The Contributors

contributers-nick-earlNick Earl – After going through a pretty rapid decline in health in my early 30's after a period of high stress in business, financially and maybe just a little bit too much partying and late night debauchery thrown in, I ended up in a place where my sleep was messed up, my brain wasn't working, and I had zero energy.

My average day had become consumed with just getting through, mustering the energy to do the basic daily stuff that had to be done.

All joy and energy, vitality and lust for life had been zapped out of me, and I knew that a big change had to be made.

At this point, I changed everything in my life. Took all stressors off, and committed myself to finding out what was going on with my body and brain, and basically why I felt like crap, all day everyday.

This is the journey that I currently find myself on, and certainly a very interesting path indeed.

I'm starting to crack the code to what's making my own body sick, and as I do, I'm learning a hell of a lot of great stuff, which i believe will be imperative knowledge for the coming years in this age of staggeringly quick technological advances, increases in the general speed of living, and the invariable toll that these factors take on human health.

I'm passionate about the things I'm sharing with you all here on and I hope that what I'm learning and passing on can positively effect as many people as possible.

I hope you'll join me on this journey to reaching optimum health, as I believe the rewards are certainly more than worth the seeming challenges. After all, excellent health is the ultimate prerequisite for a happy, meaningful life.