HVR 01: How Gut Health Influences Everything From General Well Being, To Mental Health

Summary Why are probiotics not necessarily good for your gut? Is there really a bacteria that can hijack the brain to change behavior? These questions and others are answered as John Brisson shares his expertise on how important gut health is to overall health and well being and some great pointers for people wanting to […]

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An Introduction Into PEMF Technology – PEMF Devices For Sleep, Healing & Recovery

In this article we’re going to be delving into PEMF devices for sale (pulsed electromagnetic field) which can be used to improve your sleep, and also for regeneration and muscle healing. This is an area of personal development/health that I’m personally very passionate about, as using PEMF helped me to overcome a rather nasty case of […]

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Monthly Book Review November 2016 – Nutrient Power

This month’s book review will be taking a look at William Walsh’s Nutrient Power. This book was a real eye opener for me in understanding how different types of nutritional imbalances causes by genetic and epigenetic factors can create different types of mental/emotional health issues including depression and all the way up in intensity to […]

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