My Independent Spooky2 Rife Machine Review + Self Experiment

This page will serve as somewhat of a journal of self experimentation into my use of the Spooky2 Rife machine, which I just purchased (3rd of the way into 2018). I go on about quite a few subjects related to this experiment, including the possibilities of this tech, my initial thoughts, etc, so please feel  free to click on a link below in the Table of Contents to jump to an area that you find more specifically interesting to you:

My Intro Story – Becoming A “Rifer”

I've been aware of Rife machines for about 5 years now, and it's actually the Spooky2 that I was interested in back when I first researched into the area of Rife machines, Rife frequencies and their potential for “electro medicine” as the term has been coined. I'm certainly the open minded type, which you'll gather if you've read any of the other articles on this website, and for me the idea of using a Rife Generator like the Spooky2 to kill pathogens and help detox the body makes sense.

In fact I was very close to purchasing a Spooky2 back in 2012 when I first started to experience the health issues that I have now self diagnosed as being somewhat similar to the labelled condition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS and otherwise known as myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME), which anyone can basically identify with if they've had ongoing fatigue issues for more than a period of 4 months that have not improved with rest, and also if you experience other common symptoms that often go along with this such as brain fog, muscle weakness/achyness, then it's likely you could be classified as having CFS [Ref 1].

I totally agree with the theory that CFS is basically the bodies response (exemplified via the output of symptoms) to too many pathogens, whether it be viral, bacterial, fungal or a combination of all of those things. So this idea that we can basically kill off those pathogens by destroying their cells and basically wiping them out of our body, is very appealing indeed, particularly when supplemental, dietary, and lifestyle changes have not shown any remarkable improvements.

The Rife Machine is not a new invention by any means, and if you're aware of the history of this fascinating technology, then you'll be aware that it's in fact been known about since the 1930s when Royal Rife created the first plasma beam (sounds scary I know). Spooky2 however is rather revolutionary in the fact that it's vastly more affordable than your traditional rife machine, where typically you'll be looking at spending several thousands of $$$$, and that will generally be for the main (generator) components, not to mention the possible expenses of addons and hidden costs that can emerge with making purchases such as these.

The Spooky2 can be bought for as little as a couple of hundred dollars, and you can get started, though like me, you might see the immediate benefits of having multiple generators running at a time, and therefore want to invest in at the very least, the “Essentials Kit” seen here on their main website.

Now, I should mention quickly here, before I go on, that I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE SPOOKY2 PRODUCT at this point, and remain an objective, somewhat skeptical but open minded and hopeful “tester” of the product. I may recommend and refer people to this product in the future, but that will 100% depend on how my use of this Rife machine goes. Being my first venture into the “world of Rife” I certainly have a LOT to learn, and this page will be somewhat of a journal into my experiences with the product.

I remain very hopeful and somewhat excited at this point, and whilst I've only really just begun playing around with this tech, the large amount of support and positive feedback (by way of the Facebook groups, and their online forum) is keeping me optimistic for my future using this tool.

My Choice On Which Spooky2 To Get

After looking at my options, and doing some research into how the Spooky2 is used, it seemed for me that the best investment of my money up front, based on restricted resources, was the Spooky2 essentials kit, which features 2 x XM Generators and all the required addons, etc needed to use the multiple functions which the generators along with the Spooky2 software allow for.

For me, this worked out to be around $580 USD, after shipping across from China to Australia, and as I mentioned before, compared to other options in the Rife Machine market place, it's really really affordable and I was happy to pay that price for 2 x generators. While I still view this as an experiment, it's also an investment into my health and this website too, because I can share what I learn with my audience (you guys reading) and hopefully help other people make a well educated decision on whether this stuff is quackery, or actually has some legitimate healing potential.

The Experiment Begins!

So I ordered the essential kit (the contents of which you can see below in the images) and about a week after my order was placed online via the Spooky Mall website, my box arrived. All smooth sailing from purchase to receiving  the product, except for one rather minor issue, that being that the sunglasses included in my package were broken, with one of the sides being shattered (again see images).

However, the sunglasses are really an afterthought for me, and I wasn't even aware that they were part of the package (apparently they are for use with the cold laser device included with the essentials kit), and I was just happy that the main generator units and everything else seemed to be fine.

I have however sent the images of the broken sunglasses and emailed Spooky2's support, and we'll see how good their after sales support is with issues such as this, so far they have not replied after about a day, which seems a bit slower than their initial support pre and during the sales process, but I'll give it some more time and update here based on what happens.

A Look At My Initial Spooky Setup

So the below images show both what I got in my essentials kit as I pulled it out of the shipping box, and then my current/initial setup with the Spooky2 that I'm running my first initial test runs with:

The First Trial Of Spooky2 – The Remote “Terrain” Protocol

It's advised that the very first time you run Spooky2 on yourself, that you run what's called the “Terrain” protocol or program, which is found in the Detox >> Remote lists in the software.

You can see a screenshot here below of my laptop running this program, and as I write this I've been running this remotely for nearly a full day now, at 23 hours and 7 minutes. You are supposed to run this program for 11 days! Now, I'm still EXTREMELY sceptical when it comes to the effectiveness of this “remote” ability of the Spooky2, but I'm willing to try things, and just see how it goes for now, after all, humans will figure out this stuff at some point, so why not believe it's already happening in our lifetime?

So I have another 10 days or so of running this first program (which basically just loops a bunch of different detox frequencies over and over again, detox frequencies that are thought to commonly help most people) remotely.

I Get Help From A Christian Muscle Testing Expert

So this hasn't happened just yet, but I should be getting help from an expert in muscle testing, who claims that running the frequencies in the Spooky2 database will not be enough to find all the correct frequencies for my personal situation in order to get rid of the pathogens completely. She's basically telling me that I'm wasting my time, and with her knowledge, I can make progress a lot faster (or at least make progress at all).

Initially this woman (I won't name her yet) told me that she charges $$$ per session, etc, etc, and I was basically like “why would I trust you, I have no idea who you are?”, and so it turns out she's agreed to help me for free at least initially, based on the fact that I can help spread her work via this blog, and my audience (assuming what she does legitimately helps me).

Update 15th April, 2018

I've now been getting this woman's help with both using spooky and my overall health issues for the past 3 weeks or so. Let's just call her “M” for now, but M basically asked me for a photograph of myself including my face and shoulders so that she could perform her “reading” of me, where she apparently uses muscle testing on herself, acting as me, to find out information related to my health, like for example, the level of toxicity I currently have as a % rating out of 100 (100% being dead), and other things like how much dried fecal matter I have lining my intestines and making a home for nasty parasites and bugs (gross I know).

Anyway, I'm early days into my work with M, but I'm really fascinated by what's she's told me so far. Basically the day after I had sent her the requested photograph of myself, she gave me a very detailed email report with many many things that were going on with me, including what I just mentioned above, and lots more. The amount of effort that M put into this was very very encouraging, and some of the things she said totally made sense, as I'd already come to similar conclusions about my condition (for example I am 99% sure that I have had pretty Candida overgrowing in my gut, and that's been a big cause of my brain fog, and M confirmed this, and told me it was a big thing that needed to be worked on for me to progress in feeling better.

In terms of how this relates to Spooky, M has me using a special method where I am using the TENS wires directly in 2 baths of water, one for each foot, and that's how I'm applying the different frequencies for healing the various pathogens that I apparently have.

You can see images of how this setup looks below for the Spooky2:

Anyway, that's my update for now. I'm very new into my work with M, and this new method of using Spooky, but I can't say if it has helped or hindered me yet. Keep checking back here, as I'll be posting regular updates on my progress with rifing and the use of Spooky2.


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