried out for you, but you have to pay an extra few hundred $$$, so for many that won't be a good option. If you do want to have the expert assembly, there's an option to add that when purchasing on Amazon.com, just look to the left of the “Add to cart” button on the product's main page.

Is a special power setup required for this sauna?

Yes, you will require a 110 electric power, coming from a 20 amp circuit. This circuit needs to be dedicated to be used by the sauna only, and by no other appliances, lights, etc.

Is there an inbuilt CD player/FM radio?

No, there's simply an input jack (3.55 mm headphone jack) so you can use your own devices as the source to plug into the inbuilt speaker system.

How does the unit come delivered?

The unit comes on a shipping palette, in several large heavy boxes.

Does this sauna unit need ventilation?

While it's not certain whether there are any specific recommendations to this, it's probably smart to setup the sauna in a space with at least SOME ventilation and ample space around the actual sauna unit.

Could this sauna be setup on a covered patio or other area outside?

According to the seller on Amazon, this is not a problem as long as the unit is protected from rain, wind, etc – and is well covered.

Conclusion – Is The Madrid Worth Buying?

The Madrid 3 person sauna from Dynamic Saunas is an excellent choice for those wanting to have their own personal FAR infrared sauna in the home that has a little extra space, allowing them to offer a seat to friends and family members while they get their sauna hit, and experience all the wonderful health benefits. It's also great for those who simply want a bigger sauna than the typical 1-2 seater for whatever reason.

The environmentally friendly and efficiently minded design, along with it's built in speaker system and chromotherapy make sure this sauna is a solid option when comparing it to other similar brands and models on the marketplace.

The majority of validated customer feedback suggests that those who actually went ahead and bought this sauna not only found the setup and installation process fairly easy, but were delighted with the actual use of the sauna itself. Ultimately this is a sauna with a good reputation, that ticks all the boxes when it comes to design and features. Click the button below to lock yours in today!

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