My Bulletproof Glutathione Force Review and Feedback Diary

This page will serve as my honest experience with Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Glutathione. I'll be treating this like a review, but also a constantly updated progress diary for the first 4-6 weeks of my usage of this supplement. I literally received my box today, and took the first 1 ml dosage before breakfast. You can see how it comes in terms of what you get in the box and all that below.

I'm aiming to make this page a pretty thorough review of my experience with this particular brand of Liposomal Glutathione, and hopefully I'll be one of the one's who gets a lot from using it, as I've heard directly from others in conversation that it can be quite powerful in minimizing negative symptoms from a wide range of contributing health factors.

Why I'm Trying Bulletproof Glutathione – A Personal Rant

I had heard about Glutathione a few months ago, and how it was pretty important to the overall ability of the body to detoxify itself, but it wasn't until recently that I really considered it and then looked into it's viability and use as a supplement.

I've been experiencing some pretty persistent, annoying, and some what life zapping symptoms the past few months, if not going on a year or more now as I write this, and I've discovered much of the root cause of this so far. These symptoms being summed up as anxiety, fatigue, and bad brain fog.

To be precise, so far with the help of my Dr, I've figured out that I have gut dysbiosis, a gut parasite, and above average pyrrole count, which relates to a blood disorder known as Pyroluria, you can read my whole Pyroluria story here if it's something that you want to know more about.

Another thing that came up during my working through all of the above with my Dr, was that my liver is not really functioning at it's best. Nothing serious, but at the same time, the liver being the organ that's largely responsible for the detoxification of the body, means it's important to try and get that working right, especially as there are other things that are creating a lot of stress in my body.

So anyway, I posted on the bulletproof forum about how brainfog was basically making my life very difficult, and a random forum member there from Holland was very kind, and sent me a video which explained a lot of stuff about his own journey and how he had major breakthroughs by focusing on detoxification, especially the use of things like charcoal, zeolite, and other toxin binders, and glutathione supplementation via the bulletproof product.

Popular Alternative Glutathione Options

He especially referenced the fact that in his case, the glutathione had made a HUGE impact on improving his brain fog issues, and previously he'd been taking vitamin B12, with great success, not realizing that at the end of the day it was the production of glutathione and thus the levels in his body that were being improved, and from his personal hypothesis, this is what was having such a positive effect on the symptom of brain fog.

So I was now very interested, upon hearing that the bulletproof glutathione had really helped this dude's brain fog (and his was pretty bad too, from his description), and being at a point of pretty high frustration and confusion about how to proceed in trying to overcome this debilitating symptom myself.

I checked it out online, saw that I could get it within my current country of residence (Australia) for about the equivalent of $70 USD. This was for a box that contained 4 “oral dispensers”, each with 10 ml of citrus flavoured liposomal glutathione broken up into daily doses of 1 ml.

So when it comes to my decision making process, I look at the cost vs the gain, and to me less than $100 to possibly really help my brain fog (and potentially remove the ghastly symptom all together as it had done for others) was a small price to pay.

If it didn't work, then it would just be another thing that I tried, and the more things that I try, the closer I'm going to get to finding a solution. It's the only way to think in this situation. Edison style.

I ordered it, and it was delivered about a week later. Don't use StarTrack for shipping if you're in Austalia by the way, they really do suck.

My Main Goals And Feedback Points For Measuring Its Efficacy

Okay, so as mentioned, the main symptoms that I'm really hoping to see AT LEAST some dent in from using bulletproof glutathione force over the next 1-2 months are anxiety, fatigue and “brain fog” or mental sharpness/mental performance.

I will be creating a spreadsheet, and filling it in once per day to measure my symptoms on a 1-10 rating, with 10 relating to the symptom being the worst possible, and 0 being that the symptom was non existent that day.

This will be pretty useful, and will make this “bio-hack” much more robust, even if it is still subjectively recorded data, it's a really good idea to to this when running any kind of self experiment, because as my Doctor quite often reminds me, we don't notice the improvements quite so easily, and it's very difficult if not impossible to notice small incremental improvements over time.

We are simply too close to our own issues to be effective at measuring. Well, unless we keep a steady data based record.

Apart from keeping a daily spreadsheet of those values, I'll be posting journal entries on this page of the website on a weekly basis (for the time being anyway, it may change in future).

My Experience So Far Using BP Glutathione – Updated Journal Entries

A Quick Note About The Difficulty With True Self Quantification

For those of you reading this who have been taking this bio-hacking thing seriously you'll probably quickly realize that it's by no means a simple and easy task to run meaningful experiments on your self and actually get meaningful, reliable data back from these tests.

For example, as you'll see if you continue reading this page, I have been quite practical in my measurements for this particular experiment with trying BP Glutathione, but this doesn't mean that the data I'm getting back definitely correlates to my recent usage of this supplement.

To further explain what I mean. I started this particular supplement bio hack on the 7th of July, 2016. Say for example after 2 weeks of using bulletproof glutathione force I start to notice consistent decreases in the scores related to daily fatigue levels.

Now, I've been taking Co Enzyme Q10 in the form of Doctor's Best Ubiqionol for about 2 months now. Without basically having access to a high end laboratory, it's very difficult if not impossible for me to be able to say that the decrease in fatigue after 2 weeks is directly related to my new usage of BP glutathione, as it COULD in fact be a cumulative buildup of Co Q10 levels in my body, which has positively affected mitochondrial function.


Self experiments (aka bio-hacks) can be a bit of a head melt

You can see how difficult it is to really know what's going on, and how it's simply not possible to control all the inputs.

Short of locking myself in a room for 3 months, having the exact same diet, with the same nutrient levels, controlling the weather, controlling the unforeseen events in life like any bunch of imaginable possible new stressful events that could take place, it's IMPOSSIBLE to really quantify things with one's personal health perfectly.

Luckily, we don't have to be perfect, all we need to do is move closer to our desired result.

For example on that, let's say the above little scenario played out, my fatigue had lessened but I didn't know if it was the new additional liposomal glutathione supplementation or the Co Q10 supplementation that had made the difference, or something else even. I would just simply drop one of them out, and see what happened.

So like life itself, this biohacking and self health experimentation stuff is a non linear, continually moving and evolving system. It's a bit like quantum physics in that way… Complicated.

Bulletproof Glutathione Feedback Week 1 – First of all, I received the box, and decided that I'd snap a few images for you guys reading this, in case you're curious as to what you actually get for your money.

Here they are:


Dave's a marketer – good packaging and branding no doubt



What's in the box?? more interesting than your average bottle of pills at least



This thing goes up your backside, once every morning (kidding kidding, it's oral only)



10 ml total per syringe – broken down into 10 x 1 ml daily doses

During the time of the first couple of days of taking this liposomal glutathione supplement I have had less fatigue I would say, but it's obviously way too early to be able to say whether or not the supplement has anything whatsoever to do with it. If I still have lowered fatigue in 1 week say, then I'll start to be hopeful that there is a connection between the two.

The only reason I'm even reasonably hoping for such fast results from taking a supplement is because of what my friend off the bulletproof forum told me about how quickly it brought down his brain fog. So far I'm not seeing anything amazing or obvious like that, but you never know.

Update – 28th July

So I had to take about 4 days off my Glutathione which is a bit of a shame because it impacted my trial timing. But it was unavoidable, as it was a request from my new Doctor.

Either way, I was able to run about 14 days before this, taking the 1 ml of BP Glutathione force each morning about 30 mins before breakfast.

As you can see from the below charts, my energy seems to have been positively affected during this time, although it's still very hard to say if this is primarily due to using this supplement or not.

I feel that it would make a lot of sense that It's helping my fatigue though, because I know from what my Doctor had found recently that my liver was not functioning optimally, so getting some extra Glutathione could definitely be something that my system sorely needed.

Here's the charts from the first 2 weeks, as you can see, anxiety and the dreaded brain fog not so affected it seems.


created with Google Drive

This trend is also continuing on as i write this, and likely the next update with the previous 2-4 week period will show this as well.

Where You Can Source This Quicker If In Australia

If you happen to be in the land of Aus like I am, then getting it from amazon, or even direct from bulletproof.com will probably work out to be more expensive than if you can source it locally. I found a good supplier, with decent customer service, and was able to get it much cheaper including the freight cost, than if I had gone with an overseas stockist.

The website that I used is: www.optimoz.com.au

The support was decent because I asked why the hell they were using StarTrack (who are known to be terrible) and they asked me what my recommendation was. I think that's cool. A lot of customer service staff have no understanding of how this works, and will get all annoyed at you for giving them valuable feedback. So far I'm happy with this supplier, now whether or not I actually end up using them again will depend on if the product actually does anything for me.

Have You Used Bulletproof Glutathione, How Did It Go?

Have you used Bulletproof Glutathione Force, and if so what where your findings? Did you test it alone, and have a good way of knowing whether or not it was doing anything, or were the results just super obvious for you anyway, and you were one of the lucky people who got a lot out of this supplement?

I would love to hear how it worked out for you, and if it didn't what you're doing now related to Glutathione supplementation or if you have given up, as you didn't see results.

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