An Increased Stomach Absorption Hack? A Look At Bioperine and Piperine Supplement Choices

Interested in increasing your supplement and dietary absorption values by using Bioperine and/or Piperine? I've done a bit of research into the available supplements in this area, and compiled that information here, so others might benefit from my study time.

Introduction Into Bioperine/Piperine Supplement Options

If you are coming to this page after reading the intro page into Bioperine/Piperine and a look at the studies, and you think there seems to be at least enough anecdotal evidence for you to consider using these supplements, and you do decide that the relative risks of trying either Bioperine or Piperine are small compared to the benefits, then probably the next thing to know is where can you source either of these supplements for the best cost and greatest quality value for money?

As with most supplements on the market, there are several options in terms of which brand you can choose. Surprisingly though with Bioperine and Piperine, there is actually only a few brands and associated products that really stick out in terms of availability, which is a little unusual from my experience.

Your Bioperine/Piperine Supplement Options

Source Naturals BioPerine

 source-naturals-bioperine-supplementAt present, the only brand that I've personally used is the Source Naturals version, as they were relatively easy to obtain here in Australia, and really very cheap when you consider the POTENTIAL nutrient absorption increases that may be obtained if they really do what some of the studies say.

Source Naturals seem to have the most feedback online for their product, compared with the other brands which had very few reviews and were not overly available. You can see the product specs and reviews here on the amazon page.

A big issue with this product is that it includes calcium. This is a problem for me personally, as I've already confirmed using hair mineral tissue analysis testing that my calcium levels are high enough.


I have also heard that most of us are too high in calcium due to modern food processing and dietary habits, and it's better to avoid this if at all possible. Now whether the latter is true, and advice worth following is debatable, and I would always choose to base whether or not I want to take or avoid a certain mineral based on actual personalized testing. HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) is one of the best ways to get that information.

Now whether the latter is true, and advice worth following is debatable, and I would always choose to base whether or not I want to take or avoid a certain mineral based on actual personalized testing. HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) is one of the best ways to get that information.

I have no idea why they need to add calcium to this supplement, but there must be some valid reason, otherwise it would simply be inefficient manufacturing. My guess is that it's something to do with the fact that this supplement comes in tablet form, and the calcium may be used as some form of binding agent as is often the case with additives in tablets.

Lastly, the fact that this supplement is in tablet form is also another reason to avoid it in my books. Anything that's in tablet form is always going to have additives in order to make it bind and stick together. Often this will be things like the commonly well-known problematic additive known as Magnesium Stearate (SCIENCE STATING WHY IT'S PROBLEMATIC).

Swanson Bioperine Nutrient Absorption Enhancer

This seems to be the next most popular available Bioperine supplement on the market and comes in capsule form, which to me makes it a preferable choice over the source naturals brand version. Although it's in capsule form, it seems to me that it still includes some things you'd be better to avoid. Found here on

swanson-ultra-bioperineFrom the label:

Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose (plant fiber), gelatin, may contain one or both of the following: magnesium stearate, silica.

So this brand still includes the pesky Magnesium Stearate, that's a shame. At least Swanson have not added any calcium to this product, which makes it a better choice over the Source Naturals.

Note: I have no personal experience whatsoever with this supplement, so apart from the fact that this is already a very hard to measure any Bioperine/Piperin supplement in terms of its effectiveness, I can only really provide you an introduction.

Herbadiet Piperine 95% Black Pepper Extract Powder

This is the final brand that I was able to find in my research. It has far less availability, and feedback online, but that doesn't really mean anything as it's a smaller, lesser known company and therefore they will  have less resources for marketing.herbadiet-bioperine

I like the fact that this particular Bioperine product comes in pure powder form. It's messy, and it means you need to create your own capsules (unless you want to just sprinkle it over food as it appears that some reviewers have done).

But the key positive thing about this version is that you will not be downing loads of additives along with your Bioperine, and to me that's worth the extra fuss. You can pick it up here.

At the time of writing this product could only be found on, and only had 4 reviews. Next time I start experimenting with Bioperine, I will definitely be choosing this one, and making up my own capsules. You can easily get capsules as well off Amazon.

Note: Again, as with the Swanson brand, I have no personal experience whatsoever with this supplement, just posting here to show you the various options.

Verdict on Bioperine and Piperine Supplements

I think you're better off to go with anything not in a tablet form, for the reasons stated above relating to avoiding unwanted additives. Basically, I see supplement use as something that you really want to minimize, so personally, I will always try to get a supplement in it's most purest form, without additives. This always means getting pure powder or in this case extract first (and making up your own capsules), then secondly getting the capsule version, and lastly choosing tablets if there is no other way of getting a supplement and I believe the benefits to be worth it. Again, you can pick up the pure powder form here.

This always means getting pure powder or in this case extract first (and making up your own capsules), then secondly getting the capsule version, and lastly choosing tablets if there is no other way of getting a supplement and I believe the benefits to be worth it (this is growing increasingly rare to be honest).

So in the case of the above available supplements, i would definitely choose to go with the Herbadiet black pepper extract, and make up my own capsules periodically. You can get the capsules very cheaply on, or I'm sure from many other sources online if you want to try and find the best deal.

How Did Your Bioperine/Piperine Supplementation Go? 

what-about-youIf you have done some experimentation with these supplements (either bioperine, or piperine), I would love to hear how it worked out for you, and how you were able to quantify the benefits or harmful effects of using them. I think it's great if we can share our subjective experiences and progress below, as it's really a great way to help each other out.

I've found that in my own personal health journey, the more I can connect with what others are doing and share both my successes and failures, it makes the whole experience much easier, and I feel supported. So how did you use of these supplements go if you tried them? If you haven't tried them yet, but have some more questions, then please do ask here, and I'll add more information to the page to make it even more helpful.

Please leave a comment below if you have anything to share, for any personal contacts, use the form here.

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James - last year

I looked into the extraction process and it is done with chemicals several of them. Clues to not being natural are the powder is white and not black. Well that factor alone when they convert it to extract making it a chemical made product knocks it out of the all natural category. If someone wants that should they not, just stick with pharmacutical products? For thousands of years in India and China they have used the ground black pepper with natural tumeric root powder and added fat like coconut or olive oil or ghee to make it absorb just fine. Why mess up a good natural thing? Go on youtube and type in; Piperine from black pepper(microwave extraction) it is one process of it think twice before you pay out the nose for it will you please, and do not try it alcohol on the microwave sounds like a recipoe for fire to me. Good luck in a pain relief future to those of us seeking to stay all natural. The only way to extract it is have fresh pppercorns and a pepper grinder. It soes not take much I am going to stick with that route.

    Nick Earl - last year

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment, James. I agree with you, it’s always better to make things yourself and avoid additives etc wherever possible. For those of us who have super busy lives though I can see the value in a supplement like this. I’m totally with you about avoiding additives though, there’s just far too much crap in our diets already that we’re not aware of, so best to keep it to a minimum wherever possible.



maria - last year

Thanks for your honest discussion on the supplements. I agree with your choice on the Herbadiet Peperine product. The N.M.D. I go to says to add black pepper to our Golden Milk recipe for up to a 2000 % increase in effectiveness. He designed a recipe with Turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper, honey and a spice like cardamon, or cinnamon or nutmeg. It works really well! I will definitely buy your black pepper choice as I have been looking for something better then off the shelf grocery store products! I would love to see a write up on Turmeric…the one we use Banyan Botanicals. It works now to add this great pepper!

    Nick Earl - last year

    Thanks for the feedback Maria! We will probably have something on Turmeric in the near future, as it’s a great all around supplement and just so good as an anti-inflammatory for so many people with different issues.. Will keep you posted on that content!

Theresia Millasovich - a few months ago

I always wondered how much tumeric, cinnamon or black pepper to use in a day for benefits. In the morning I put juice of half a lemon in my mug (lemon is a good detoxer) then 2 Tblsp of honey in there (honey is a good antibiotic for your immune system for colds etc.) Then I add half a tsp of tumeric, half tsp of cinnamon and half tsp of black pepper in there and mix it all up. Then I add a cup of warm coconut milk into it and stir. It taste great! I take two green tea pills with it for caffeine (and for the other benefits that come with it.) I think it has everything you need in there to start your day. BUT do I put enough of the ingredients in there for benefits or do I need to double up on the amounts or maybe take this drink twice a day instead?

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